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  1. a release during the winter holidays would be lovely
  2. RIP Felmyst, feel bad for all the players that were hyped for it
  3. i'm not judging the server by it mearly pointing out that i would be so stressed out not being able to play while others can and end down the pack instead of in the front of it
  4. i'm glad that it's not the server ill be playing on for the long run, they'd have to check me in on a mental hospital after this launch day
  5. Soon™
  6. there are people willing to help out if u have testers that slack *hint*
  7. getting 100ms from swe to gummy server on the open beta atm, it playes fine. seen some bugs here and there but overall it's been ok so far .. it feels like stealth detection is abit too agressive, mobs at the same level as me see me instantly as i get even remotely close to them from the front as i remembered it they should be like what someone there? before they notice you .. the rogue class quest for humans is a no go since the dockmaster will see you before you can pickpocket him
  8. i wish there was a LUI port for vanilla i guess it might not be possible tho .. i found one for TBC so i can atleast switch to it when we arrive there
  9. sorry, already there!
  10. Welcome! going by the domain name i take it that it will be a NA guild? You should probably put it in the topic name to make it clear
  11. if ur alliance don't forget to get the torch looking weapon from the lighthouse quest in westfall if ur into RP, and you can save the wand that turns u into a furbolg in one of the ashenvale quests.
  12. well it will depend heavily on what type of AVs we get when i did it a match was typically 10-15 min long but if we get longer games on Crestfall for whatever reason it will obviously take alot longer to get exalted and if you loose alot be prepared to spend alot more time in there aswell.
  13. no life during AV weekend and hope ur faction doesn't loose 9 out of 10 games. i went from neutral to exalted during one AV weekend on kronos but then we (Alliance) won 8-9 / 10 games.