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  1. @beerforce The basic way of filtering is just having a list of words or phrases and then see if any of those are in the text, you can also use regular expressions like this https://regex101.com/r/WDOKTj/3 to scan for more complex things, but in the end you have to know or guess what you need to filter to filter it. But other than the URL to the actual selling page the message can be completely arbitrary and it can be changed at any given time, they are also not forced to use words that normal players won't ever use, so it's completely impossible to filter that if the sellers test themself whether it's blocked or not regularly. So you are basically left with the URL. The thing is they are also not forced to use words like gold in it, so it's pointless to make a list to try and block them from spamming before they are already spamming. And if you block what they are using they could just make e.g. the domain wffoffw4mmo.tk for free in a matter of minutes, and then change it up in the message a bit when you start filtering that. It's just not about time here, it's an endless chase anyways, and while goldsellers earn money and do that as a "job", the people on ely don't get money and have to invest their free time combating something that only exists because enough players use it. So if you want to make gold spamming "impossible" you'd need to build a system that can decide for itself whether it's spam or not, and that would take a lot more time and resources than the whole project. I don't even know if that's possible at all considering you really don't want false positives in a real time chat, and even systems to filter spam from giants like google are not perfect in that regard.
  2. Of course you can filter specific words, or even the order of characters appearing in text, but it has to remain specific enough to not filter normal messages, and that is where the problem starts. At first you have e.g. gold.com, so you block gold.com, but then it becomes g0ld.com, then goId.com, gold.c0m, gold.co/\/\ etc., and if there are no variations left they'll just get the domain wowcash.com and so on, it never stops. The only thing you can do is add a filter rule for messages that are used, proactively preventing them is just impossible without having false positives. As long as people buy gold it will never stop, that's just how it is. As long as they can make profit they'll find a way.
  3. @Veritch what I did is basically attacking something twice every second for 300000 seconds (83.3 hours) doing 150dmg with each hit. @Pvt_8Ball This is with WF only giving 1 strike and WF>HoJ: But remember, the chances here are so low (HoJ proccing on extra strikes also proccing WF) that 600000 strikes is not remotely enough, when I do it with 60 million strikes it still varies between 0.12% to 0.18% for WF (2 extra) and 0.14% to 0.19% for WF totem over the runs I did.
  4. To elaborate on this a bit I simulated the system Dark made with 20% for WF, 2% for IF and 1% for HoJ in a fight were 100% of the damage comes from hits that can proc those things. The all proccs part uses multiproccs at the same strike, but still no chainproccs, e.g. WF proccing WF or WF proccing HoJ proccing WF etc.! The highest proccs part only uses one when multiple procc at the same strike, WF>IF>HoJ. That's a <1% difference when using BOTH HoJ and Ironfoe, and remember, with 100% only hits that can procc extra strikes as a basis of the damage! When only using HoJ it become completely negligible: And I don't know whether using Ironfoe and HoJ and WF is a case that has a big enough importance to justify putting more work into this