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  1. So yesterday CF had an issue: if you look up the plan was this: release pvp and pve pte (2 servers) at vanilla stage. at tbc progress the pvp server would split in vanilla pvp , tbc pvp, tbc pve (pve stays pte allways) at wotlk servers will look like: vanilla pvp, tbc pvp, wotlk pvp and....wotlk pve (pte) sums up in the end: 4 servers which they had to pay for. And this only if cf would run "under the radar" of the hype because server limit would be 4.000 ppl. so guessing there will be hype (for sure) at release, they'll need to pop up new realms which will go the exact way of pte progress and by that the same split of the comunity at every Expansion transform. Me personal got no idea how expensive a "simple" server with full pop (4.000), anti cheat, anti ddos, anti vpn, anti blizzfuqq (hello rus hosting) and vpn acces worldwide etc will be. But i guess it will be higher than my actual rent of my home... every month... per server... so i see here a money issue because of the comunity splits. (And a ppl issue if you want because someone needs to be gm on every server) With the announcement of today cf gained this : pvp (pte) and pve (pte) (and probabbly more of them cause of hype, but only pte server) they now dont need to run servers that didnt progress. They can now focus straight on their goal - pte only. so you are interested in playing vanilla only but dont want to miss the gamechanging quality of cf? (What they say about their own core) ? Now you can. Elysium and crogges tbc will have the same core = same quality like cf. And pte comunity dont need to run with 1.12 or tbc comunity on the same realm. And this is (moneywise too) a good thing. I guess...
  2. Hm this thread clearly shows that after 12 years of wow things have changed and now the kidz roll horde...maybe time for thinking about alliance... and @Efrafa this is vanilla. So you might look a lil bit thinner and more ugly (the teenage way)
  3. Will nightfall be used even in naxx?
  4. Hello Fellas, As far as I remember I wish to play an Arms Warrior in vanilla. I tried a few times on other privates, but as soon as I reach the levelcap I was forced/forced myself to play protection or fury and soon quit playing. I wish to play as Arms Warrior, who swings Ashkandi, but I have no Idea how to reach this. I dont have to raid as Arms but I dont want to respecc every raidnight... if I choose to play as "pure" Arms warrior I fear I wont get a raid spot. If I play as Fury Warrior (and take the extra mile) I will get the spot, but wont have the fun playin what i want. Maybe I will get Ashkandi for offgear - but i will be forced to respec everytime I want to play what I want.. So I thought of maybe skillin 31/5/15, play as arms and raid as offtank (and go the extra mile of defgear gathering). This will be very time consuming because I need to min/max two gearsets - but in the end I could play what I like. what would you experienced players advice me for reaching my goal of playing pure Arms? What are your experience? How will 2hand weapons will be tributed when they are "not viable" in raids? What can you say about your experience of the 2hand warrior?