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  1. That Karazhan looks amazing with a real endless tower feeling, although it does give me the impression of a much more ominous raid environment rather than the comical jewel that went live. Absolutely, I didn't intend to understate the impact of other issues in game design that became prevalent during each expansion, however, all of these issues were often fixed/touched by Blizzard in the next expansion, often ending up with an equally opposite imbalance in game design. This is only my opinion, but the increase in accessibility into raiding was a contributor to most of these issues as they now had to fill a void which had appeared with the removal of raiding content requiring so much less time-played to participate and complete. Now I understand that not all players are that interested in raiding but I'd feel safe in saying that most do. So even when in future expansions there are many more activities you can do in WoW, PvE content has always been the primary game-play receiving the most development and being an integral part of the story. I may be wrong (and more than likely am!), but the trivializing of raiding content for maximum accessibility if not a huge factor in population decrease directly is a factor that indirectly affected it by causing the other issues to become more prevalent since other activities would now have to be a larger amount of your time-played in WoW relatively outside of anything but 'raid-logging'. I also believe most of those issues are either the vocal minority which always seem to just have everything given to them without having to do anything such as dailies, or inevitable issues to come from continuing on the path that they did with the stat-squish having to happen eventually as the game added more expansions, and the stat-pruning being the only choice when you make the content so accessible that players aren't forced into learning how to play their class as to reduce frustration for some or slowly a push to put it onto console to try and contend with the player-base of ESO and FF XIV: A Realm Reborn, only time will tell.
  2. I have always been passionate about Role-Playing Games where I love to be immersed into a game and believe that is not fully possible without a fitting name which includes lore,race,class, and more. However starting off playing predominately for the PvP aspect have grown to adore noun names as picked well they are striking, funny, interactive, and often remembered fast, such as Disposition for a Gnome Mage. I also prefer to make names which will insight conversation and passion of others, so commonly pool most of my names from other sources of passion, like on Darrowshire (Elysium) I named my character after Bastila Shan and had multiple players come up to me and say "I too am a Jedi!" which I thought was awesome
  3. I would argue that it is a waste of resources even, as Sunwell Plateau and Naxxramas (40-man) are easily the most talked about raids in existence and were undoubtedly motivation/inspiration for a huge amount of players to push their limits in order to become better as a player just to see them. They were also the reason for so many people playing and playing for so long to the point where World of Warcraft was making news as an addiction, and I can only imagine that most of that was players giving their all in preparation to hopefully one day set foot inside one of these infamous raids. I mean who talks about Icecrown Citadel (asides from the Lich King), Dragon Soul, Siege of Orgrimmar, or Hellfire Citadel... Once they were finished, they were forgotten. Which to me is because none of these raids had long journeys you must go on in order to prepare yourself to enter, or even just the fact that they left no mystery for the majority of players like you said the world feels a whole lot smaller when you have seen all it has to offer.
  4. I absolutely understand the desire for extra progression out of each raid tier especially that which would involve giving purpose to the gear you had collected within that raid tier, I just would have wished they had continued with the more interactive style rather than just a menu option. As for me personally it just feels so artificial or just not as immersive. My god, I can see you have no issues with burning out, but if you look at the population numbers of all expansions which would come out with this model (Cataclysm onward since this is when it became staple) and they all have huge drops early on in the expansion and I couldn't imagine any other factor having such a huge impact upon this. It just removes or belittles aspiration for pushing further since you have technically seen all that is on offer. Funnily enough also all the expansions which had this model also had masses annoyed by a supposed drought in content especially with final patches even though you have so many more encounters with all difficulties considered. I completely agree with the changes in player-size to Mythic 20-man being a problem and all that it did was disrupt and cause unnecessary drama for guilds, and I would argue that it made any difference in raid design outside from the fact of making a setting which would be undoubtedly the most difficult. I personally would love to see a Vanilla Private Server release Karazhan as it was designed during Vanilla but ultimately scraped, although personally I think 20-man would fit a lot better as some of the rooms may feel a bit small to have 40 players, as well having a chess event which would require the whole raid to become an entire chess set for one-side. You have no idea how amazing that would be for someone who loves chess and it would feel like wizards-chess. Although you would still have four extras to deal with but they could just have to deal with waves of minions or other events going on outside of the board where the opponent is cheating, could even become part of the mechanics where you want to sacrifice pawns at certain points in order to have a group which can deal with an incoming dirty trick. As well as giving a proper benefit to those in your raid which had acquired Atiesh and the teleport to Karazhan it has.
