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  1. In regards to the Multiboxing decision - Fan. Tastic. Hype Status: Still going strong.
  2. Most of the lore is still available on retail sources like wowpedia, even if a lot of it has been retconned or explained. If you're looking for a source of lore that only leads up to the events of 1.12 for RP purposes, then I guess it could be useful. I don't know if there's any sources out there for things like that.
  3. It seems to be a fake wikia page with how bad it is. I facepalm when I see people link to it. Most of its info is either from TBC or later and would need a lot of work to make it a useable Vanilla WoW wiki. I don't think it's really worth it to do so, as people just use one of the "wowhead"-esque sites that are around which will have mostly the same information anyway.
  4. I'm guilty of reserving names and quitting, but I agree it's unhealthy for people to be reserving dozens of names only to be sold off or never used. But deleting accounts or unused level 1 characters isn't really the answer imo. Blizzard already has a decent system for this: flag a character that hasn't logged in for 6 months as inactive, and if someone petitions the name to be freed up, the GMs check if it's inactive and then do that. The only problem with that is placing extra stress on the volunteer GMs that will undoubtedly already be tending to the huge line of petitions anyway.
  5. What class will I play? Probably Rogue. What class is my favorite to play? Warrior. Warrior is the most fun class in the game. It's also the most frustrating. It's easily the most involved class with a high skill ceiling. Macros, keybinds, plenty of theorycrafting, stance dancing, knowing how to take on classes that should always win against you. It's a class with multiple personality disorder. You have to be knowledgeable about other classes aswell as your own, remembering cast times, durations and cooldowns of slows, stuns, roots, etc. Carrying multiple weapons and trinkets around because you're always at a disadvantage without a pocket healer. You have to be calm and plan ahead, but you have to be quick to react or take initiative. However! If you're not a raging buffoon growling at your monitor (which has the phrase "What is best in life? To kill your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women" printed out and taped onto it), yelling "KILLLL!!!!! MURDER THEM!" loud enough for the neighbors to ponder calling the police, and feeling the visceral satisfaction of hitting Charge or Mortal Strike and seeing a 3k crit on that Mage who thought he had you, then you're not doing it right. Other classes might have some aspects of this. Rogues have strategy, Hunters have to be an encyclopaedia, and most other classes get high crits, but none of them carry the satisfaction and intensity that Warriors bring and have carried with them throughout most of the expansions.
  6. arthis, gooldan, ilidin, bovar, thrul, xxdethxxx plz dont use my sercet list o fnams
  7. @RawneThat actually happens quite often, especially on private servers. It's hilarious every time.
  8. I have a couple stories. On retail back in Wrath, I was playing on my Mage and did a battleground - Strand of the Ancients I think. I used Ice Block just as the game ended when everyone gets frozen, I teleported out and I was still in it. This is usually normal but after the duration ended, it was still there. I still couldn't remove it, even after re-logging. I was immune to damage, but could move around and cast things as normal. The duration never ended on it until the server reset a few hours later. Suffice it to say, I had a lot of fun on my Mage that day. There was a time I was stalked for a while aswell, back in Cataclysm. I had joined a new guild and our guild leader and raid leader were a couple that lived an hour from my house. I never told them where I lived, but they drove past my house a few times and wanted to have an 'open relationship'. They were furries. I wonder what they're up to these days. On Nost, I ran an AV and got sheeped mid-charge and got teleported up to the top of the 'roof' of the battleground. When I fell back down, I fell through the floor. I did a /shrug emote to the Mage as I fell back down, who I presume was laughing his ass off.
  9. Hajimemashite, sensei Welcome to Crestfall Estimated release date is When it's done™. Aside from that, we don't really know. It's in closed beta right now and people are growing anxious but it looks like we'll be waiting a little while yet.
  10. She's not actually a merchant, she's got alzheimers. She walks around "selling" bread and just taking people's stuff until she starts beating people up with the wheat-based beatstick she carries around, then the Ironforge Guards take her away for a while.
  11. I think you'd be surprised how well your story mirrors that of other people here. I like hearing other peoples' experiences though, and mentioning counter-strike makes me nostalgic for the days of fun servers and clans and such. I was pretty heavily into that game around the same time aswell. Modern fps games don't quite capture the intimacy and community that the original CS did.
  12. o/ Welcome to the club! Good to see that interest in the PVE server is still growing. Disregard the drama you see on r/wowservers. Infact disregard that place altogether and just enjoy the part of the community that doesn't spend all day arguing over how others play the game. Your sanity will thank you.
