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  1. @Cruzix Sure, uploaded EQL3 to Mega. I linked the Downloads to my previous Post.
  2. Howdy! I also want to show off my UI (WIP). Clean and Simple I Edited almost every addon i'm using (changed Fonts of Luna, ShaguPlates, oCB3 and some other Addons to Friz Quadrata [Basic WoW-Font]). - did a little Rework on EQL3. - wrote a macro to show/hide DPS Mate (i don't like Minimap-Buttons). - created a small black Border for Simple Minimap. - edited Monkey Clock to have a simple clock in the corner of my Minimap. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EQL3 Rework Reworked the Artwork (Background, Scrollbars, Book Icon) and changed some naming to make it look more like the modern Retail WoW-Quest Log. (changed naming for eng client only) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DPS Mate Macro A simple macro to hide DPS Mate when i don't need it. That's it! Downloads: EQL3 Rework EQL3 Rework (Artwork only for better Compatibility)
  3. Then i will have a talk to Mr.Shagu. But thanks for the reply.
  4. Hi, amazing work so far! I'm using ShaguPlates fixed version by @Roadblock and EnemyBuffTimersVanilla by @Renew. Now i want to make two further suggestions. 1) Change the Shaman class-color of ShaguPlates to Blue instead of Pink. Basicly as in LUNA Unit Frames. (old ShaguPlates version but a good Example) 2) Is it possible to import EBTV's Buff/Debuff Database into ShaguPlates to display the Buff/Debuff-Duration? That would be totaly awesome! Many thanks in advice!