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  1. Last I heard we'll be restricted to one faction on the PVP realm. No such restrictions will be applied to the PVE realm. Again, last I heard. Do forgive me if I have slept through some important announcement on the subject.
  2. Who is this? Where is Darkrasp? I am calling the police. Now seriously, thanks for sharing some info with us. hype
  3. Payday 2 (or rather 5 million copies of it) is free for a limited time. Not stated how long this is gonna last so get to it. http://store.steampowered.com/app/218620/PAYDAY_2/?snr=1_7_7_151_150_1
  4. WoW isn't exactly the kind of game I'd do that in. The idea certainly is nice as it'd make things a lot more like a traditional RPG where a dead character stays dead. Unless they get resurrected of course, which would be only partially viable here. The biggest reason why I wouldn't do it in WoW is because it'd hinder my already slow leveling. I like to take my time and enjoy the game rather than rush to 60. Add to that the fact that I'm not exactly very good at the game and you get a 2-3 month time frame between lvl 1 and 60. Another reason is the social interactions. Let's say I do the challenge and die at level 30. The loss of progress isn't what's gonna bother me. It'd be the fact that everyone around me will just keep going. I'll be the only one starting from 0. You could say that for that very reason the challenge is even more exciting. No question there, however it's not the kind of excitement I'm looking for in WoW. This is probably best left to MMOs that have it as a built-in mechanic. I think it works better in those because the rule applies to everyone rather than 5 or 10 people. Of course, those MMOs usually pay a lot more attention to the perma-death aspect than... anything else. Just my observation. I think I'm gonna stick to some less hardcore challenges if any. Good luck to anyone who attempts this, however.
  5. Him coming back would certainly make my job a lot harder. Never thought this'd be easy, however, so I'd still be very glad to see him come back. If not that, it'd also be great to see other Horde players start their own WPVP guilds. Just as it would be great to see the same from other Alliance players. Anyway, looking forward to seeing you on Azeroth! Just don't try to sneak up on me. I'll smell you.
  6. As you may have guessed by the title I'm thinking of starting a WPVP guild Alliance side. Originally my main idea was to simply encourage the Alliance players to take up WPVP in general (and I'll continue trying to do that) not to start my own guild. In time, however, the idea of attempting to lead a guild became more and more alluring. As I've never really led a guild before it'll be interesting to try something new. That's also something I want to make clear. I am in no way experienced in either leading or PVP-ing. I'll try my best and I'll either succeed or I'll fail. It's a win win for me. I fail, I continue to just play normally and if I succeed I play normally while also leading a WPVP guild. It probably won't be that simple but I don't want to make this longer than the average attention span. So far you probably have more of a reason not to join and sadly that's the only way it can be if I'm to remain honest with you. Trying to make the whole thing sound sweeter than it is would mean lying more than I would like to. So let's get to the juicy stuff. What will the guild offer? Well for starters I should explain how I'm thinking of operating when it comes to WPVP (which is pretty much what the guild will be built around). When you join the guild you are expect to do one thing (apart from not being an ass to your fellow guildmates) and that is to simply participate in WPVP events every once in a while. Although you are very much welcome to I don't expect any of you to be there for every single event. Be it one in which we defend one of our cities, attack one belonging to the enemy or simply taking some other territory to ease the leveling experience of our fellow Alliance players. You are simply expected to be there from time to time and, honestly, I don't see why you would be in the guild if that didn't interest you. As for PVE and instanced PVP. That will, of course, be a part of the guild as well. We'll need to get gear from somewhere after all. The guild chat will welcome pretty much everything any normal guild's chat would. Ask for help with questing, gather dungeon/raid groups, instanced PVP groups and just in general anything. However, the difference is that here you shouldn't be surprised (and even less mad) when your requests are shut out by someone (me or perhaps someone else) calling people to the current WPVP battle. I'll put some more thought into how I (hopefully "I" will later become "we") will handle PVE teams. That and other things still require some thought. In any case I won't be doing anything out of the ordinary. The other thing that deserves mention is that I'm alone in this and I'm very much aware that if the guild takes off it'll become far too overwhelming for me to handle... perhaps. In any case I'll be thinking about a way to gather a team to help me keep the guild on it's feet. It won't be the preferable scenario where I just gather a group of trusted friends, but I'll do my best to make it work nontheless. That goes for everything. Again, I'm sure this sounds like a terrible idea. No experience, no team, no nothing. I'm far from the thought that everyone made their first guild packed with leadership experience and a team to back them up so I'll just take the rough and rather unwise path. I'll for once leave logic and good judgement of my abilites at the door and just do something because I can and want to. I have an idea for a name but I'm thinking it's best to announce it when I actually make it. No point in putting out a name now if I have 5+ months to change my mind. So do tell me if you're interested! I'll likely make a more organized recruitment thread closer to launch in which I will link this one as to provide information for what I'm offering. I hope that with making this guild I'll lower the amount of "wahh, evil hordies ruining my questing experience" in chat and have people fight back instead of complain. It's a bit of an unrealistic dream, I know. Just imagine... you, a couple hundred people, enemy marching towards Stormwind, you defend it and everyone cheers for you. Well, the large group that you're in, but you nontheless.