  5. Hey everyone now I understand this is a topic which has been beat to death by now and anyone and their cat could find information and discussions about this everywhere, but I find many are poor discussions often taking things at face-value and mostly just debate over difficulty or bashing LFR/LFD. Where as I would much rather find out where peoples preferences lie in terms of all the different features and models there have been surrounding raiding and barriers to entry, as well as a discussion on when it was done best. For a start I will give a few of my own thoughts on the topic: My biggest issue with raiding in the modern model, since WotLK, is with player-size settings and more importantly multiple difficulty settings. As I am a strong believer that a raid should have a single setting, now I understand these made raiding more accessible (which I will leave as being a positive as it was for so many), but let me explain all the other impacts from this system. The first impact is the degraded feeling of simply being in the presence of later bosses in the raid, since the restrictions to this are gone entirely with easier difficulties set to a point where it is more than likely you will see every boss from day one of the raid, and in essence leaving nothing new to see in terms of raid encounters asides from tweaks for harder difficulties. I would argue this feature is one of the bigger contributors to people burning out, with raids feeling like revisits so fast with nothing purely new to encounter for a very long time and this is only amplified by the fact that you will probably, if you doing everything you can to progress your character each week, be doing these encounters multiple times each week... Some grinds are long, but this is mindless. And lastly but most importantly, in my opinion, this is actively discouraging players to improve with less incentive to continue further, especially in Legion with even less benefits from harder difficulties in comparison, which to me is terrible game design. However, one of my favourite features ever added was the other style of harder difficulty encounters which WotLK brought with Ulduar and Saltharion. This made for more interactive game-play with choices to be made for those brave enough. My favourite feature was processes required in order to attune to a raid (when done well) such as in early-TBC, as this would work as an amazing pacing strategy while also ensuring players had progression-driven purpose in logging in, especially outside of raiding times. I understand this is just time-gating players but it would often involve taking you where you would have to go anyway to gear in preparation for the raid, and honestly what is so bad about time-gating players given that it is not outrageously long. When time-spent which feels rewarding is the only thing you can hope for in a game. In Legion they brought these back but they were so trivial that I can't even remember them, except for the Karazhan one, none of which did anything in terms of pacing which I believe is the aim of them as to insure the content has longer relevance. As to where I believe raiding was at its best would have to be during The Burning Crusade without a doubt, with it at it's peak prior to the Fury of the Sunwell patch because of it feeling like one grand adventure, and as many say it's about the journey not the destination, and only cause i feel catch-up mechanics spoil that a bit. I understand these are probably very different to the rest of the community due to my gaming style aimed at role-playing games, being that I like to spend a lot of time progressively developing a character or embarking on amazing adventures, and will continue as long as I have a purpose and a sense of reward. Sadly World of Warcraft has lost that for me with its latest expansions, leading to burning out very fast. So I would love to hear all the opinions of the Crestfall community! Sincerely Revan
  6. The second wallpaper with the forest setting is amazing, absolutely love it, and am currently using it as my screensaver. However, I have one issue which is minor but triggers me slightly, there is this line where you can see the shade of red change.
  7. It seems I'm one of the odd ones out as I don't go on r/wowservers or reddit at all for that matter. I also never plated Nostalrius before it was shutdown and have only recently joined the private server community after burning out on Legion due to it having excessive mindless grinding with no deterministic amount of time, just constantly play and if you are lucky you will get upgrades (now I know this has always been the case but it was usually just the drop chance which mattered, now you have 3 rolls for it to be an upgrade after it even drops). So I started stumbling through Youtube looking for answers as to where I could find the the game I fell in love with and which stole my soul, and was quick to find news about Nostalrius everywhere but it wasn't until I found an interview with Asura on Orcbit's channel that I finally found it! The game I would pour my time and passion into, the game which would rule them all! P.S. The things which made me stay indefinitely are proxy servers (being an Oceanic player), the community as it seems by far the most mature, and the fact that I already have a family with <Abyssal>!!!
  8. It is impossible for me to say I have a favourite video game but I will instead give the most outstanding game in terms of having the largest impact on my gaming life: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox) As this was the first game which I would sink serious time into and would begin my love of RPG games.