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  1. If ToC is disabled i'll play WOtlk aswell
  2. it's 25 euro for the expansion? I believe i have the original game bought, would that be enough to get the xpac? I only played the game a couple of hours when it was released, could be intresting to try it again to see if it has turned out for the better.
  3. From what i could gather the NVS4200M should be equal to GT520M which is the consumer version from Nvidia. I could not find any information about vanilla but some people have reported 40+fps on high settings (don't know if its 1080p or 720p) with the wotlk client which is more demanding then the vanilla client so you can probably expect better results there. In any case if i had to choose between the HD3000 and the NVS4200 i'd go for the Nvidia card.
  4. correct, the buffed items that came in 1.9 like the tuban will not be avalible on release
  5. Umm, AQ would be a walk in the park if not buffed, or am i missing something here?
  6. gratz to both! CF sooner? ...
  7. i just hope they are expensive if they do offer them, don't wanna see everyone and his mother running around with a spectral tiger
  8. cf when?
  9. i personally delete wdb on every logon so i don't forget , u can just create a batch file to open wow with for example:
  10. as i said in the other thread, better overtune atr the start and nerf if need be, no one wants a walkover raid
  11. Congratz! looking forward to more updates, one can never have enough of those
  12. not sure about the quests you mentioned but the Silithus quests should not be avalible at launch atleast, most quests came in on patch 1.8. http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Patches/1.x
  13. well Asura already said that we will be getting the server this year no matter what so the last date possible would be Dec 31, i don't know about u but i can wait till then if i have to i mean i would ofc prefer if it releases during my summer vacation but i know it's probably not likely
  14. well incremental patching would obviously be the most blizzlike experience but that would come with so much work for the devs that it's simply not feasable. adjusting the raid itself to make the difficulty comparable with an older patch but with using the 1.12 client is the next best thing.