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  1. Spriests indeed wreck face. This occurs when you run right into one and have no back up and limited escape options. Their advantages diminish rapidly though. Spriests have no speed boosts and if their main cc is countered they have limited means of escaping combat or managing multiple opponents. If outnumbered their survival potential collapses rapidly. They have funky tools and gimmicks but few help in open world when compared to a hunter. Hunters may hit a brick wall against certain classes more so than a Spriest in straight up combat but they have multiple tools to kite and escape or prolong the fight until it tips toward their favor. When it comes to mastering open world combat, exploration and survival (perhaps odd seeing how they can't self-heal but it's the reality) few other classes share so many benefits (ferals likely closest). All of these hunter perks also can vanish instantly if played by someone not experience with hunter tactics. Comparing the 2 classes is really one of the most extreme comparisons one can make in Wow. This is not just a comparison of play style which is indeed widely different but also in function and purpose.
  2. This is also strictly on Horde side as alliance do not have shamans who are a decent counter to warlocks. Warlock life on alliance side is a rough way of life. More power to them I suppose. It is balanced perhaps by easier life in raiding but once every one is on par in gear this means nothing.
  3. Indeed. On a pvp server the Orc stun resists caries so much weight that you cannot compare other racials to it. Ignore that the melee buff is worthless. The increased pet damage is useful too.
  4. Shaman purge. Oddly don't see a ton of intelligent shamans out there but they do exist. This can be countered by draining their mana as best as possible but surviving the OMG elemental shaman burst is the key. Typically though it's about the shaman timing purge on SL (the pet) while another class takes out the warlock. Interesting juggle of strategy if 1v1. They can also counter warlock cc. Alliance warlock players constantly worry about forsaken fear immunity while forgetting there is another reasonable counter to warlock with the shaman, that horde warlocks do not have to face.
  5. Limited survey selection. Female orc is rather popular for many classes because they look amazing in many end game armor sets. Male orc models are hideous as well (not an opinion shared by all but certainly shared by many). Many of the male models look far better using WoD model upgrade patch but Nost anti-cheat won't allow this. That is really the only thing I miss from the WoD patches anyway so no big loss.
  6. My 2 fav hunter races are NE and Orc. Female NE is always very popular (regardless of the user's real sex) and I believe for 2 valid reasons: Many male models in game are simply horrid. Myself and many others I've talked to over the many years now have mentioned this. Secondly the male NE does not flip when jumping nearly as often as a female. There is a grace with kiting and dropping traps that only female NE possess and is highly missed when playing another race/sex.
  7. I'll be honest here. Every time I hear/read someone say this I cringe. This is either an old and tired joke or someone painfully out of touch of the reality of playing a hunter. I almost never see hunters in groups/raids rolling on "everything" and have seen far more loot issues coming from other classes played. There is no mathematical advantage with taking gear not aligned to very specific stat priorities all knowledgeable hunters are already aware of. Gear is likely more limited in effective choice than some other classes have (but really, there is no mystery in gear choice for other classes either). This joke needs to die. /end of personal opinion piece The damage issue (if even seen as an issue) is strictly a raid issue. Is scaling in later raidsmean damage is so low you can't be effective in all other areas outside of raiding? Hell no. Hunters do physical damage and can absolutely wreck cloth users unless they are specifically built tough. DPS for solo hunting is actually rather high. Outside of raid buffs scaling for all classes diminishes and the differences tighten. This is why you go from being mid tier (slightly higher if try harding) to still being able to lead damage in 5 mans. This is partly due to the amazing up time of hunter dps. It is a skill class however and rarely do you get to stand still and instant nuke people like some class builds can. The bottom line is a hunter has several mechanics unique to themselves. They offer a different play style not shared by any other class. They are the most twitchy class to play in Wow (rogues close second) due to having to balance these unique mechanics and limitations. Truth is I miss playing a hunter each and every time I play another class. Of course the reverse is true to an extent as well as all vanilla Wow classes are iconic in their own way. I mean, I miss being able to global someone as an Elemental shaman, miss being able to fear people and blow them up as a warlock or the versatility of a druid but hunter simply has a purity to it not shared by many other classes once they are figured out. I believe the biggest strength of a hunter is that it's a hunter, and there is no other class that emulates this play style. You choose to be different and to take on a challenging skill curve to master while accepting all other limitations.