  7. How many players would I want? As many as possible. I'm trying to bring people together so they can work together. The more the better. How many players could I handle being in the guild without total chaos spreading? Not sure but I'm guessing the number isn't big. I might limit the invites in the beginning until I get my feet wet as a guild master and then see how much more I can handle. Another factor here is how many officers I can find, if any at all. At the start I'll just look for whoever showed interest here on the forum. If all goes well I'll start sending out invites to others who show an interest. I do realize some, if not most, of you guys are gonna want a sizable crew behind you. Several people have shown anticipation for large scale battles and I realize none of that can happen if I have merely 10 or 20 people in tow. My ultimate goal will be to get as many people as possible to join the cause. The time frame in which I'll get to something like 100 members is what I can't be sure about.
  8. Although they probably won't be a day one thing, I certainly am looking forward to some large battles as well. Hopefully most of them will be happening on enemy territory rather than ours. Much as I aim to keep our zones safe I'd much rather take the fight somewhere it won't disturb the leveling process of my fellow boys and gals in blue. Well, that is effectively keeping them safe I suppose. Not to mention I have some other hoops to go through before I'm confident enough to take the fight to enemy capitals and all that. If not how to PVP properly, I'd at least like to learn my class a little bit before I start blowing horns at the gates of Orgrimmar. The last thing I wanna do is get ahead of myself. "But Velox this whole idea is you getting ahead of yourself." True, but even when getting ahead of myself I want to take it slow. Alright enough of that. Can't promise anything but I'll do my best. Same old. Now onto something else. Continuing my chain of irrational decisions, I've decided to recruit officers only after I've actually made the guild and spent some time with the initial members. As I said before, I don't know anyone who's willing to take up the job so I'll just have to give the position to people I meet in-game. This could be a disaster, but it could also work. I also don't have any better ideas so there's that. Once I make a decision (good or bad) I'll ask the person if they're interested in taking the responsibility. When you become an officer you won't be showered in all the permissions you could want. I'd generally prefer it if I could handle the guild's issues on my own so I'd rather not give officers too much power. Just because I trusted someone enough to put them in that position doesn't mean they're golden. Power corrupts, as they say. Or was that money? Bah. I'm sure most would agree that trying to handle the disputes and drama of a guild all by myself would be rather silly. At the very least I'll need some eyes and ears here and there as I won't always be around to soak up the latest news. That's why I think I'll need some helping hands. If you're interested you could also message me about it. The requirements are really just having the well being of the guild and it's members in mind. I'm not expecting top-quality officers here. Alright, that covers my terrible approach to management. At least partially. This whole thing is one tall tower of duct tape if I've ever seen one. Now onto a bit of ruling. Or... attempting to. This is regarding ganking or otherwise being ungentlemanly in PVP as a whole. Just to get it out of the way, I don't personally mind ganking. I and everyone else who rolls on the PVP server knows what they're signing up for and should look for ways to handle ganking and all other obstacles that come with playing on a PVP realm instead of complaining about them. That being said, ganking low levels or group camping someone of any level is still a dick move. I won't bite your ass for doing it like some other people would, but I won't respect you for it either. So that being said you'd probably expect me to make ganking fair game in the guild. More or less. The truth is I'd like to keep our reputation as clean as possible. I'd generally prefer it if we weren't known as another group of gankers. Slap around a low level that wanders into a battle between high levels. Their mistake. But maybe leave em alone after killing them twice or thrice, eh? Another reason why I won't be too strict about this is that whether we downright kill them or not, we're still going to negatively affect enemy low levels by attacking settlements and areas where they need to go in order to quest. The saint act goes down the crapper no matter what we do, unless we just stay back and defend our own lands without attacking those of the enemy at all. I'm sure that's not the way most of you would like to roll so I'm not even considering it. In the event that things get out of control and people start to really complain (assuming we ever become that well known) I'll make an attempt to fix the problem. I have ideas but there's no point in discuissing them right now. Ganking in moderation will be fair game until it gets out of hand. If it gets out of hand. I have faith in you lot, don't disappoint me. I think that's enough rambling. I thank everyone who takes the time to read through all this stuff. Thank you for putting even just a little faith in someone who's never done something like this before. If anything else comes to mind I'll be sure to update you all in this thread. Also feel free to ask any other questions you might have. That's all for now. /salute
  9. "We're partnering with Kronos!" Too soon?
