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  1. Good to hear these are being handled. You'd imagine these issues are pretty straightforward but their prevalence, in my experience with private servers so far, would be to differ. Here's one more thing I forgot to mention: Mobs with some sort of melee ability intended for their primary target, like Mortal Strike, Shield Bash, Revenge etc tend to indiscriminately use it against a random target in melee range, regardless of whether they have aggro or not. I've often seen this happen when a caster walks by and recieves a mortal strike. This appears to be counterproductive for the AI. Furthermore I've seen mob interrupts go out based on a timer, instead of checking whether a player is casting first.
  2. I have a couple concerns regarding mob AI, based on what I've observed on other projects. Hopefully they will be addressed here. The aim of this thread is for these flaws to be brought to the developers' attention, in case they haven't already been. • Mobs with AoE spells tend to cast em without performing a check for enemy units within range first. You will often see mobs airballing thunderclaps of AoE fears right as they're pulled from a distance. I'm pretty sure a substantial amount of creatures inherit a class that contains this AI flaw. • Spellcaster type mobs weave auto-attacks in between their spells. This makes them deal way more damage than expected, especially when it comes to elite mobs. • There is no spell queueing system for mobs, rather, they will cast solely based on timers and triggers. The result of this is that you will often see an enemy interrupt his current cast and begin a new one, because he hit the 50% hp mark, for instance. PvE creatures should always finish the cast they've got lined up before starting a new one.