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  1. Hi Shagu. I do not know if you even check this forum anymore but I thought it was, at least, worth a try. You may have seen that Blizzard have announced official 'Warcraft Classic' at Blizzcon overnight..! What I would like to know is, in your expert opinion, do you think that your pfUI is going to work with the official version of the Warcraft Classic server(s)? If so, do you also think that other addons developed for the Vanilla Core version of WoW will also work with the official version of the Warcraft Classic server(s)? I hope you are going well bud and I look forward to your reply. Cheers! Syn
  2. Hey Renew! Back in January, I had both pfUI and DebuffTimers installed and working flawlessly with each other. I deleted all Vanilla WoW content off my computer but have recently returned and have endeavoured to set myself up exactly how I was previously, UI-wise. After setting pfUI up and trying to get DebuffTimers working, I am receiving the following two error messages with DebuffTimers activated. ERROR: Interface\Addons\pfUI\modules\cooldown.lua:70: attempt to index local 'this' (a nil value) ERROR: Interface\Addons\DebuffTimers.lua:674: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) It's really, really weird in the sense that, the first time using DebuffTimers, I am receiving those errors messages and there are 2 sets of countdowns in each debuff on the target unitframe. So I did what another forum contributor suggested which was remove the font size in the DebuffTimers menu, making it 0. This removed one of the two countdowns in each debuff - making it display correctly. However, when closing WoW and reopening it, the countdowns within each debuff are gone again and I am getting the above mentioned error messages. I am sincerely hoping that this information makes sense to you and you or someone else could shed some light on what might be causing this issue. EDIT: If it helps, I am playing as a Hunter. Thanks!
  3. Hi, Shagu! Is there a setting in pfUI that displays a countdown timer for buffs on Unit Frames? I use DebuffTimers for the countdown timer for Debuffs but Buffs also do not display a countdown timer. Any insight would be hugely appreciated! Cheers, bud!
  4. Hey Shagu! I have reinstalled WoW and all my previous addons to recommence playing on Elysium. Everything appears to be set up and working correctly. I am still loving pfUI. One thing I did want to check with you, though. When I previously had pfUI installed along with DebuffTimers, the countdown was correctly being displayed on enemy unit frames. After installing the game and all my addons again, the countdown timer is no longer being displayed within the debuffs on my target unit frame. Debuffs like Serpent Sting and Hunter's Mark. I have trawled through the pfUI settings as I very vaguely remembered that there was a setting in pfUI that needed to be switched off in order to actually prompt DebuffTimers to work correctly but, for the life of me, I can not find it this time around. I am really hoping you can shed some light on how to get the DebuffTimers addon working correctly with this version of pfUI. Thanks so much, mate! Hope you are well EDIT: So after some more testing I have managed to get Debuff Timers to work. However, now there are 2 countdowns ticking down for each debuff. So I thought. Well, if there are 2 countdowns with Debuff Timers addon activated, there should only be 1 countdown when Debuff Timers is de-activated. Nope, no countdown at all with Debuff Timers de-activated. I hope this helps to narrow the potential issue down, Shagu!
