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  1. Unreal Gold on GOG, until 2018-05-24 17:00 UTC.
  2. Never doubted you guys for a moment, hence my checking in on a steady basis. ^^ Discord's gotten a bit more active lately, too. while(AreCFDevsAlive && !IsCFFinished) { CFProgress++; }
  3. I don't know, there's been some Korean spam influx recently. Gotta be a good sign, right? Heh. While I do agree with your #1 and #2 arguments, both scenarios are entirely within the realm of possibility. And let's not forget that there is a difference between hibernation and death, however imperceptible. I for one do frequent these boards with some regularity; I'm sure others do the same. Yeah, the Crogge situation is a little unbearable. I do recall a comment from @Darkrasp about there being an effort to archive the forums/move them to a new venue. That was about a half year ago. The board hasn't shut down yet, but there has been no news about a move, either. There was a service disruption recently that was fixed. Not sure if that was related to this issue, though. Anyway, a welcome thread is probably not the best place to discuss this. Sorry, @pretty_lexi.
  4. Welcome! Board's a little slow right now; most folks seem to be hibernating as there has been no regular news on development for a few weeks. Some still hang around, biding their time (like me). Since official Classic servers are still a ways off and there's some uncertainty as to how they're going to deliver, I'm still happy to wait on the Crestfall project to go live. Best to have a great time and a little patience. ^^
  5. Dungeons II free on GOG until Feb 18, 2pm UTC.
  6. Well, I've gone and done it. Gifted myself this for Christmas.
  7. Oxenfree, well, free on GOG until Dec 21, 2pm UTC.
  8. I've had my share of Lego sets, mostly the Technic ones. The most fun I had with the Control Center, figuring out how to build a wired RC car before they had all those fancy little motors to manage steering etc. More recently I've bagged myself some of the more extravagant Star Wars sets. My favourite childhood toy, however, would be the Anker building blocks my grandfather passed on to me. His father had given them to him when he was a kid, and I still build stuff with them today. If you want to know what they look like, just google for "ankerstein" images.
  9. MDK free on GOG until Nov 23, 2PM UTC.
  10. GOG is offering the first Syberia up for free until Nov 11, 6PM UTC.
  11. If you believe the coders' panels they put up at Blizzcon they're basically hiring folks who love coding and Blizzard games, never mind their actual skill levels. Sure, you probably shouldn't suck terribly at it, but as long as you show passion and drive (and a capability for finishing your projects *cough*), you're on the list. Not sure how much of that is just PR, ofc. But I do get not wanting to turn your hobby into a job. Most of the time you start having trouble keeping your love for it alive. You're also out of a perfectly fine hobby.
  12. Little envious here. I'd heard that the remaster would be Win10 exclusive. I'm still debating internally if it's worth upgrading my trusty Win8.1 platform (never thought I'd say that, used to be a Win7 fanboy). Let us know how it goes, eh?
  13. I always operated under the assumption that having a subscription model of any kind for your private server was a sure-fire way to get shut down by Blue. Dunno if there actually is more risk involved compared to a donation-based model, but requiring folks to pay for an essentially pirated service might be more open to attack from a legal perspective than offering that service for free while not being opposed to the occasional monetary gift. Just speculating here. This plus being open to donations would be best, imho. As for the idea of turning CF into a managed project: I'm sure the thought must have occurred to Asura, Darkrasp and the others involved. Introducing deadlines, milestones, a Gantt chart and whatnot will probably make the project feel more under control. It'll also turn into work what is now still a hobby (which these folks already dedicate a lot of their free time to, I'm sure). Being held accountable for missing a deadline or not meeting some requirement might be more detrimental to someone's motivation and willingness to expend time and energy on such a project than letting them set their own pace. And why not, since none of the dev team are under any obligation to deliver this project on some deadline (or at all, for that matter). I'm very much in favour of throwing some more warm bodies at this thing, though. Surely there must be a few applications to that extent ... just take the time to interview folks and let them work their way onto the team.
