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  1. How much wood can a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
  2. What an amazing idea and I am jealous that I didn't think of it first? Boring it is not. I would love nothing more than to cast my line into the inner rivers and oceans of azeroth in the sake of a quality wow fishing experience. As you know my first post was related to fishing and its wonderful...wonderfulness. I look forward to this, and please have fun as we join you on this journey. P.S - Be sure to have a couple pints of brew with you while you fish. Regards, Statin
  3. Curse my mind for looking at BBC and thinking to myself " That must hurt visiting that several times a day" Don't lie I'm not the only one who was thinking it.
  4. Unfortunately, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but as the old saying goes everyone has one and they all stink. Jealousy is an evil thing, but it shouldn't deter us from the ultimate goal which is a pristine Vanilla Experience. It just so happens we know a couple folks who can make that happen. @Asura @Darkrasp @Crogge and all you other amazing developers. *Words* Regards, Statin
  5. Thanks for all the good responses. I'm really just getting the itch and Elysium is not doing it for me, nor is retail WoW. I also found Dalaran WoW for WotLK and heard the scripting was decent. Decisions... Decisions. Statin
  6. Perhaps I will check it out and see what it's about. Thank you. Also, please move this to off topic as needed. Regards, Statin
  7. Seeing as we are all wasting time until CF launches I thought I'd try out a TBC server and stumbled across Hellground. Anyone have any experience with it? How is the pre-outland scripting and is it dead on the new belong path to Outland? Any positives and negatives are welcomed! Statin
  8. I say we start a new topic focused on our plans to become the number one trading/farming guild on Zul'Dare if that is still one of the main goals when CF goes live. Give ideas, suggestions, tips, etc. @Outstanding what do you think? Statin
  9. As usual, great informative post. @Outstanding makes a great point about the progress bar so kudos to him. Let us know if there is anything us peons can do to help speed along any aspect of the project. Note: While we all appreciate the amount of time and effort you put into providing the community with a quality Vanilla server do not forget to venture outside the world of Azeroth and take time away for yourself and family. Stress is literally a killer. Regards, Statin
  10. Hopefully, we have pain relieving cream stocked up for the amount of butt hurt that will ensue in this post. I will follow it with great anticipation. Get em', Elicas.
  11. I would recommend forwarding this to @Darkrasp @Daribon @Asura @Crogge I attempted to get this project off the ground in the hopes to make research a bit easier on the devs, but it never took off. Thanks for the help though. Regards, Statin
  12. Excellent post. In my honest opinion those who have stuck around long enough to see this project come to fruition will gladly help sustain the server if that need every arises. Most were willing to pay a monthly fee to blizzard for legacy servers so why not take that money and give it back to the community here. You have definitely lit another spark in this guys heart, and I look forward to the projects eventual release and updates. One note though, please be sure to take care of yourselves physically as well as emotionally. None of you are good if those two things are not first in order. Now to wait for @Outstanding uplifting post! Kind regards and thank you @Darkrasp @Asura @Crogge and the rest of the development team, testers, and admins. Statin
  13. I am currently on now. Under the name Statin if anyone is on. NE rouge atm. If anyone is on can they invite me to the guild please?
  14. Sorry I jumped off to get some laundry done and make dinner for the wife. I will be on for the next couple hours though if you log on, and yes I am still under the name Statin. Thanks.