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  1. wPVP (before flying mounts were introduced) is the one thing that makes vanilla stand out from later iterations of WoW. Just throwing that out there.
  2. thanks for these
  3. highly recommend reading roadblock's post in that thread even without the phasing thing, low draw distance was pretty painful to play with in populated zones like others said, let's not get ahead of ourselves and just assume that cap=population... if you really want something like this to happen your best bet is to start advertising as soon as the server is publically open.
  4. LoS adds a really important dynamic in PVP in general. The importance of positioning comes to mind first. For example, as a healer, it is almost impossible to stand in the open without it. Being slam dunk'd by every CC or ranged missile is only avoidable by walking out of range. This creates all sorts of problems. BGs sort of become a nukefest for DPS that play whack-a-mole (who is brave enough to step within our group's range (EDIT:... also encourages zerging)) instead of people consciously considering who to pressure and who they can't. I suppose it makes it more like actual war (a sort of push and pull, tug of war scenario) but for gameplay reasons this is pretty rough to deal with. It also provides classes without long ranged pressure some measure of protection and ability to stay relevant in a fight even after commiting (ranged anythings don't have to commit as much since they can just use the only defense in the game without LOS, walking out of range). LOS provides that counter to what this esteemed gent refers to as 'turreting' (being an immovable object that only gets in range to do DPS performing a rotation, basically doing PVE in PVP). I would think as a warrior you would be for this especially. A mage wouldn't theoretically have to 'come' to you. He would just have to encircle the pillar enough (at a distance too) until his spells said you were in range. The forced example you provide implies that the mage is most definitely trying to kill you at all costs, which if he is (it's a duel) then fair's fair. But in a scenario where there's two mages, what then? If there is no tree, your only option is to sit there and take it and try to get out of their range while being snared (impossible). That tree only gives you the very needed ability to disengage or possibly allay pressure you simply cannot avoid otherwise. EDIT: For kiting this is also pretty essential. Putting a thing between you and your opponent opens up a lot of possibilities. Anything that allows for outplay in my book is good. I'm really glad the tick system is being implemented for this reason. I still stand by what I said though. If this bugs out NPCs in PVE and it most definitely can't be helped then I'd rather not have it enabled.
  5. that is depressing. reason i asked is because i wasn't sure about the gain from booming voice, but since unbridled is god awful it's not even a choice. too bad BV doesn't increase piercing howl shout range, then it'd be GOAT. EDIT: found this OP http://imgur.com/a/aNm8V#8 dunno how optimal it is from experience but it seems sound, arms is sorta trash until you get MS as most of your damage will probably come from hot white autos (HS will be your only rage spender for a while) there are tons of things that are great pre-zerker stance that become not so great after. once you start DPSing primarily in zerker, it seems your DPS and subsequently your talent priorities will shift quite a lot. something to consider
  6. Is it seriously that awful? Also, does demo shout keep people in combat?
  7. hell, i know i would've tried to keep it.. maybe i would've gotten caught with it -eventually- but i wouldn't rush any world firsts fucking LOL
  8. Wow. My eyes lit up when I saw the word Lineage. Not the same one but it took me by surprise. Currently into? I alternate between Lineage II and WoW as my go-to timesinks. I love them both dearly. Used to play a bit of runescape for nostalgia but it's not quite the same for me.
  9. what this dude said... picking a race is not just a 'choose your skin' game's old. people now know the game inside-out. for me, flavor is the only thing left that gives character creation any... well... flavor. i'd also like to add that this wouldn't make things completely balanced in PVP as long as certain classes are locked to faction.
  10. daily reminder that DKs were implemented for all but a year. people talking about DKs... on the FORUMS? crestfall might as well roll in the lv. 255 death knights wielding ashbringers nah i think the devs can and will do their own thing. they have an existing vision and all the final say is theirs. it's pretty nice to discuss things though, innit? What exactly are DKs a consequence for? Everyone here seems to agree that rankers (people who actually suffer from these 'consequences' AKA the people who are invested in giving a shit about this topic) make up a very small portion of a server. NPCs wont be protected at all from Dickbad the Vanishing Rogue and his Crew of Merry Cunts. They who are rather a large band as apparently rankers only make up .01% of the population.
  11. yes, we died plenty but it was so worth it skull priest, im not sure what level, but my friend recognized the robe
  12. started with a meme ended in a dream
  13. If you ever played retail and thought, "Wow, I wish my bones were more broken" then vanilla's your fix. Sorta. Most people are here because retail has become a mess of casualization + a personalized experience where you don't even have to venture out and meet others, which to some defeats the purpose of an MMO. You'll feel much more at the mercy of the game and of strangers if you play the PVP realm. Retail's gameplay in comparison can be likened to a buffet where the tables only seat one. From my experience, everything in the game (and especially everything NOT in the game) makes you feel really small and insignificant. You're more like a witness, a non-factor, until you start climbing to the high double-digits. You'll have to either make friends or learn quickly to go solo. I don't need to say that it also makes the world seem 'larger' in THAT respect but I'm gonna- get ready to run on foot, BEEEEEEEEEEEEITCH Don't expect much, 'cause it is old and missing a TON of quality of life fixes (talking client, which can be supplanted with addons but still shocked me when I revisited pre-BC). That and there is a particular group of people who specialize in this iteration of WoW and have the game down to a science. Set your expectations low or don't set em, grab an equally clueless friend to level with, and enjoy.
  14. You forgot the tilde in all seriousness, i do envy people who can 'take themselves out' of the game. i like theming my character around a concept or idea, but i leave it at that