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  1. World pvp is where game starts.
  2. Stay at 4-5k people and we will be ok , but not 10 k its overpopulated and lag the server.
  3. People playing wow on blizzard servers are not better or worst then others who plays on private servers. All about comunity: Friends, parties and guilds who make server live and grow like Nostalrius.
  4. Chicken bulion and fresh air, it sad my grandma and sleep 8ours per night, gj with updtate.
  5. Suprise. Suprise? Suprise! Im impation person when comes to waitting. How abaut you?
  6. Same to you, huppy easters!
  7. For Horde ill wait blood elf in BC.
  8. Where is freedom? where its gone?
  9. Thanks for work you and your team put in this project.
  10. December or sooner in june?
  11. When its starts?
  12. Hellfire citadel stand strong in center of Hellfire Peninsula, i remeber first days adter i reach lvl 58 and rush to new dungeons of Hellfire citadel. Hot south wind breeze and i can see Zangamarsh in horizont -)
  13. Whaaa im ready for pvp realm ! Luktaro gar! Let it be times to remeber zag zag -)
  14. I think Crestfall team put lot of work to make Vanilla great again. Make your project live and dont waste energy on other server drama. Make a brand like Nostalrius did, they started leagcy and i wish Crestfall will finish it! Good luck!