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  1. I remember really liking original Azshara (even though there wasn't very much to do), I also loved the quest chains in Plaguelands, Winterspring was cool as well Desolace is horrendous, I also never really liked the forests (Ashenvale/Feralas), Stonetalon mountains as well
  2. I only admit it because I'm on internet
  3. If I decide to go Alliance (never played alliance above 30), it'll take me ages, because I don't know the quests. If I go horde, I'll be rushing to get ahead of the pack, levelling in crowded zones is the worst edit: Previously I'd never consider playing on a PvE server in any game, I must be getting old. Do PVE servers in general have less rogues than PvP servers, from the poll in the forum it looks like it.
  4. Never played a lock, but this should definitely be available if it worked that way during vanilla. It requires preparation and has inherent risks. It being too strong is no problem, if it does not have economic consequences.
  5. I don't think you remember how many items per boss/raid dropped during vanilla I definitely went through multiple weeks without a single item, especially once everyone starts needing BiS instead of any item that drops, I was saving for Drakefang Talisman for more than three months. DKP has quite a few issues that I didn't even realize at the time. I'm actually pretty sure that some of the other classes were colluding on their class gear to have more DKPs for inter-class one. I think this could be resolved by having two sets of DKP, one that can only be spent on class gear and one for other stuff. This would also resolve the beginning of raids where nobody wanted class gear and were saving up for weapons. Loot council is shitty, because of inherent biases. I was nominated as the person to split loot for our guild during cata. Doing it as a single person is something I wouldn't ever want to do again. It was 10 man, so everybody was mostly happy with the loot distribution, but it was difficult to asses who the item should go to. How do you resolve waiting list? We had quite a few people on the waiting list when we needed to change raid setup and people were complaining when they couldn't get to raid if they didn't receive all DKP points for that raid. Gold makes it even worse.
  6. Barman Shanker - RIP ... thanks to normalization this became just a keepsake, but in general BRD was such a fun instance to stealth through, fr resistance stuff (burning essence + bracers from incendarius) / pickpocket runs / soloing braziers / getting shanker / dark iron mining and just screwing around in general i am pretty sure i spent more time in BRD than in any other non raid instance
  7. i enjoyed Cata because it was the last time our group sort of played together, so i have pretty fond memories of it i really liked cata heroics at the start and the way rep gain worked with the tabards, i still hate multiple raid difficulties and i only played up to the first raid, so i don't know anything about the rest of cata what i would like removed aside from things that people already mentioned Daily Quests - these completely changed the economy, devalued the currency and made it so that people who login everyday for an hour had much more gold that someone who tended to play in bursts, it was also used as an artifical slowdown of rep grind Transmog - if I'm fighting someone, I want to know what kind of gear he wears, you would obviously be more careful against warrior in t2.5 + pvp gear than someone in ragged stuff and IBS
  8. I did enjoy Planescape Torment during school, but I no longer have the patience for that kind of game. Sounds like I'll pass this one (or just buy it on steam and return it if I don't like it)
  9. does the game use similar stat system to tyranny and pillars of eternity? both of those games were so bland when it came to stats and weapons, I got bored halfway through (homogenization strikes again) goddamn it, just give me BG2 with new story/locations and I'll be happy
  10. While i didn't think that it was a good decision to create LGN at the time. Once it happened, I hoped it would work out precisely to avoid drama such as this. Oh well, back to the old ways, which is fine by me. I just hope this whole situation doesn't sour CF dev team's willingness to continue development.
  11. Personally, I do not mind wiping on a new encounter for days/weeks, I do mind wiping when it's the same encounter I have already done several times, except there are 2 extra mechanics. Multiple difficulties in the form of a menu are one of the things that destroyed raiding for me (the other big one being data mining - i remember us trying to sit on chairs during razorgore, because we thought the waves were not doable and that there had to be a catch)
  12. Haken Affinity album, so far I'd say it's not as good as The Mountain, but it's prog heaven nonetheless
  13. I wouldn't even care about transmog if it only worked for you, if you want to look nice in your own client thats fine. But I used the sets as a visual indicator of strength during PvP, now you just don't know how strong the opp is. If you saw a warrior with IBS with rogue, you knew you could probably take him head on if you needed to. Fuck doing the same to the guy with Ash'kandi and T2.5. Now you have no clue. Besides, it was nice when gear had the added value of being either nice or ugly, now everything is just a stat stick (i remember simply refusing to use nightslayer shoulders because of how ugly they were)
  14. I don't really care that the items look the same, transmog screwed it all anyway (i still have no clue why blizz thought this was a good idea) and dungeon time investment is small compared to raid so I have much bigger problem with raids being done that way compared to dungeons.
  15. I actually really liked cata ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, i thought the heroics were great and the first raid was pretty fun. I hate dailies so I really enjoyed the tabard / rep mechanic where you could wear tabard an gain any rep that you wanted. The main problem that we had, was that raiding was really not balanced for 10 mans. 10m heroic wyrmbreaker was fucking insane. We actually managed to kill him, but it was such a stupid fight that we said screw it not long after. (i still hate the normal/heroic mechanic, they should just release single difficulty and make it easier with the release of the new raid / new patch / catchup items) I don't feel compelled to do the same fight with more mechanics to get loot 5 iLVLs higher, it makes no fkin sense. MoP was terrible, those dailies took your soul and shredded it into pieces. From my point of view, it was definitely the worst expansion (haven't played WoD , but the idea of garrison is making me vomit, so it might be second worst)