  13. To put it simply: Do you know the most interesting man in the world ? I'm the opposite of that. I'm like Steve Buscemi except without the good looks. I live in the suburbs outside of some suburbs outside of a city nobody wants to live in. All of my neighbors are 3x my age but I'm the crotchety geezer who stays home all day complaining about all the noise. For Halloween they went trick-or-treating without me and then left empty wrappers on my doorstep. I knew it was them because I could hear the wheezing and the subtle tip-taps of their walkers as they sped off. My dogs get more mail than I do. Sometimes for fun I pretend my name is Skippy so I can feel loved. I'm too poor to develop a drinking problem. One time I was mugged by a guy from behind. When I turned around, he apologized and said he was going to turn himself around now that he's seen someone at rock bottom. I went to church once and the pastor said "I'm sorry there's nothing I can do for you." I'm tall, pale and skinny. So naturally I can't go outside without burning or being mistaken for an alien. I'm so pale my skin has developed a reflective sheen like those rare cave-dwelling creatures. I know this because everywhere I go, cars seem to swerve away and people cover their eyes. The only things that make me interesting are an incurable disease and my ability to click my teeth like a drum set. Edit: You guys probably think I'm joking. Ha... Ha....
  14. On a related note: It's also caused me to sit at the log-in screen for longer than I care to admit. I've had most of my characters' names since my early days of WoW, and some I carried over from other games / Tabletop. Sometimes I think I could sit back and play a new character with a new name and face, but it just doesn't feel right unless it's just as it was back in the day because I'm a horrid nostalgic. Playing a Warrior? Must be the same warrior with the same name as I had before. Name is taken? Guess I'm not playing a Warrior. I stopped trying to pick "cool" names (like a cool word or a character from a show/book) because they're always taken in the first 5 minutes of a server launching by people with 20 accounts grabbing them all and never playing on them. And playing a character with a name like "Puhzzayslayerr" just doesn't appeal to me, so I opt for more RP-ish names.
  15. I feel like this should surprise me but... it really doesn't. This sounds like Blizzard putting the fire to Nost though, revenge for releasing their code. So either they're doing this to remove opposition to any Blizzard Legacy servers (if I were to stay optimistic, since they've yet to give any announcement about Legacy since they said they would "sometime after Blizzcon") or they're doing this because Blizzard is cracking down on private servers even harder. I can't really see any other reasons for why Nost would announce this, and why Elysium would cave so quickly.
  16. Jesus, that 6 minute mark. Like something out of Game of Thrones. Yeah that sums up my reaction too.
  17. I was with you until you tried to compare the Orc internment camps with the Human genocide. I'll allow Kael'thas' decision to let the Naga help, mostly because it's been a while since I've played WC3 so I'm not as familiar with the situation specifics like you are. Like I said, he wasn't the best commander but thinking "Garithos was mean, so it's ok that Sylvanas betrayed him" is ridiculous and doesn't really disprove my argument that "The Horde will reduce themselves to evil if it benefits them". You're letting your opinions influence your perception of what's really happening a little bit too much here. Which segues into the next part nicely: Just because you don't find the Human backstory interesting doesn't mean they don't have one. The only part of it you find interesting is the Defias storyline which wasn't even because of the Humans. Onyxia was behind everything as a way to destabilize Stormwind, so she could stay in power while the nobles worked themselves in a frenzy over their missing king. I think we can both agree that the problem with Alliance story development is that most interesting characters end up turning evil because they were mind controlled, not acting of their own volition, which undermines the entire purpose of the story. Other than the Night Elves (aka the Lore hogs) and the recent political turmoil with the Dwarves there's not a whole lot of progression, but the Alliance still has a rich history and aside from very few exceptions, can proclaim that they are still on the right side of the war between Alliance and Horde. My logic for this: Disregarding all past grievances, if Thrall were to stop his incursions into Night Elf territory and rein in Sylvanas from trying to wipe out the Humans, the war would end overnight. Anyway we're delving too much into opinions over facts now, trying to disregard some facts or pieces of the story to suit our own narratives, etc. so I think I'll bow out for now.
  18. Well it's only because we have so many weirdo 'arr pee urrz' on this forum. Without us keeping it civil, we'd all descend into anarchy and posting dickbutts... probably.