  14. @Darkrasp @Asura I'm not sure what the legal ramifications are where the forums are concerned, but if it's at all possible, please consider leaving them open. People are already flocking back here, and everyone needs a place to stay in touch. To me at least, for the time being, this place is Crestfall.
  15. Props to the man with the banana shoulders. It's lovely to see the project progressing, like watching the .xx part of a percentage go up on a loading bar. Mildly frustrating, yet somehow strangely satisfying. But maybe that's just me.
  16. Not a fan of the Elysium forum. It's either black or white there - I'm actually talking about their theme choices, but I'll leave it open to interpretation. I like coming here more, it's just friendlier all around. Especially since I picked Kira as background. Latest updates be damned, I'm going to stick around this forum for as long as they'll let me.
  17. 'Fraid I'm not. I just like to listen to his stuff about the classes and reminisce about how spot-on it was back then. Some of it is not too far off the mark even today, heh.
  18. +1 for Mor'ladim (Gruß, Malte - for those of you familiar with the German Barlow videos).
  19. This, admittedly taken a bit out of context, would serve just as well as an argument against crossrealm BGs. I never did much PvP during vanilla, but I remember knowing many of the people on both my and the opponents' team whenever I did battlegrounds - either personally or by reputation. My hunter and a priest I knew from doing a few dungeons together once defended the AB lumbermill for most of the battleground, with the opposing team focusing on us more and more, which left our own team with more opportunities to capture other points on the map. A few minutes after we'd won AB several low-level alts started whispering us with congratulations and complimenting us on a game well played. It's moments like this one that spring to mind when I think of the closely-knit vanilla communities. I still keep a retail account, just to casually check in on the game, level a bit, do whatever. The crossrealm system that's in place there right now is ticking me off to the nth degree. You run into people everywhere. Yeah, it does make the world look more populated, but since you have zero interaction with any of these folks it sure doesn't feel that way. You actually play against rather than with them since you all need to do your kill/collect quests etc. Everyone basically becomes a nuisance to each other by just playing the game by themselves, and that has become unacceptable to me. Social interaction is at an uncomfortable minimum; chats are either dead or toxic (channels as well as groups). Few people even make an effort at being social, because you don't really have to be anymore. Imho, this increase of anonymity and decrease of accountability is what has hurt online communities the most. So, my two copper is that I'm not a fan of crossrealm for historical reasons, never mind if it's in a PvE or PvP context. I do understand the attraction of more frequent BGs, less pre-mades etc, though. It probably comes down to how you weigh your preferences, but one of the great things (again, imho) about the vanilla communities was that they were fairly adept at policing themselves - which worked because you could be held responsible for your actions through consequence.
  20. Haha, damn, I still have that atlas myself. I got it back then mostly because I loved having the maps on paper. Seems some of the info might be partially useful, the resource index and the rare mob spawn/pathing locations, for instance. Even if it's just to compare against old comments and such. Aye, it's a 2006 publication.
  21. It was a horn. ^^ I do like the idea of adjusting scarcity in accordance with quest texts and actual vanilla experience. Gotta say, the amount of research going into this is astounding. I imagine the process must work something like an X-Files investigation, sighting yellowed publications from the dawn of the Internet, asking ancient 30+ years about their experiences and memories ("Sit your ass down, young whipper-snapper, and let me tell you about the real Sapphiron!"), putting it all together in the wee hours of the morning in a single moment of blinding clarity and, at the end of the day, still having that small, niggling moment of doubt if you actually got it right. @Darkrasp Btw, I would love to hear more about the daze formula.
  22. This. IMHO Blizzard's piling up of changes and additions for convenience's sake was what eventually broke immersion. Gotta have to work in it a little for a world to be credible. Sort of like the different Matrix versions, y'know?
  23. Tl;dr answer to that: The guide is subtitled, "You gotta learn it yourself tho".
  24. He's not. Icy Veins did an interview in which he confirmed that nothing came of Blizzard's initial approach. Among other things. Hurricane once posted a quick guide on how he makes his trailers: I myself am very fond of the BWL and AQ ones.