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  1. Happy new year!
  2. Thanks man for your work with addons, when servers comes on stage we need addons -)
  3. If price goes higer then 5 eur ill be stting at ps4 and playing Tera.
  4. I myself will not agree with price tag 15 eu per month, its overpriced for 12 years old game. What s your opinion?
  5. Huge work will be done till we have vanilla wow 1. or 2 years till we get our hand on game.
  6. If blizzard srew up vanilla ill go back to crestfall. Shaman. herb, alch. alt ud rouge, prof mining engi.
  7. If Activison puts instant lvl 60 in cash shop, then i will not playing blizzard server.
  8. Well done! Cya all in blizzard oficial server-) Thanks for comunity and good atitude good luck!
  9. Thanks for working on project. Still waitting from big B to say in blizcon 2017 3d november that our wait time is over, but im dreaming ...
  10. Keep waitting for server to open after december, while playing german td both lines. On ps4 its quite good 1080 resolution. Keep farming tier 8.
  11. Brr going to play on Kronos while Crestfall sever opens.
  12. It will be two main crowded servers 1 - pvp 2-pve.
  13. Solution was found 1 person can play 1 charracter and server cap was 3,5-6k ppl.
  14. My wow vanilla cd are ready for install.