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  1. If he's true for his crusade and his own words and statements I doubt that he's going to play here. Otherwise he is a hypocrite.
  2. I will pick a warrior so I can tank dungeons and perhaps raids, also do some PvP activities. My gf is going for a priest, it worked pretty well playing this combo before, AOE farm mobs after level 30 Also thinking about a warlock as an alt for enchanting and PvP ofc. Plus warlocks are easy to level, you don't have to worry about gear untill later on
  3. I second that. What's the point of pushing for new raids and expansions if majority of the people won't have enough time to exprience it? We already had this problem 10 years ago, when people couldn't catch up with a content.
  4. Even though I'd like to go hardcore on this server and start clearing content as soon as it gets out, I prefer it has longer time frame for each raid tier. I kinda missed the majority of vanilla back in the day, so I want to play all of it for as much as I can without a rush for a new content and expansion.
  5. Well, you can always die at the boss and not receive any experience from a kill. It works pertty good if you have some high level friend to clear the path before the boss while you wait outside of the dungeon and come just for specific boss/bosses. I did it this way with my 29 level twink.