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  1. Did you not read 90% of the posts regarding the Elysium merge, both times?
  2. How was Elysium the best choice for CF? It seems like the worst choice, based on what we hear here. What about Kronos instead?
  3. My thoughts exactly. I'd rather enjoy the final project in summer 2018, than a release 2017 that is either not fully complete, or has been too stressful on the CF crew.
  4. Is this the Outstanding ego-thread? Is he some sort of a querulant?
  5. Oh, someone bumped an old thread, I guess I should have paid more attention to the dates. But thanks, and I agree, that would suit me better as well.
  6. Sorry for a bit off topic, but am I totally wrong when I think I read something about a slightly increased vanilla timeline? I read 12-15 months somewhere posted by a random member on these forums. But it's set to 18-24 months timeline for sure?
  7. Congratulations!
  8. 1: Playing 2s in arena in TBC with my twin brother. 2: Playing together with irl friends when TBC and WotLK were released, esepcially heroics and the first tier of raids. 3: When WoW was new, some friends and I ran the early dungeons while leveling. I have the strongest memories from WC, SFK, BFD, RFK and RFD.
  9. warlock guide

    Shadow Bolts mana cost is 2.5% (4% for R10) higher than Shadowburn, but Shadow Bolt deals more than 2.5% (or 4% for R10) damage than Shadowburn => Shadow Bolt has a higher damage per mana ratio than Shadowburn. Even with the example you're using in your discussion above with only 40 spell damage, Shadow Bolt does more than 10% (544/494 = 1.101) more dmg, which of course is higher than 2.5% (or 4% for R10) mentioned above. Shadow Bolt scales better than Shadowburn in damage, which also leads to better damage per mana, so with higher spell damage, the difference will be even larger.
  10. Yes, you're completely correct and it makes much more sense, thank you!
  11. Kronos II had a Swedish guild on Horde that was very successful, cleared all content etc.
  12. Well, aren't 'Fire Power', 'Arcane Instability', 'Darkness', 'Emberstorm', 'Shadow Mastery' and all other 25+ talents applied to total damage? It seems weird if Moonfury would be the exception. Is it intended to not work in the same way as the others? Edit: Or if all the others are applied to base damage only, in that case, I've been misinformed.
  13. Can you check if Moonfury is applied on base damage or on total dmg? I know it only affected base damage on some private servers, while all other classes equivalent talent gave bonus to total damage.