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  1. Definitely new video or website at last But I'm counting on the video, as it was couple dev posts ago when it was stated there is one being made. And I think there was some talk about it in discord as well.
  2. Just curious why isn't the test realm hosted on Unix machine? When I had my server running the very alpha realm was running on my Linux server. I did fixes and changes on local machine (Windows), pushed changes to Git repo and then synced the alpha realm on Linux. Of course this was a while ago, when Windows servers were... well, they were what they were Obviously times have changed and things can work better now. Other than that, great update as always. Staying tuned. EDIT: I obviously missed that one line there... My apologies!
  3. The client required to connect to Crestfall (and all the other vanilla realms) will be 1.12.1. Just like 2.4.3 for TBC and 3.3.5a for Wotlk. Thing is that these progressive patch changes are ran server-side. So when Crestfall starts from patch 1.1 (or whatever was the first patch), your client will still be 1.12.1. The changes are applied server-side only so you don't need to keep upgrading your client every time when new content is being released. Same would apply for other expansions as well. Hope this cleared things out.
  4. You must've missed their localization preview.
  5. Like it has been stated multiple times, gnome is the best race for warlock on alliance side. Extra intellect is awesome in addition to the mighty Escape Artist. Talking about which class causes the most trouble to warlock... ehmm that's most likely rogue. If you haven't watched Goth's PvP video on Nostalrius, you might wanna check that out. It gives you the best insight what warlock is capable to do with some engineering items. In the video Goth plays Conflagrate build, but when he duels a rogue, he uses Soul Link build instead.
  6. POTTU CONFIRMED!!!111!!1 /equip [Tinfoil Hat] jk, welcome aboard even though you have been awhile here already!
  7. As with many others I discovered Crestfall when an announcement was posted in /r/wowservers shortly after Nostalrius closure. Reading FAQ, watching development videos from YouTube, and, as long time server developer, witnessing the usage of Ascent over MaNGOS were the deal breakers for me.
  8. Oh dammit! So when I end up getting dismounted in water, I will be cursing your name... Jokes aside, great stuff as always
  9. Thanks, haha yeah I'm totally anticipating that already! Thanks and challenge's accepted.
  10. I must say my Swedish ain't that good even though I studied it for some time in primary school and thanks! Thanks and... "Choo choo! All aboard THE HYPE TRAIN! NEXT STOP.... The promised lands of Crestfall!"
  11. I have leveled so many characters to level cap during vanilla - wotlk, I practically remember every time where it's best to level up I only used addon to show where quest objectives are, I think it was called ShaguQuest or smth? No dungeons, no battlegrounds, no professions, just questing and killing everything on the way to the quest objective But even if I just AFKed for like 15mins, I logged off to not give "extra" minutes to the /played time. You can guess how shit my gear was at 60 then lol. Anyways, I think I'm going to take it easier on Crestfall, I might even level up tailoring as well! EDIT: oh yeah, forgot to mention, for the couple first 1-60 runs back in retail I used several guides (can't remember others but Joana's was one) to check which zones were the fastest on each level.
  12. Sup all, I thought I'd make one as well so here it goes! I'm 22yo university student from Northern Europe, close to the North Pole. I've played retail from retail vanilla, patch 1.6ish, and quit retail soon after Cata launch. I didn't bother to try MoP but I tried WoD and that just wasn't for me. Nowadays the game resembles me some sort of Chinese action game with all the sparkling colours. I had General rank in vanilla as warlock, 1x Gladiator rank in TBC as warlock and 2x Gladiator (Warr and Rog) + 1x rival (Priest) ranks in Wotlk. I have followed (lurked) this project since "the hype announcement" in Reddit (the one shortly after Nostalrius closure). But I just recently created account here and in Discord, and applied to the closed beta Huge respect to the devs (and volunteers ofc), the data research so far have been remarkable, I haven't yet seen server caring so much about, for example, proc rates or the loot system. So yeah, after quiting retail I have been mainly developing private servers. I got years of experience from both Ascent (although haven't touched that for 2 years now) and MaNGOS. Programming private servers in the first place drove me to the university to study even more programming and eventually to become a software developer I'm looking forward to join this community, this time though as a player (or as a tester ). Cheers! TLDR: I gank yo all alliance rats in the pvp realm!
  13. I'm more like a speed runner, I don't do professions (other than first aid) while I'm leveling. I tried to do my professions alongside leveling on Nost but I found it so boring and wasting my time. I like to get to 60 fast. But then again, it's still boring at 60 to go again to low-level zones and kinda like redo all the zones. Still I personally prefer to focus either on leveling character or professions. Just side-note; dinged 60 with 5 days 2 hours /played time in Nost 1 month after release
  14. I totally prefer standard UI as well, so gotta agree with you on that. This updates your vanilla UI to this year without all the extra sparkling stuff from other UIs (not hating them though, everybody have their own opinions!), but adds all kind of essential information Also, updated title, fixed images (for better quality) and added two new pics
  15. ALL CREDITS TO OBBLE / MODERNIST, I'M JUST SHARING HIS WORK I once stumbled across this fantastic UI created by a person called Modernist, on Nostalrius forums. Quoting his topic on Elysium forums: Some screenshots I'm just a fellow user who is sharing this man's work. Be sure to check his thread on Elysium forums, and also his GitHub page, to stay updated! EDIT: Of course, link to the old Nostalrius topic with +80 pages