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  1. ...and yet, you give no reason why you are glad they merged with Elysium and what's wrong with open-sourcing their core. You also have ZERO indication about "philosophy is the same". On the contrary, you have many hints about how their original plan will change. ...and quoting you: I REALLY doubt the CF staff would then leave the Elysium project.
  2. You answer "there was no other choice" every time you reply to these "community concerns", but I strongly feel there were dozens of other possible choices. The first that comes to mind is "open-sourcing it", so that someone else could continue with it (Elysium too...in the exact same way it's happening now).
  3. I would like to point out that a reputation system might be flawd as well. CircleJerking is a quite common practice in the wow community.
  4. http://www.wowhead.com/item=21151/rumsey-rum-black-label
  5. Whalecum!
  6. I'm not sure this is true. Gummy caved in at the first C&D letter, just how Nostalrius did. While French are used to surrender, I was pretty amazed at how a stronk murican surrendered like that. They said they were changing host, if something was happening...they did not. They said they had plans in place to avoid that...they had none. They said a lot of things...none of them true. So yeah, I think we don't really know if US based servers work or not.
  7. you'll bang the wrong thing :huehue:
  8. Even tho I'm completely against, in case this will happen, wouldn't hurt send a mail to the names' owner 7/15/30/60 days before the actual deletion. Like was pointed out multiple times, LONG-breaks happen...ninja-delete characters (maybe with thousand_of_golds/lots_of_mats) isn't really appealing. This could make quite a few player quit right away. And for what? A name?
  9. Deleting accounts or leveled up characters for inactivity is not right. Not even lvl1 inactive character is. I usually try to get "my" names, in the eventuality, one day, I wanna level them...I don't think there is anything wrong with it. I would be quite pissed if one day, logging in, I find out my preferred char-name has been deleted from my account, just because I've been sick in a hospital for X months.
  10. There are no ladies on the internet....
  11. lmao, mage
  12. no archived comments and/or loottable show any sign for these to be skinnable.
  13. I would love to change those FelWeed models to some Azuregos/Onyxia model. It makes so much easier spot these.