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  1. I've read the first four Expanse books, and I was really hopeful about the TV show. Sadly, I was extremely underwhelmed with the first two seasons, and I've decided to just stick with the books for now. Glad some people seem to enjoy it, though. I would have loved for it to fill the Battlestar Galactica-shaped void in my life. I wrote about the new Star Wars movies, since you asked. But it just turned into a rant, and I decided to delete it. Safe to say I'm not pleased.
  2. This highlights one of many problems with this poll. Ambiguous questions -> unreliable results, poor poll. I'm sure the creator of this poll means well, but I hope Blizzard pays minimal attention to this kind of stuff. The first couple of interviews with Blizzard employees in the aftermath of the Classic announcement seemed to indicate an ambition to create an authentic vanilla experience "for better or worse". And that is surely the safest, least controversial way to do this. Go authentic, or go home.
  3. What. The fuck. Is a classic expansion?
  4. Welcome! See you in game!
  5. While I agree that an influx of certain unsavory types is inevitable as the project progresses, I remain hopeful about the prospect of preserving a decent community here on the forums. It is our common responsibility to cultivate an atmosphere of civility and cordial discourse. I know, it sounds naive and Utopian. Maybe it is. We all know what kinds of personalities lurk in the cesspool they call the "private server community". But what they seem to have in common is that they feed on attention and conflict. And therein lies the challenge. If only we could ignore them. Deny them their sustenance. Then perhaps there is hope. And honestly, is that really so hard? I mean, aren't they just fucking tedious? Aren't you as bored of their dreary drama as I am? Oh well. You may say I'm a dreamer, etc..
  6. What a relief. I registered here in mid-November, after a couple of months of lurking. I decided to put all my eggs into this one basket because I was convinced that what I had found was some sort of calm oasis amidst the harsh, unforgiving, and most of all unpredictable and unstable landscape of WOW emulation. A sort of gated community, if you will, preserved by the fact that it did not try to capitalize on the void left by Nostalrius and subsequent events in the emulation scene. The team seemed intent on keeping their heads down, and working at their own pace to give us a vanilla experience of unparalleled quality. "It will launch when it's ready." It was a breath of fresh air. It was the place for me. I've not been the most active and outgoing member of this community - that's just how I am, but I have enjoyed sitting back and watching it develop, eager to meet all of you in-game. When the Legacy Network was first announced, I must admit I was immediately skeptical. The initial announcement left many questions unanswered, and I was certain that our little oasis was under serious threat - water is a precious commodity in these parts. Of course, I realized that a server of the quality that the Crestfall team is aiming for would eventually attract a lot of attention. But willingly inviting the drama-machine that is the "pserver community" into our midst seemed ill-advised. Had I not just found sanctuary from this very thing? I was not alone. Others spoke up, articulating my feelings and concerns so well that I felt like there was little to add. I silently watched the developing shitstorm with equal amounts of fascination, disbelief, frustration and a general lack of faith in humanity. I have never been under any illusions when it comes to the Internets ability to bring out the worst in people. But the sheer level of vitriolic, self-destructive tendency towards drama, fake outrage, and scapegoating on display in the extended private server "community" took me by surprise. Were these people even interested in playing games? Or were they just here to abuse each other? So, it didn't work out. I am, of course, in no position to say I told you so - because I didn't. But the most important thing is that we got through it. We may be scarred, but we are still here. The dream still lives. The oasis, while no longer a secret, has not dried up. I want to extend a big thank you to the entire Crestfall team, for making the right decision. Thank you for the excellent post, @Darkrasp. It was everything I had hoped for, after the tempestuous couple of weeks we've had. I fully support Crestfalls decision to cease communication through Reddit and Discord. These channels are not, nor have they ever been, arenas for worthwhile, level-headed discussion. Thank you for not giving up on this project, on this community.
  7. Hi!

    Hi Fluffy! Welcome to Crestfall!
  8. I was in a casual-ish PVE guild for most of Vanilla. Raided MC, ZG and AQ20 regularly, but that was about it. During the build up to TBC, I successfully applied to join one of the semi-hardcore guilds on my server, and stayed with them throughout TBC, clearing everything. So I have a lot of unfinished business in vanilla, and I am looking forward to getting my hands dirty.
  9. Welcome!
  10. ... and I'm really impressed with the work that's being done here, and the community surrounding this project. So I've decided to register and introduce myself! I'm a 26 year old Norwegian. I've played WOW since a couple of months after release, and it is by far the most important and influential game in my life so far. Unfortunately the game has developed in a direction that does not appeal to me personally, and I view this project as an opportunity to once again play what I consider to be the computer game of my generation. I started looking for a private vanilla server in the middle of March of this year. I found Nostalrius, and I rolled a character on the PVE server. That went well! When the dust settled around the shutdown of Nost, I started looking for alternatives. As you all know, there was no lack of projects pretending to be the next great thing. I tried Kronos 2. It wasn't for me, because community matters. So I've decided to bide my time, because Crestfall seems worth waiting for, however long it may take. Keep up the good work, I look forward to playing with all of you. echis