  5. Hey Shagu, I just had a few pieces of feedback I was hoping to get your insight and consideration on. - When using the auto-sort feature in the players bags, there are often times when, during the sorting process, some items become greyed out and no longer interactive. This happens, I would say, 80% of the time when using the auto-sort feature and requires a log-out, log-in to revert the items in question back to movable / interactive. - As a Hunter, after using my Hearthstone, my Pets name is stated as Unknown. The pet is otherwise completely normal; can be interacted with and details can be viewed normally. It's name is simply Unknown. This requires a log-out, log-in to revert the name back to normal. - As a really nice quality-of-life improvement, would it be possible to make it so that the debuffs that the player casts on the target enemy feature first in line when it comes to the visual representation of debuffs displayed above the target's unit frame. This would make it a lot easier to track when debuffs need to be reapplied. For instance, a Hunters Serpent Sting debuff. - Leading on from the request above, would it be at all possible to have debuffs on the target unit frame show a countdown, like is displayed for buffs above the player unit frame. I hope the above makes sense to you, Shagu. I would love to see the last 2 requests included as that would be a huge quality-of-life improvement in my opinion. Keep up the great work, champ! Syn
  6. Well... I went for a cigarette and had an epiphany. Deleting all the files from both the Saved Variables folder from the following locations -- World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\<ACCOUNT NAME>\Nostalrius PVP\<Character Name> World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\<ACCOUNT NAME> Booted up pfUI v1.1.1 and all addons mentioned in my above post along with the chat pane are working correctly. That being said, I will need to configure my UI again. Does anyone know of a cleaner way to do this so that all addons and my chat pane function correctly without me having to set up my UI afresh every time? Are there specific filed from the 2 Saved Variables folders I should be deleting? Thanks! EDIT: It appears that the only files that need to be deleted from both Saved Variables folders are the pfUI related ones... My UI is exactly how I had it pre v1.0 and I just need to make some small adjustments to chat pane height now. It's been a journey. Thank you for being there for me
  7. Well, I have downloaded v1.1.1. I can report back that it has fixed every font related issue other than the digital clock at the base of the minimap that is provided by the TimeManager addon. However, there are new issues. First and foremost, my left chat pane, the pane that I had dedicated to all means of communication, as I cover the right chat pane completely with 2 DPSMate windows, does not appear to be displaying any form of communication. Whether it be saying something, whispering, combat dialogue, system messages, add-on alerts. Absolutely nothing. I have included a screenshot below, along with it's weblink to illustrate this. You can see that I have all main communication channels selected. http://s1113.photobucket.com/user/synesthesic/media/Left Chat Pane Not Working.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0 Additionally, the text displayed in the left hand chat pane in the above image is upon immediately logging in. You can see by the below screenshot that it is different to the text that I was being met with when I logged in with the pre v1.0 release of pfUI. In the previous version, the text makes mention to all of my add-ons being successfully loaded and what-not. I have rolled back to the pre v1.0 release of pfUI and can confirm that the text that follows the white text from the above screenshot is all of my add-ons acknowledging that they are loaded and functioning correctly. http://s1113.photobucket.com/user/synesthesic/media/WoW UI 29.12.16.jpg.html?sort=3&o=2 http://s1113.photobucket.com/user/synesthesic/media/Addon Acknowledgment.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0 Which leads me on to my next issue. A number of other add-ons have now disappeared with v1.0 and v1.1.1 and I can not get them to display on the UI again - even with their control panel. These add-ons are as follows. My Vanilla Guide v1.04.2 window has disappeared. Pressing the key-binding to display and hide the window does not have any effect. The add-on does not display. You can see by the below screenshot that it was functioning correctly in the pre v1.0 release of pfUI. (Please disregard the other 3 arrows. I used a previous screenshot to simply display that Vanilla Guide was working in pre v1.0). http://s1113.photobucket.com/user/synesthesic/media/WoW UI 29.12.16.jpg.html?sort=3&o=2 My BananaBars Raid Icon add-on is also no longer displaying. Even when prompted to do so by its control panel. Pre v1.0 release http://s1113.photobucket.com/user/synesthesic/media/BananaBars.jpg.html?filters[user]=116168195&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0 Post v1.0 release http://s1113.photobucket.com/user/synesthesic/media/No Banana Bars_1.jpg.html [/URL] Finally, the chat input function is acting rather strange, as well. It's not actually letting me press [ENTER] to input any text when it starts with a / Some commands work, like /bb to bring up the BananaBars Raid Icon Control Panel. However, most others do not, such as /klh gui hide to hide the KTM Threat Meter. I apologise for the bombardment that this post has become. I just thought you might like some feedback on what one of your UI user's is experiencing since v1.0's release. I have tried all means to solving these problems myself. I now look to you for help I seriously hope I have provided enough information for you, Shagu. Thank you so much for your help thus far. I eagerly look forward to reading more of your brilliance! Syn
