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  1. lol, good one
  2. I wish you the double of the best of everything. You truly deserve it! Happy birthday @Asura! You the coolest and most loving admin around <3.
  3. OH lol no way, I mean season 5 episode 8
  4. Games of Thrones - the massacre at hardhome episode 508.
  5. Night elf druid.
  6. Welcome aboard. !
  7. Welcome aboard !
  8. Awww thanks everyone <3 feels love.
  9. I was in same guild with you lol, Glad to see you again here.
  10. join in

    "Time is money, Friend"
  11. Welcome aboard !
  12. Welcome aborad!
  13. Go with undead female. The booty. ; )
  14. Exaclted With Your Mum Our Servah Bin Laggin FatKidzAreHardToKidnap Jesus Was Soulstoned
  15. Legion, Overwatch and CS:GO.
  16. Welcome @Amenti, Glad to see you here.
  17. Welcome aboard !
  18. Please do not post things that not related to Crestfall in General Discussion. Moving thread to the right section, Thank you. Regards, Kitty.
  19. Welcome @Sunflower.
  20. Welcome aboard my friend.
  21. Greetings @Reo, I don not understand, do you want Chinese forum? If so, I'm afraid we can not do that. Crestfall was made for English speakers. And rule 1# on our forums says : Post in English. Please feel free to create a new topic in the < Feedback & Suggestions > forum. We would be happy to hear your thoughts you and your friends. Regards, Kitty.
  22. Welcome @Saga, Glad to see you here. <3
  23. Hello @Reo, Welcome aboard my friend. I took care of the 3other topics you made, It's alright. Enjoy your stay.
  24. Dear @Wolfrig, I do understand threads that he made are in no way useful to you. You have the right to disagree. And I'm fully aware of what will newcomers think., The first impression when they see off-topic forums. There for we have updated forum rules. Please if you have suggestions feel free to PM admins/mods. Locking this thread.