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  1. Oh damn, that reminded me how long it took to find a tank back on Nostalrius (even with that high pop)... screw that, I'm 100% rolling warrior. I hope I don't suck...
  2. I dont even follow the lore nowadays. Did Kil'jaeden die for real or they will just bring him back like they did with Archimonde? Did Archimonde die for real in Hellfire Citadel or just "came back to the nether" or something like on Hyjal? This alternate universe bullcrap messes everything up.. Oh and if Illidan was able to teleport a WHOLE PLANET FULL OF DEMONS next to Azeroth with some crystal, couldn't the Legion just use it to teleport Argus or any demon-infested planet next to Azeroth and take it over REALLY EASILY ages ago since that crystal belonged to them until Illidan stole it? Also why the hell Khadgar looks like he's in his late 40's to early 50's when he was an old bearded man in TBC and described as such in the books? Also congrats to Blizzard because Suramar is the only city in the game that actually looks like a real city that people can live in. Only took them 12 years and 6 expansions... Enough of my rant.... I'm just gonna go play some Warcraft 3
  3. Dayum it went by fast. Let's hope that on 17th April 2018 we'll be able to meet in-game for this occassion 😆
  4. Yeah i did that's where I got the "gazillion" from lol They basically put a cross over Warcraft 4 when releasing WoW, and then Starcraft 2. Why have 2 series of games in the RTS genre, when there's an opportunity for a much more profitalbe MMORPG? RTS games are also much better at storytelling than MMORPG - where everyone you meet and their mom kicked Illidan's ass, spat on Arthas' corpse and basically visited every corner of the world to fight evil. All villains from the past have been killed off so they're making up shit lore (panda) going to alternate universe (wod) or ressurecting everyone from the past (legion). Oh, so creative, I wonder what's next? Everyone gets an Ashbringer? wait.... With Starcraft 2 being a massive failure, and an incredibly low amount of people wanting to pick up a game like Wc3 it's extremely unlikely that we'll get a Wc4. Blizzard is already making a fortune from Hearthstone packs, Hots skins etc. And WoW is not getting abandoned anytime soon - I think we'd sooner get official legacy servers. The lore behind Illidan makes sense to a certain point - he was plotting to defeat the Burning Legion since end of TFT, by all means necessary, and that meant using their demonic powers against them. So while he and his DH buddies were fighting the demons on all fronts, the Legion lured us into Outland by opening the Dark Portal, and when we saw what's happening there it made us think that Illidan is the real threat. (I've always wondered why the hell do we fight Illidan in TBC, so that's fine). But that's just one thing, and they made him an angel of light later in some comics, so.......... But as long as it makes the majority happy, there's nothing we can do.
  5. This is the first time I see the opposite of derailing happening to a thread. Horde lost Dranosh Saurfang, who would have been a much better warchief if only he lived. He was taught the most important values by his father, who is one of the most badass orcs in Warcraft, just like his brother Broxigar. I wish they killed off Garrosh at the Wrathgate instead, he would die a hero and wouldn't get the chance to make a mockery of Grom's legacy. Didn't Garrosh even warn Thrall that he doesn't feel ready? Like, why the hell do they cheer at Grom, the guy whose minions burned their villages and killed their whole families? Made 0 sense to me. They also said that there are infinite alternate universes, but only 1 Kil'Jaeden and 1 Archimonde but... why? And if there are infinite universes why doesn't the legion just pour COUNTLESS demons onto our world? and if there are infinte universes why is OUR universe the main target, even if Azeroth exists in a gazillion different universes what do they accomplish by invading 1 of them? Also, the rules of Mak'gora are as follows: No body armor, 1 weapon allowed, have at least ONE witness per participant, and NO MAGIC (just melee combat), so Thrall cheated by using his shaman powers to kill Garrosh. Which should make him get banished from the Horde. ugh... I just pretend nothing past WotLK ever happened and I'm happy. Oh and I hate "warchief" Sylvanas too. Just like I hate that both faction leaders died in the same battle just by pure coincidence, while nobody else important died. (Well Tirion got captured but didn't die in the battle) Gj Blizzard. I've wanted a Warcraft 4 that wouldn't include WoW lore for a while now, but now I'm afraid they would screw it up and my dream would get ruined. It's getting more ridiculous with every expansion. Dreadlords of Light... I beg your pardon?
  6. It's going to be ok. Like OP said, PvE server will manage easily, and even the PvP server is gonna have a 6k cap, so now I'm happy that there is a lesser risk of a long queue. I was worried about that before. Also a lot of people will leave nost/ely because of China. I think there will be a huge exodus if admins won't give shit about problems the Chinese will be causing on their server, like it was before. Because when one person of another nationality is causing problems and you point it out, it makes you a racist ya know?
  7. Not saying that I'm gonna abandon Crestfall. I will play on it when the time comes, but Nost re-releasing is the best possible way of killing time that could happen to me Honestly I thought the first announcement was a total joke, they just said that they will give their code to a random crap server while they were previously going to release it right away after the shut down. I think everybody expected something better after weeks of hyping. And in the end they got it. People's opinions change, you don't have to "get it". Something got taken from me without my approval, now I have it back. I think I have the right to be excited, like everybody else does.
  8. Wow I did not expect that last part. I went from not giving a damn to hypemode in a milisecond after hearing about the character database transfer. Haters gonna hate. See you on Nost 2.0, time to set my good ol' shaman in motion. Crestfall... we'll cross paths again one day
  9. Wow, releasing the code to one of the shittiest servers on the private server scene. They sure showed Blizzard who's the boss.
  10. Is it viable? Can you succesfully tank in raids and be at least somewhat useful in PvP without switching specializations? Can you recommend any specific talent build that would meet those expectations? I'm no theorycrafter. Never reached endgame in any expansion except WotLK (even then as ret pala >.>). I address this question mainly to vanilla veterans, but everyone feel free to join the discussion
  11. I'll just leave that here.
  12. Vanilla best: I adore Tanaris night music. Amazing atmosphere, you're playing alone at night in a dark room, and going through this massive desert/running Zul'Farrak while hearing this music. I like the music in Arcanist Doan's room too, which plays in parts of SFK too. Thunder Bluff also is very nostalgic. Vanilla worst: If we take nostalgia away, it's Darkshore. But since it's there I cant pick any. TBC best: Definitely Ghostlands. I've spent days in this zone as my first character, blood elf paladin (yeah... i know, but i regret nothing). No discussion about this one. TBC worst: Bloodmyst Isle. It sounds like a twisted version of Azuremyst isle, so I guess it fits the zone, but I just don't like it. WotLK best: Definitely Howling Fjord. I've reduced my questing pace to a minimum just so that I could stay in this zone for as long as possible. Just to see the beautiful landscape and hear the music. Acherus comes close as well, with its darker version of "Invincible" Best dungeon music was the Culling of Stratholme, hands down. WotLK worst: Now here we have a dilemma. I loved the music even in those dungeons that I hated (like halls of stone) as well as zones that I didn't like as much as the others (Zul'Drak). WotLK has just the most perfect soundtracks out of any game I've played. I just don't know.
  13. Played on Nost for 3 months, and did not manage to even hit lvl 50. I think that's the definition of taking one's time. Even if I wanted to rush I have no idea how to, so take a wild guess.
  14. Orc or Tauren warrior. Still can't decide on that. Being a huge, beefy (hehehehehehe) Tauren Warrior sounds really cool although I don't like how helmets and boots look on them.