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  1. You know what? No. Just no. Screw Blizzard. I've long since lost the last shreds of respect towards them, and this doesn't help much. After years of denying us the thing that we want and convincing us that we don't really want it, they are finally backpedalling. Some might say, better late then never, but no, it's too late. I'm not going in spitting distance to the official servers on principle. So thanks a bloody lot for regurgitating a thirteen year old game for us and asking for... How much? Regular amount, I assume? Seems like a dead cow is still worth milking, after all.
  2. What a bizarre and fascinating idea. I'd probably do that only in case of reaching absolutely everything in WoW - at that point you have to invent such challenges for yourself or stop playing altogether. But, generally, if I want to get my ass handed to me, I play roguelikes.
  3. Horde strong!
  4. Registered! Though, I've probably screwed up with the Discord ID, since I rarely use it and not familiar with it.
  5. I don't live in America (thankfully), but from here it seems like a choice between a giant douche and a turd sandwich. Also it seems that a lot of people going to vote not "for Trump", but "against Clinton" and vice versa. This election is interesting because it, as far as I can see, illustrates a certain crisis of the American electoral system (though it's so strange and convoluted to me, that I can be mistaken, of course), but I wouldn't want to be in the middle of it. But whoever will American people chose, we here will be screwed by USA/Russia proxy war anyway. Also bourgeois elections are hoax anyway, proletarian revolution when?
  6. Roguelikes and some old NES games, mostly. Finally beat Legend of Zelda some time ago. Also, Sunless Sea. Picked up Battlerite some time ago, but while it's a great game, it's giving me severe case of butthurt.
  7. You know, to be honest, even if Blizzard actually do release legacy or vanilla servers, at this point I don't care anymore. Way too disappointed in them. You know, it's funny that we (I mean people as a whole) usually think about companies and corporations, such as Blizzard, as a single entities. They're obviously not - they're just organizations, collectives of different people. Change that people - and the company brand will stay, but everything else will change accordingly. If you think about that, any kind of brand loyalty begins to seem really stupid. Eh. just some stray thoughts.
  8. Finished Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines at last. Great game, what else can I say. Hm-m, that seems to hit all the right spots for me. Have to look into it!
  9. Tried Paragon some time ago, not half bad. But right now I'm descending into madness of emulation. Super Metroid, Medievil, Metal Gear (MSX emulation is surprisingly decent), you get it.
  10. Thanks for the update, really nice. Thanks for the hard work! It's time to get on my hype train, I see.
  11. Welcome aboard, comrade. This thread is plagued by lifeists, as I can see. #UnLivesMatter
  12. This looks nice, I'll be sure to try it out. Thanks for the info!
  13. Thanks for the update, nice as always.
  14. Welcome aboard!
  15. Hello there, glad to meet you. Welcome.