  8. The below image was my UI prior to the latest release. The weblink is included as the below image may be too small to discern the difference. http://s1113.photobucket.com/user/synesthesic/media/WoW UI 29.12.16.jpg.html The below image is my UI with the current release of pfUI. You can see the three areas where the fonts have been changed. Reverted back to the default WoW UI font, I believe. http://s1113.photobucket.com/user/synesthesic/media/WoW UI 01.01.17.jpg.html Upon further inspection, the font when mousing over items in my bags has also changed to the same WoW UI font displayed in the second image (directly above). The below is a list of my current addons and changes. LazyPig v4.55 Atlas AtlasLoot Enhanced BananaBar Raid Symbols Big Wigs - Common Auras Big Wigs Healbot Assist Big Wigs Razuvious Assistant Big Wigs Thaddius Arrows Big Wigs CallToArms Cartographer Decursive DPSMate EquipCompare Improved Error Frame Improved Ignore KLHThreatMeter LevelRange MobInfo-2 MobInfo-2 Browser oCB3 OmniCC Sell Value SuperInspect SuperInspect_UI Telo's LootLink - Enhanced pfUI ShaguPlates Questie v3.1 Healcomm Clean Up Classic Snowfall Time Manager Made graphical changes as per http://forum.nostalrius.org/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=1100 Nice Damage - Moved the Nice Damage addon to the addons folder as usual. Copied the custom font .tff file into pfUI/fonts folder. Edited the following line in pfUI/modules/gui.lua -- local values = { "arial", "homespun", "diediedie" } so that it now reads local values = { "arial", "homespun", "font" } I believe the digital clock in question at the base of my minimap is provided via the addon, TimeManager. Additionally, I believe the tooltip in question is influenced by MobInfo-2 & MobInfo-2 Browser. Perhaps incompatibilities between these mods and your latest release? Would be weird as your previous release did not have a problem with them. The above having been said, I can not think as to what would have totally changed my left chat panes font as that chat pane is part of pfUI..? I am using the Nice Damage Font # 1 for my Combat Font. I did not think that this would have any impact on my Default or Square Fonts. I sure hope that I have been able to provide enough information for you to be able to determine what might be affecting these areas, Shagu and that this information and your response will help other community members that may be affected by the same issue. I eagerly look forward to your reply Thanks for all your hard work!
  9. Loving the border around the player frame when in combat. Definitely something that was missing from the previous version. I believe some of the UI fonts in the new release have not remained in Arial? They look to have gone back to the default WoW fonts. Additionally, the chat panes look to have been lengthened by default. My DPSMate windows will now have to be lengthened accordingly, as well. Not a big deal, will take a few minutes to amend (hopefully :P). Just wanted to point out the two things that were immediately apparent to me with this new release. Definitely continuing to be amazing, Shagu! Keep up the good, hard work, mate. A lot of us hugely appreciate it
  10. nfortunately, I do not have a program that indicates which line I am on so I can not locate the particular line to edit, Shagu. Would it be possible, you show me where to make an entry and what to type in in order to enable Nice Damage font? I completely understand if you do not have the time. It is a minor request Thanks for all your hard work, mate!
  11. Any chance you could include Nice Damage damage font as an available font choice, Shagu? http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info9732-NiceDamagefont.html
  12. Where is Shagu's main post? Does he edit the first post of this thread each time he has an announcement? I am just wanting to make sure I remain as informed as possible regarding this incredible UI.
  13. So it's literally just a paste in to Addon's folder and accept all overwrite requests? This will update pfUI but keep all of my settings the way I had them prior to udpate?
  14. Shagu, where are you posting updated versions of this UI? When updating from one version to a newer version, can I please ask how this is done? If I have my Interface and WTF folders saved prior to updating versions, copying and pasting the Interface and WTF folders back to their respective locations will ensure that I do not need to set my UI up again and the update has been successfully applied? Your brilliance on this matter would be hugely appreciated bud! Thanks! Syn
  15. Hi Shagu and community! I have been using pfUI for a couple of weeks now and I must say, as a lot of people before me have, I absolutely love it! I would like to thank you, Shagu, for allowing the public to use this incredible, and dare I say it, best around, UI. I have come across one thing that I am hoping this great community can help me with. When I click on an NPC that has multiple dialogue choices, for example, an Innkeeper (Shop, Make Inn my Home), for some reason, the menu navigates to the initial dialogue screen where I can choose which dialogue option I want, but only remains on that window for a split second and then progresses straight to the Shop window. I can confirm that this has happened to me with every NPC that has multiple dialogue options and a Shop - the navigation bypasses everything and goes right to the Shop window. I have had a detailed look through all of pfUI's options and there is nothing that I can see that relates to this strange interaction. Obviously, you guys can understand that this totally prevents me from selecting any of the other options found on the initial dialogue window. I am hoping that someone else has experienced this and that there is a solution that I could be provided. Again, Shagu, thank you so much for this incredible UI! EDIT: [FIXED] Had nothing to do with pfUI. Was LazyPig Gossip Auto Processing! Syn