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  1. For anyone who hasn't read it yet, I believe Inari was referring to this post by Darkrasp.
  2. Thank you for the elaborate clarification and putting up with my silly questions! It's much appreciated. Vanilla and TBC are actually the only two versions of WoW that I played on retail back in the day, so you would think I know all that, but I was a dumb teenager and actually a complete noob/casual back then who hardly ever did any end-game raiding or understood many intricacies of the game - like how to properly manage professions as you described. Well, I admit I knew that about soulbound items but I must have forgotten since it's been so long, so thanks for refreshing my memory on that as well. This time around, either on official classic servers or Crestfall (or both), I plan on being fully prepared on the knowledge side of things so I can play the game to its full potential. I'm planning on rolling a Priest as my main, probably with Tailoring and Enchanting. In case you happen to have some relevant experience or knowledge on that as well, would you be okay if I PM'd you with some more silly questions some time? Thanks again for your help.
  3. So then, in Vanilla, would you say it takes longer to level up an alt to level 5 to take up enchanting and disenchant some outdated epics and sell the shards than to level herbalism back up again? Or is that not why you did that?
  4. Unfortunately, it's not just a matter of (sticking to one's) ideals. It's also a matter of competition. In practice, people tend to compromise on or fully abandon their ideals when it means they otherwise have to suffer a competitive disadvantage. Moreover, like you said, not everyone shares those ideals in the first place. I believe that simply asking people to stop buying gold, or even just blacklisting VPN's (without strict follow-up enforcement), won't entirely solve the problem. Players might understand that in theory the collective outcome would be improved in the long-run if every individual were to cooperate to uphold the ideal of a pristine server economy. However, such cooperation is difficult to maintain because it's not directly in the best interest of the individual players. Similarly to the prisoner’s dilemma scenario, they are bound to realize that as long as the incentive to buy gold is present, there will always be those who choose to pursue individual logic and betray the ideal, in spite of the fact that they could have collectively gotten a better outcome if they cooperated. Consequently, many casual players might choose to buy their gold instead of farming it in order to keep up with the competition. That's a choice they make given the choice that all players have, which is roughly what the Nash equilibrium describes. This process ever works in the advantage of gold-sellers, which is why they're prevalent on any significant MMO server, especially p-servers. The resulting inflation and pay 2 win nature of the in-game economy would be a dealbreaker for me, and surely for many others that consciously chose to wait for Crestfall for the past few years instead of choosing the way of instant gratification on the relatively broken Elysium servers that (don't) deal with exactly these kind of issues. Lastly, I agree with @cybasterthat more concrete steps need to be taken to reduce the gold-selling and gold-buying incentive, such as his example of not only a blacklist, but also active enforcement by a GM team with this ideal in mind. I'm sure that if the CF team were to inform us that they intend on making this a priority in their dealings with the Elysium team (as opposed to the currently witnessed apathetic approach of Elysium's GM staff), or that they intend on dealing with this themselves in some way, it would inspire more confidence in their new partnership/CF's new ownership going forward on the part of long-time followers of the project like myself.
  5. I agree wholeheartedly with your post, though I wonder: why would forbidding new character creation for the over-represented side not be a decently good enough measure? Do you believe we could potentially make a strong case to the Crestfall team to support this kind of intervention? Or would they likely not even consider this? You seemed to move on from the idea pretty quickly. The reason I ask is because it seems perfectly reasonable to me, but I might be overlooking something as I don't have much experience thinking about these issues. Although it might not be a full solution, I believe it would definitely help restore the balance significantly. I especially don't see a problem with forbidding new character creation for one faction on an already pretty fully populated server which has been running for a long time, since I assume this kind of imbalance piles up over time and doesn't likely occur early on in a server's lifetime. If anything, I imagine it could only stimulate new character creation on the newer, less populated servers. Would love to hear your thoughts on why you dismissed this possible measure seemingly without a second thought.