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  1. lol, good one
  2. I wish you the double of the best of everything. You truly deserve it! Happy birthday @Asura! You the coolest and most loving admin around <3.
  3. OH lol no way, I mean season 5 episode 8
  4. Games of Thrones - the massacre at hardhome episode 508.
  5. Night elf druid.
  6. Welcome aboard. !
  7. Welcome aboard !
  8. Awww thanks everyone <3 feels love.
  9. I was in same guild with you lol, Glad to see you again here.
  10. join in

    "Time is money, Friend"
  11. Welcome aboard !
  12. Welcome aborad!
  13. Go with undead female. The booty. ; )
  14. Exaclted With Your Mum Our Servah Bin Laggin FatKidzAreHardToKidnap Jesus Was Soulstoned
  15. Legion, Overwatch and CS:GO.