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  1. The crave to play, it intensified after reading this topic, oh these old days...
  2. Retuning classes is much harder work, it will also affect PvP part of the game. But if u tune boss fight and only them nothing is going to go out of the dungeon. It is not going to influence anything apart from boss fights. And i thought the main idea is not to rebalance, but to make a little harder. Nobody gets any benefit from tuned bosses.
  3. But why you don't take into consideration new talents and spells, it can't be 100% blizzlike anyway. They add a lot of damage and so on, isn't it a good reason to boost bosses? And don't exaggerate, if the devs talked about buffing they surely have already drawn the line between what can be changed and what should be as it was. Once again this topic only about buffing bosses, nobody is going to go mad and try to balance the entire game from scratch. Edit: And I am very familiar with what Op is saying, for example some WOTLK early raids can be easily zerged. Edit 2: If you listened to Q&A, Asura said that increasing HP just makes fight longer, not harder. On the other hand randomizing abilities, finding weak spots in healers ( as Darkrasp suggested) can bring some challenge even with experienced group. Nobody is even considering changing loot tables, they are already done.
  4. Can't get your point of view, you are saying that tuning is bad, but then telling us about experienced players...so why not to buff bosses a little? The part about new loot is a complete nonsense, at least for now, probably you have a good explanation, but i doubt there is any.
  5. Ye, there is a huge power spike at level 17.
  6. What?
  7. I really like the idea of random spawn places, these addons which keep track of spawn locations are a little bit gamebreaking in my opinion , you can even create a bot which goes over a specific area and farms.
  8. What about walls?
  9. Some classes get an advantage over another with this feature, think about it.
  10. I found out crestfall when all legacy drama started, right after the nostalrius shutdown. I personally havent played on nost but wanted to find a decent server to have a fresh experience. So here I am, with you guys for more than ahalf a year! The videos about clustering and dark's updates and stuff's honesty that's what drew me here. Sorry for possible grammar mistakes.
  11. meme restricted area, sorry
  12. I used to think that there is no black and no white in this world. Picking a druid, not giving a fuck about people that will want me to heal all the way. That's my favorite class even though some think it's a heal bot. Versatility, that's why i love it.
  13. It would be faster to download a notepad+ and find i by yourself
  14. As far as i know shamans don't have blood lust in vanilla