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  1. Brr going to play on Kronos while Crestfall sever opens.
  2. It will be two main crowded servers 1 - pvp 2-pve.
  3. Solution was found 1 person can play 1 charracter and server cap was 3,5-6k ppl.
  4. My wow vanilla cd are ready for install.
  5. Im playing wod and there are nothink to do, making profesions cap, weekly Onyxia thats it, Blizz dont care about wod ppl....
  6. At this point i will be suprised when Crestfall opens. No info.
  7. Last exp on private servers was Nostalrius you know what huppen.
  8. Mother Russia, i think its one place to host server no US laws here.
  9. Why Blizzard refuses to make ofical vanilla server?
  10. Vodka, balalaika, Putin -) welcome, with love from motherland.
  11. Welcome, vanilla vanilla. I hope soon we have fun on Crestfall.
  12. Neverending run after blizzards carrot -)
  13. Can we play duo box , or alt tab with two characters? I dont want to recive ban hummer at lvl 58. Thanks.