  19. I think it's hinted at in a couple quests, but the Forsaken are definitely working on the New Plague well into Vanilla with the intent to use it as a way to wipe out life and potentially resurrect them as Forsaken (which they're not able to do until Wrath/Cata). http://db.vanillagaming.org/?quest=496 - "The sooner we can plague the humans here, the better." You bring up a couple good points about Jaina and Garithos, but objectivity is a luxury we're not often afforded in a time of war. You're looking at these events as an observer and judging the characters as if they had the same information as you. You know the Thrall is different from the other Orcs (somewhat), but Daelin Proudmoore and his loyalists didn't. After 2 wars of fending off extinction against a deceptive foe under demonic influence, I wouldn't trust an Orc either. It doesn't make Jaina any less of a traitor to Daelin's followers either, who think any promise of peace is a lie from a usurping Orc sympathizer and they wanted to avoid another Alterac. Besides, peace only came because there wasn't anyone else left to stand up against Thrall except a few rogue commanders from the remnants of Kul Tiras. Also, *ahem* Garithos did nothing wrong. Ok he did do a couple things wrong. His racism and/or elitism clouded his judgement as a military leader. A good commander would use every available resource to its full capability and he didn't do that. Unfortunately, two wrongs don't make a right and Garithos' judgement about the Elves was proven correct when Kael'thas sided with the Naga to spite Garithos and Sylvanas later backstabbed him (literally!) after re-taking Capital City from the Scourge. So... Well, you have Metzen to thank for much of that. Warcraft 3 was largely a redemption story for the Horde that set the scene for retconning any evil deeds as 'justified' or necessary for their own survival, and the Alliance / Humans were given a fall from grace story. Blizzard loves making them the villains even if it's usually "Old Gods / Demons / Dragons did it", but the Alliance seems bland because they're a reactionary story device. Nothing really happens because of the Alliance whereas the Horde is proactive in their own story. IMO even though most of the 'bad' Orcs stayed in the Old Horde, that doesn't make Thrall's Horde "good". They were simply less interested in being slaves while they did their conquering - if not against Humans, then against other races (Furbolg, Dryad, Quilboar, etc). Thrall tries to be honorable but like I said in my previous response: they might put up a fuss getting in bed with evil but if the ends justify the means, they'll still do it. Also the Humans have a very interesting backstory. It's a shame it was all thrown out the window, as the inter-kingdom politics could have been interesting. If you want a real underdog story though, humans have easily fallen the furthest out of any race. Every kingdom has been destroyed atleast once in the 20-30 years between WC1 and WoW and of the 7 - only 2 remain standing. Besides the Gnomes nearly nuking themselves out of existence and Arthas (under the control of a demonic Orc spirit) decimating Silvermoon, the Humans are constantly under threat of extinction. They also have a lot of backstory regarding the history of their kingdoms, The Church of Light, Paladins, Mages, the Troll Wars, their relationship with the Elves, SI:7 / Ravenholdt, Defias, etc.
  20. Honestly I disagree. Garrosh was a better leader than Varian. Sure, he was literally Hitler, but he also brought the Horde into their Industrial Revolution and brought their tech on par with the Alliance, and I'm sure all of those Goblins he let run the Orgrimmar banks had a positive effect to allow his sudden expansion in the war effort. He wanted to win, and I don't think there was anything wrong with thinking Orcs were superior to the other Horde races. Afterall, without the Orcs, there wouldn't be a Horde and he wanted to make the other Horde races thankful for them. His only problem was that he wanted to win too badly, and he alienated the other Horde races enough for them to turn to the Alliance for a coup. Varian on the other hand... I can't really name a single real accomplishment from him other than "he fights good." Really? I've seen it hundreds of times over the years, especially during Wrath and Cata from people who still insisted the Horde were the victims and the Alliance were the evil oppressors. It happened a lot back when "Horde Favoritism" was becoming a meme.
