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  1. Not if you play by the rules: I do love the idea of doing an Ironman, though. Ganking's less of a problem on a PvE server, and getting killed while afk or due to clumsiness - well, that's why it"s fun/interesting and kind of the point.
  2. According to the WoW manual (or Lands of Conflict from the Warcraft table-top RPG, if you prefer) they're actually islands of their own situated north/northeast of Kul'Tiras.
  3. Just went through my first ever character's stash, and the memories just kept piling up. Argent Dawn Commission, Eternal Quintessence, the key items for UBRS, Ony, Mara and ZF ... and finally Agent of Nozdormu.
  4. Being a corporate sell-out is the new black.
  5. Piccolo of the Flaming Fire.
  6. Posted this in another thread already, but here goes. Love the music and the story bits. The Orgrimmar parts are hilarious.
  7. Got a question about the randomness of mob spawns for certain mob families/areas - not sure how best to describe this, so here's an example: I remember killing Defias Looters and Pillagers in Moonbrook. When I killed a Looter, for instance, a Pillager or a Looter could respawn in that spot. On every private server I've played on so far I noticed that this randomness is non-existent. A Defias Looter will always respawn as a Looter, a Pillager as a Pillager. Am I even remembering this right? If so, is it something that can be fixed for Crestfall? Sorry if this has already been discussed; I couldn't find a pertinent thread.
  8. My favourite series was definitely The Grind. I do still listen to Oxhorn's and Cranius' stuff occasionally. Great memories.
  9. I wonder how many people went, "whatever, it's not affecting me, so cba" and then fell prey to swatting or were held up at the airport and questioned about their social media habits. I distinctly remember Blizzard attempting to forcibly link people's real names to their forum personae, and that they found out real quick that sitting back and going, "what's the worst that could happen, right?" is a bad idea. Guess in the end it comes down to how much you think what you're giving up matters, but that decision may not be as informed as you think.
  10. I'm grateful that my parents managed to support me, mostly financially, over a couple of years. And that, even though some of the shit they pulled made me want to be different from them, we can still hold a civilized conversation from time to time. RL role model would have to be Ed Snowden. Smart, brave, creative. Being capable of making tough but intelligent choices when it counts. These are qualities I admire. Among the many fictional characters I find inspiring Toph from Avatar stands out the most. Heaps of confidence backed up by raw skill, thus overcoming a handicap or even turning it into an advantage. Role model in WoW is definitely classic Tabetha. If you ever levelled a mage past 40, you know who I mean.
  11. If memory serves OSC-equipped tanks are sufficient in this fight as well if the raid can execute the hide-behind-throne maneuver properly.
  12. One thing that can be said for Kronos is that their announcement videos were epic, especially the ones for BWL and AQ. As far as I know they hired pros to create them, and it shows. The quality of those videos certainly upped the hype level. Not sure if Crestfall wants or needs such hype - but if it ever comes to that, the Kronos trailers might be a good source of inspiration to turn towards to.
  13. Wouldn't mind joining up. I'm mostly on a low-level paladin called Lochraine; feel free to toss me an invite if you see me online.
  14. Thanks for the update, especially considering you have your hands and heart full with RL. My condolences. I love the technical stuff in these posts and would ask for more in-depth information, but as you said, these posts are supposed to be for mass consumption. Let me just state that I'm very impressed with the SQL development and the way the Lua/C++ dependencies are handled. As always, keep up the good work - and congratulations to the lucky betas.