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  1. Felmyst is dead https://www.reddit.com/r/wowservers/comments/6orq4s/gummy_served_cd_calling_it_quits/#bottom-comments
  2. Sorry if the title is confusing wasnt really sure how to phrase it. Not sure how retail was since i wasnt a ranker at the time but i was wondering if you rank up to 12 or 13 before the pvp gear update if when the pvp update happens if the gear changes or if you would need to rerank again.
  3. Yeah i like the looks of nightelfs better but im worried if i try to do serious arena in bc i will be gimping myself with no stone form. Prob gonna end up going alliance i think.
  4. Hey just wondering if you guys where gonna main a hunter from vanilla to lets say cata what race you would chose. Really curious about this for racials really wondering what race has pretty good advantages in pve and pvp throughout the expacs starting in vanilla.
  5. Was just wondering what addons you guys felt where needed to better play the warlock class in particular. Suggesting broader addons may not be a bad thing but i am mainly looking for ones that are more warlock specific for raiding and PVP
  6. Is purge supposed to be able to affect soul link or is it a private server bug?