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  1. gief all them videos
  2. oh boy, questing will be be fun .. great change, it always felt weird when leveling on other private servers and you followed a leveling guide where it said getting x quest item would probably take a long time and you get it on the first kill
  3. clearly Blizzard will be sponsoring the server and hire Asura & CO to maintain it
  4. there is only one color!
  5. lmao i played since vanilla but never knew this, funny guess i was never drunk enough or i'm just a nice guy even when drunk!
  6. i hope its not the next nost, i'd prefer better quality then that
  7. yeah im pretty sure i will too, right now i'm more into trying rogue then doing mage again .. time will tell
  8. i'm sure you'll have time to change ur mind a few more times before the server is released
  9. so Praise the lord, release is near anyway, thanks for all ur hard work Elicas, cu on the other side!
  10. a release during the winter holidays would be lovely
  11. RIP Felmyst, feel bad for all the players that were hyped for it
  12. i'm not judging the server by it mearly pointing out that i would be so stressed out not being able to play while others can and end down the pack instead of in the front of it
  13. i'm glad that it's not the server ill be playing on for the long run, they'd have to check me in on a mental hospital after this launch day
  14. Soon™
  15. there are people willing to help out if u have testers that slack *hint*