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  1. 'Fraid I'm not. I just like to listen to his stuff about the classes and reminisce about how spot-on it was back then. Some of it is not too far off the mark even today, heh.
  2. +1 for Mor'ladim (Gruß, Malte - for those of you familiar with the German Barlow videos).
  3. This, admittedly taken a bit out of context, would serve just as well as an argument against crossrealm BGs. I never did much PvP during vanilla, but I remember knowing many of the people on both my and the opponents' team whenever I did battlegrounds - either personally or by reputation. My hunter and a priest I knew from doing a few dungeons together once defended the AB lumbermill for most of the battleground, with the opposing team focusing on us more and more, which left our own team with more opportunities to capture other points on the map. A few minutes after we'd won AB several low-level alts started whispering us with congratulations and complimenting us on a game well played. It's moments like this one that spring to mind when I think of the closely-knit vanilla communities. I still keep a retail account, just to casually check in on the game, level a bit, do whatever. The crossrealm system that's in place there right now is ticking me off to the nth degree. You run into people everywhere. Yeah, it does make the world look more populated, but since you have zero interaction with any of these folks it sure doesn't feel that way. You actually play against rather than with them since you all need to do your kill/collect quests etc. Everyone basically becomes a nuisance to each other by just playing the game by themselves, and that has become unacceptable to me. Social interaction is at an uncomfortable minimum; chats are either dead or toxic (channels as well as groups). Few people even make an effort at being social, because you don't really have to be anymore. Imho, this increase of anonymity and decrease of accountability is what has hurt online communities the most. So, my two copper is that I'm not a fan of crossrealm for historical reasons, never mind if it's in a PvE or PvP context. I do understand the attraction of more frequent BGs, less pre-mades etc, though. It probably comes down to how you weigh your preferences, but one of the great things (again, imho) about the vanilla communities was that they were fairly adept at policing themselves - which worked because you could be held responsible for your actions through consequence.
  4. Haha, damn, I still have that atlas myself. I got it back then mostly because I loved having the maps on paper. Seems some of the info might be partially useful, the resource index and the rare mob spawn/pathing locations, for instance. Even if it's just to compare against old comments and such. Aye, it's a 2006 publication.
  5. It was a horn. ^^ I do like the idea of adjusting scarcity in accordance with quest texts and actual vanilla experience. Gotta say, the amount of research going into this is astounding. I imagine the process must work something like an X-Files investigation, sighting yellowed publications from the dawn of the Internet, asking ancient 30+ years about their experiences and memories ("Sit your ass down, young whipper-snapper, and let me tell you about the real Sapphiron!"), putting it all together in the wee hours of the morning in a single moment of blinding clarity and, at the end of the day, still having that small, niggling moment of doubt if you actually got it right. @Darkrasp Btw, I would love to hear more about the daze formula.
  6. Okay ... gotta say I honestly did not see this coming. I was prepared for further delays and pushed-back release dates, but not a complete handing over of the project. My 2c on the subject. I do understand wanting to evade the legal entanglements. It's one thing to sit in a European country, hosting a private server and feeding C&D letters to your shredder with a giggle. It's another to do so while having to travel to the US regularly, be it for private or business reasons. There's not really a decision to be made here; protecting yourself, your family and your livelihood is paramount. I remember Asura saying that he would release this server, come what may. From my (admittedly limited) pov there don't seem to have been too many options available to the CF team. Join with another, smaller project? Possible, but probably just delaying the inevitable. Fold entirely? Not an option. Go open-source? No guarantees here of an actual release with the desired degree of quality, if at all. Considering the fact that you already have a small amount of staff working on the project that you trust and want to keep involved the Elysium solution may have been the least of the available evils. I don't have a lot of personal experience with the Elysium project. Of course, I followed the Nostalrius news; I also became aware of some of the drama surrounding some of the Elysium staff. It is safe to say that none of this has contributed to an image of a stable, positive, delivery-oriented environment. Knowing that the development work the CF team put into their project will end up under the Elysium aegis thus makes me a little apprehensive, especially since no guarantees of keeping CF's individual philosophy intact have been made. And, let's be realistic here, if you have ownership of a project as well as the infrastructure it runs on, what you say pretty damn well goes. Like many others here I was hoping for an independent project that was supervised and executed by people who are passionate about bringing a sophisticated and technologically superior product to the emulation table. While, to me at least, there was never any doubt about the team's ability to pull off the technical aspect of this project, over the past weeks/months I became increasingly worried about the organizational side. With people like Outstanding and Elicas stepping out after the amount of time they had invested, it seemed possible that CF was running into some trouble. I just never suspected it was this serious. That being said, I'm going to reserve judgement. I am bitterly disappointed by the loss of CF's independence, yes, but I'm not willing to concede actual failure just yet. I won't be following this project as actively anymore. When CF does release at Elysium, I will check it out and hopefully be able to say, "they did it, after all." Just because you can't always get what you want, doesn't mean that you won't get what you need.
  7. This. IMHO Blizzard's piling up of changes and additions for convenience's sake was what eventually broke immersion. Gotta have to work in it a little for a world to be credible. Sort of like the different Matrix versions, y'know?
  8. Tl;dr answer to that: The guide is subtitled, "You gotta learn it yourself tho".
  9. He's not. Icy Veins did an interview in which he confirmed that nothing came of Blizzard's initial approach. Among other things. Hurricane once posted a quick guide on how he makes his trailers: I myself am very fond of the BWL and AQ ones.
  10. Not if you play by the rules: I do love the idea of doing an Ironman, though. Ganking's less of a problem on a PvE server, and getting killed while afk or due to clumsiness - well, that's why it"s fun/interesting and kind of the point.
  11. According to the WoW manual (or Lands of Conflict from the Warcraft table-top RPG, if you prefer) they're actually islands of their own situated north/northeast of Kul'Tiras.
  12. Just went through my first ever character's stash, and the memories just kept piling up. Argent Dawn Commission, Eternal Quintessence, the key items for UBRS, Ony, Mara and ZF ... and finally Agent of Nozdormu.
  13. Being a corporate sell-out is the new black.
  14. Piccolo of the Flaming Fire.
  15. Posted this in another thread already, but here goes. Love the music and the story bits. The Orgrimmar parts are hilarious.