  10. It'll probably be at least a few weeks after server launch before I have the balls to attempt something like that. But yes, the idea is certainly there. I'll try to not get ahead of myself, however.
  11. Glad to see some people are interested (hopefully still are). I'm just here to confirm I'm still doing this. Just in case anyone thought I gave up the idea. I was originally thinking of doing most of the planning once the server gets a release date, however now it seems that I'd be keeping people in the dark for way too long. Well, longer. A lot of time already passed since I made this post so I'm sure some people even forgot about this. That being said there isn't really much to add as of right now. Lately I've mostly been thinking about ways to improve in the game itself, mostly in the PVP department. Like I've said before, I'm not exactly skilled. Other than that I've also been thinking about how I'm gonna recruit officers for the guild. I think I addressed this in the original post. Right now it seems like my best option is to start alone and then promote whoever seems fit for the job. Probably looking at 3 officers at the start. The number is gonna go up as/if the number of guild members increases. Right now I'd like to know if anyone would be interested in taking up the position. I can't really be picky so just showing an interest in the well being of the guild should be enough to recruit you. This is the best terrible idea I've ever come up with.
  12. Rising Storm GOTY is free on Humble Bundle. You have a day and 21 hours, as of writing this, to grab it.
  13. And gnomes. On a more serious note, I think we should cherish the amount of time we have to not worry about this. As was mentioned before, if things like dungeon finder get implemented (as they likely will be) it's still a long way off. Probably not gonna be me as I'm quite the lifeless sack of waste but many people will probably even quit playing due to burnout by the time the dungeon finder, heirloom or whatever "quality of life" (AKA cancer) update comes around. I hope I'm wrong since [something something community is important something something]. The thought that I won't have to worry about trash like flying mounts for another several years is honestly quite blissful. Same goes for dungeon finder. Not to mention that by the time these things get added a whole bunch of other bad things might happen to the project simply because there's so much time. Here's hoping things don't go that way. also remove undead rogues thanks
  14. PVE realms are for people who have no interest in WPVP. Get it? Someone who doesn't like WPVP. Someone who wants to avoid it. Someone who doesn't need or want WPVP in their game. Not being able to WPVP doesn't "take the thrill and excitement out of the world" for them. They don't want that "added layer of human interaction". They don't want a more competitive game. They want their game that little bit simpler and easier. That's what they're looking for. They lose nothing as they find exactly what they're looking for. Sorry if I came off as a bit irritated. Perhaps it's because I am. The answer to your question is rather obvious. Common sense is all you need to get an answer. Should be kept in mind that I'll be rolling on the PVP realm myself. I'm 110% on that. And somehow I never found it hard to figure out why someone would want to roll on a PVE server. It really isn't rocket science. A basic understanding of what "preference" means is all you really need. There is nothing to understand. PVE realms are a way to play the game, PVP realms are a different way to play the game. Neither one is inferior in any way. People who don't want WPVP know where to roll, as do the people who do want WPVP. Both groups are happy and everything is fine. There is also no need to go around telling people that the way they play (and enjoy) the game is wrong or inferior because "it takes the thrill and excitement out of the game" or "they enjoy getting ganked by 60s all the time". And no, you didn't say that. Not directly at least. But you did list all those things as cons which, whether intended or not, boils down to you saying "PVE realms are bad". Next time I see a thead like this I'm just copying what I wrote here. It's always the same old stuff anyway. /rantover
  15. GOG is giving away Mount & Blade (not Warband) for the next 41 hours. Worth mentioning are the 4 wallpapers you get as goodies, if that kind of stuff interests you. https://www.gog.com/game/mount_blade
  16. Thanks for that, mate. Free stuff is always nice. Or most of the time at least. I guess this is a good place to mention that GOG is giving away Eador Genesis. Haven't looked into it (still grabbed it because free) but at first glance it looks similar to Heroes of Might and Magic. Reviews are also favorable so it seems like it'll be decent at the very least. Offer ends in 21 hours as of this edit. Would be a nice extra to the forum if we had a pinned thread dedicated to this stuff. Every now and then Origin, GOG, Humble Bundle and Steam give out free games. I see no harm in helping eachother stay informed. Just a silly idea of mine. Would probably seem out of place to a lot of people. I'm quite sure they'll welcome the information nonetheless.
