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  1. Love: Night Elves Hate: all other races(especially undead) Sometimes I wish NEs would form a separate faction, killing everything from humans to orcs. Kinda like you do in WC3. As a side note, the only race I would play besides NEs would be drows(dark elves) from Dungeons & Dragons universe. But alas, that will never happen...
  2. I will see you in Teldrassil. Let's hunt some orcs sometimes.
  3. There is one cure that miraculously treats this severe condition. But beware. It is highly addictive if you can get your hands on it.
  4. Thank you, Darkrasp and let me congratulate new beta testers! Godspeed and happy breaking!
  5. Prepare to die! On a related note, welcome and enjoy!
  6. I love all Night elf zones, Ashenvale in particular is a place I like to return to just to chill or help low level chars with quests and horde scum. It really feels like home. On the other hand the ones I dislike both of the plaguelands, tirisfal, silithus and desolace. The rest is somewhere in between distributed according to Mr.Gauss.
  7. I guess :17hunter: is a dmg dealer here...
  8. Nothing in the history of private servers has filled me with more excitement than this announcement. Big thank you for continuing to work on this wonderful project despite the recent events. May Elune light your path!
  9. Of course he is! We were the last men to enter Parliament with honest intentions.
  10. If you plan rolling on Kul'Tiras, be ready to be /poke-ed in Shadowglen. Welcome and enjoy!
  11. I will play female NE which has tremendous effect on your gold income if you catch my drift. *cough* ERP *cough*
  12. Welcome and enjoy your stay!
  13. @Outstanding you bloody drama queen! First he goes, then he stays. Make up your goddamn mind! Some of us are dependent on your monthly reports. In all seriousness though, welcome back!
  14. Welcome! Same here. As a kid, I used to stay at the friend's house to play some Wow before going home. Anyway, glad to see another player join the ranks. Any ideas about the server / race / class?