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  1. Great work as usual! gonna test it and report if i find any issues!
  2. Do you mean reserving their name for the forum only or does it also apply to in-game names?
  3. tried it again. now i only get this error: Count: Infinite Error: Interface\AddOns\EzPoison\EzPoison.lua:706: attempt to index field `?' (a number value)
  4. that's right, only for crippling. i still get the same errors though!
  5. tried the add-on for a while and it's great, although i get these errors when i hover over the poison symbols (not when i click them): Count: 2 Error: Interface\AddOns\EzPoison\EzPoison.lua:204: attempt to concatenate field `?' (a nil value) -------------------------------------------------- Count: 4 Error: Interface\AddOns\EzPoison\EzPoison.lua:279: attempt to concatenate field `?' (a nil value) it still works just fine so it's not a big deal though.
  6. been doing some testing with the add-on and i can confirm that the bug is present. if you want to reproduce it, try to target some other players or (the best way) go to a bg and it should go apeshit with numbers in the middle of the screen. seems like it works fine when you dont have any other players around you.
  7. works like a charm now so far! will update if any new errors occur. thanks man!
  8. tried it again with the new version and I'm still getting the same errors unfortunately! maybe it's sprocket causing the issues, i can't tell since my experience with coding is very limited
  9. Works fine as long as I dont use the add-on Sprocket together with it. Getting these lua errors: EnemyBuffTimersVanilla.lua:1678: attempt to index global 'this' (a nil value) [count: 1] SprocketUtils.lua:56: attempt to index local 'T' (a nil value) [count: infinite] Any idea how this can be fixed?