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  1. Just remove the sounds noise of pig-man dying and i will be happy.
  2. slight number decrease or increase depending which class/spec, maybe even adding custom loot with different sets of stats on em. I'm not saying it would be easy... The whole beef i have is with people that have double standards for their view of what vanilla is supposed to be and their lack of following their own logic while saying their view is proper vanilla and the rest is a fun server (used as a slur) ...
  3. Dogmatic! Apples and organes are both fruits and very much alike. True, hybrids should be weaker, but there are whole proper specs that shoudn't be complite shit.
  4. So which patch is ''proper blizzlike vanilla experiance''?
  5. lol, the fallacy. Why on earth would be retuning raid out of necessity be ok while retuning classes would be considered custom, "fun" server experience? this doesnt make any sanse....
  6. currnetly i listen to http://worldwidefm.net/ But i also listen to some other radios like http://www.radiomars.si/live/ and http://www.radiostudent.si/sites/all/libraries/rsplayer/player2.html
  7. Hillsbrad foothills, Eversong woods and STV are my favorite. Hinterlands and Tanaris are great too. I hate UnGoro crater, Swamp of sorrows, 1k needles and Desolace.
  8. Scourge invasion, opening of AQ and killing all of Alliance leadership
  9. Eventually... thats the ''problem''. w/e our feelings are about all this drama and shit in private servers community, the thing is no one will wait for 2032..........
  10. I try to do it while lvling. This way i brake up with grinding and I do it while im waiting for a group/friends....
  11. Since its all speculatiuon for now, ill give you my wish of how i would like to see offiacal legacy server... I would be ok with standalone box + 15/month. Updated graphics and shit. Keep hardcore aspects of 1.12 like Elite zones in most zones, slow xp curve and need for grouping up (especally while lvling) +other aspects of making world more alive (no battlemasters etc) There is really no need for quests with horrible drop rates! I wouldnt mind if they tune classes to be somewhat more balanced (after all we know, what each patch did and how it reflected ingame) Revised aka buffed crafting (i despise the fact that there are so little usefull craftable items per proffesion) Updated buffs/debuffs slots and timers Encourage world pvp And ofc they can add with later patches contet that was cut from original