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  1. I decided i'll be rolling a mage alliance side. So I'm looking for a chill guild to join once server is live
  2. Damm this sounds bloody awesome. I used to WPVP on retail quite a bit but I plan on rolling PVE. Best of luck with this!
  3. Erm The Sims
  4. Havent decided yet, either a Mage or a Hunter
  5. I'm always Alliance so, the blue team
  6. Argent Dawn EU HOOOOO!
  7. I dont think I'll have the time or dedication into leading a guild. I've led like two guilds during my time on retail (quit now) both WPVP funnily enough and it just burnt me out. I also led a guild on the private WOTLK server Arathor before it shut down but getting older and having way more things to do irl kinda makes that hard now
  8. Alright guys I'm gonna get the ball rolling in terms of getting a guild/community to play with on launch day and beyond. At the moment I'm leaning towards being in a social guild with maybe a little bit of raiding at 60. I'm new to Vanilla so would benefit being in a guild where advice is freely handed out to help the new people in the guild. I'm not sure what I'll be creating yet. I'm still deciding between a mage and pally. I'm not afraid to jump on Discord/TS to have a chat while levelling either Do any such guilds exist yet where I cn say I will join them come launch?
  9. I havent signed up for beta yet no. I've also heard there is a Discord? Am i able to get an invite to that? Nvm found it
  10. Hi, I've been lingering checkng out Crestfall for a while but only today have I created an account I seriously cannot wait for this server to launch. I'm glad it's a PVE server as I just cant stand getting ganked when trying to quest/farm. So just a quick hello from me really