  21. Something something manufactured war. I agree the writing has been terrible and there's a lot that I don't like about it, but I won't just pretend it doesn't exist because it's not how I think the story should go. Until Blizz retcons it, it must be considered canon. But we can disregard post-Wrath and talk about the earlier backstory. Let's look at the Forsaken and their relationship with the Horde. Now, I know they're most likely only part of the Horde for the same reason Night Elves are in the Alliance - game balance. In the RTS games they didn't have much interest in their current factions, but let's not deal in hypothetical situations. Sylvanas will utilize anything / anyone to serve her purposes - which is true, because she's insane. But then so is Thrall because he's had plenty of time to see that she's not interested in playing by the rules. Despite atrocity after atrocity, Thrall seems ok with keeping them around for some reason. Even in Vanilla (during a tenuous peace time), she plots to capture Gilneas, Dalaran, Hillsbrad, Arathi and the Plaguelands from the currently-living humans who own them. Not only that, she wipes out the population of some of those towns while testing out a new plague to use against Arthas. Human genocide? Yes but you can't just ignore parts of the Horde simply because you don't like it. The Forsaken are part of the Horde, accepted by Thrall, and fight alongside one another. I don't like Elves, but they're still Alliance and more importantly: they don't go genociding when they get the itch that only murder can satisfy. Pre/Post-Cata, Thrall's Horde or Old Horde - it doesn't really matter that much. The Old Horde made a conscious decision to drink Eau d'Pitlord to wipe out the Draenei and invade another world. Under Thrall's Horde, Grom (aka Thrall's best buddy) even drank it again to kill a Night Elf demigod who was defending his forest, and they seemed pretty ok with that. Thrall also seemed pretty ok with Jaina turning traitor, and effectively ending Kul Tiras as a nation, to save himself. Seems like a recurring story among the Horde: the end justifies the means, in a world where they feel victimized when the people they tried to massacre don't like them very much. I agree. It was hilariously bad in Cataclysm. "Hush Tyrande" and Archbishop Benedictus turning into a Twilight Cultist for "MORE PAWAH". Honestly I hate comics and Warcraft is inspired heavily by them. It takes away from the world of Warcraft and puts all the emphasis on the 'super heroes' like Varian and Sylvanas. In any case, the Alliance garners much more sympathy from me because of how much they've suffered yet can still claim moral high ground. I play Horde characters when I want to be evil because I have no delusions about being a 'misunderstood underdog'. Unless it's a Tauren, then it's ok, plus femtaur is adorable.
  22. I agree but will disregard Blizzard's writing as terrible and argue it on its own merit, seeing as it is indeed Canon whether we like it or not. Yes, however - Thrall knew these things long before he made Garrosh Warchief. He appointed Garrosh specifically because he felt the Horde needed a 'War Hero' and the Hellscream name was the best pick. But the question is: Why did the Horde need a war hero? The Lich King was dead and Thrall felt comfortable enough with the political atmosphere to step down - why not appoint a peace time leader like oh... I dunno... Cairne? Instead he appoints an emotionally unstable, inexperienced, undiplomatic person as the successor of Warchief of the Horde, solely because of his lineage. This makes Thrall either: stupid, deluded and/or genius. I say genius because Thrall must have realized that without a common enemy to ally themselves against, the Horde would fall apart. So he places a hostile actor to provoke the Alliance into another manufactured war during the times of peace inbetween existential threats from a monolithic foreign invasion force. --- A few highlights from Cata until Legion on why war is endemic in the Horde mentality. Garrosh talked of honor yet ramped up destruction of sacred forests to antagonize the Night Elves, turned a blind eye to the use of plague and Val'kyr (even after Sylvanas proved herself untrustworthy and/or incapable of controlling her own people), and jumped at the first chance to use the power of an Old God simply to increase his chances to win the war against the Alliance. After that, Thrall appoints the leader of the coup to Warchief. Since Thrall is a great judge of character, I guess he didn't predict Vol'jin to turn out to be a great diplomat who helped create peace... or did he? As Vol'jin was on his death bed, who does he turn to, to lead the Horde? Baine? Saurfang? Blood Elf guy?(what's his name again?) ... Anyone? ... No, he names the overly emotional Queen of the traitorous zombies as his successor. The backstabbing walking corpse who likes to buddy up with Dreadlords and the Plague, and is an anathema to everything Lordaeron stood for, spitting in the face of every Human belief. ...Who immediately proceeds to abandon Varian in battle. Whoops! Back to war we go!
  23. I vote for Goldshire or Moon Guard.
  24. Feralas. The Murlocs are on the shores and lakes of nearly every Alliance territory or stronghold. Elwynn, Westfall, Redridge, Wetlands, Loch Modan, Hillsbrad (Southshore / Southshore mines), Dustwallow (Theramore), Darkshore and Ashenvale. Compared to Horde lands of... Tirisfal Glades, an ex-Alliance territory that was stolen by traitorous zombies. The only time they were a threat was to your Trolls... as they were fleeing into exile. In this scenario, I almost wish the Murlocs were more vicious, but then I'm afraid neither faction would be around to tell the tale. We'd all be living in the World of Mrrgrgrrl-craft.