  17. guys i think this is bait
  18. Welcome to the family.
  19. This thread might be a bit too much to ask and I'm sorry if it is. The deal is as follows: I'm interested in playing a Paladin. I'm also interested in PVP. I also have absolutely no experience with both of those things. I've had some PVP encounters before but nothing too organized and I have absolutely no knowledge of the Paladins mechanics (at least nothing in depth). I basically need some help with gathering all the information to point me in the right direction. I'm mostly looking for a good PVP spec but now that I think about it a leveling spec would also be nice. Information about optimal PVP gear would also be nice but not a priority. I also heard some things about lots of weapon switching when playing a PVP paladin. If that is indeed a thing I would appreciate some more information about it (when do I need to do it and why). Not sure if it helps but I guess it's worth pointing out that I have a fair bit of experience as a Rogue. I'd guess that being accustomed to a melee class helps, even though it probably doesn't mean much when I have no experience in PVP. Honestly, it feels like trying to get good at PVP in a game that's already 10 years old is a bit futile. So many people that are not only better than me but have been better than me for so many years... Do I even have a chance? No matter. I'm here to attempt not to succeed. If that makes sense. Does it make sense? Pretty sure it makes sense. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  20. Congratulations and thanks for taking on the role! You're doing a big thing for the community. So was Outstanding and so will every other (possible) future CM. I hope nothing really bad happened. I won't dig for details I'm not fit to know of so I'll trust in what's written here and assume everything is A-OK backstage. No reason not to. Outstanding the Community Manager will live on in our hearts. Outstanding the cow fisherman (fishercow?) will hopefully still bring joy to our hearts with forum statistics and... other things that pillars of the community do. (Jokes aside, much respect) P.S Xaverius will be the next CM. Calling it.
  21. watched the show its shit 2/10 not a single katana fight
  22. Choice is pretty easy for me. I'll suck no matter what class I choose so it doesn't really matter. kek I've had my mind "set" on several classes for certain periods of time ever since I came to these forums. Every few weeks or months I change my mind. First I was going to play a rogue. Then I thought about a paladin. Then it was going to be a mage. Now I'm currently "set" on a hunter. Who knows what I'll come up with in a week or two. One thing I learned is to not listen to the community's advice on class or race choice. Reason for that is that people will usually tell me what the overall best choice is. That's not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for whatever is best for me. It's quite obvious that I'm the only one who would know what that is. Currently it seems that a dwarf hunter would suit me nicely. Is it the best choice? Probably not. Would I like it regardless? Quite possibly, and if I don't it won't be because it's not the most viable pick for a raid or whatever. I'll just struggle and make do with my choice as best as I can. My final choice will probably be at launch day and it will likely be completely different from what I was thinking of rolling just the day before. I'm that kind of indecisive person.
  23. I'm giving this a no for reasons stated before and not just here. I would hate to try and reach out to someone I played in a BG with only to find out that they're not on my realm. All crossrealm really does is split each realm rather than bring both of them together. Sure, you get to have people from the other realm on your team. Then the BG ends and you possibly never see them in-game again. Wonderful. Truly wonderful it would be to meet someone you enjoy playing with only to find out that they're on the other realm and thus you can never spend time with them outside of BGs. Truly wonderful it would be to find a player worthy of being called your rival only to, again, find out they're on the other realm and thus you will never be able to fight them out in the world, if ever. There's going to be enough banter between the two realms on the forums. Can we please leave it there? Having crossrealm functionality won't be a deal breaker for me even if I absolutely despise it, same as it won't be a deal breaker for me if we get all the way to WoD. I try and just roll with whatever the majority wants. However, I really see no good reason to add crossrealm whatever. At the very least the negative outweighs the positives. And I'm not even listing the launch delay as a negative simply because I already find the whole thing to be bad enough without that factoring in. Just my two cents. As I said, not a deal breaker for me, just something I find really bad. I just thought I'd lay it on you people how I see things. That's why we're all here anyway.
  24. Business? Scam? You got it all mixed up, man. This is the Crestfall forum. The Twinstar forum is this way.