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  1. It's unfortunate to see this happening and my heart aches to see a great community hit a wall. I appreciate that you shared a great tool because this forums is full of rich assets so that not all is lost as we transition somewhere.
  2. I'd admit that a friend of mine ran a bot net in Cataclysm which held a 40% monopoly on server's mining/herb nodes, and held 90% of the fish market. He was able to manipulate the prices to prices so low to drive out all herbalists, miners, and anglers. Once people started get used to low prices, normal people lost motivation to farm due to low profitability then dropped their professions for crafting ones. This led to him having over 80% market monopoly over mining/herb nodes. After a month passed, he started to jack all prices so high that he was able to make all money back but this unfortunately caused several guilds to collapse, and one guild transferred out. Needless to say, he never got banned and he continued this until end of Cataclysm which is a year of market manipulation. I believe he made 2.3 million gold during these years. Combating botting will be necessary to maintain a healthy market, period.
  3. Even if the nodes are randomized with dynamic spawn rates, your Chinese friends are still able to teleport to known node clusters. Sometimes underneath the ground where other normal players wouldn't even notice. This is why I like phased version since it restricts players to an allocated amount of herbs.
  4. Good to hear that VPN is blocked. What about proxies? I love PvP servers and always played on one because it's more interactive and dynamic. Only thought I had is that monopolization isn't exactly permitted in real world case so why should individuals via PvP solve this? What we need is a better design around monopolization, PvP server or not. I believe my reference to PvP server was more focused on heavily traveled routes which is more predictable and is more easily distributed. With more routes being spread out then this means you see more players around all over a zone... leading to more balanced PvP?
  5. Plainly scripted bot will look like one but once it passes the Turing Test - mimicking a player's movements (jumping, not moving sharply, etc), has the ability to jump zones, change routes, and the ability to limit the amount of farming for a limited hours. This proves much more difficult to detect. Accounts are free as well so there's no disincentive for the botters to level other toon all over again and using VPN just to self-destruct the economy? Banning is only a temporary resolution.
  6. One scenario I can think of is that suppose a bot farmed about 90% of the herbs in a given zone for a week. You ban this bot then 90% of these herbs go to waste. Other bot pops up in a week and does the same then the cycle repeats itself. What's there to prevent bots from self-destructing certain mats in order to create higher demand for a given node? Excess market manipulation is what caused my server on retail to crash and several notable guilds transferred out to find a more stable realm. I've experienced this firsthand and I know how exactly it worked because I was the one who combated it.
  7. I actually was thinking of the same thing and edited at the same time you posted this :-) there's certain circumstances that you can tune such as maximum allocated harvested nodes per hour for each player. Once you hit that criteria then the spawn rate could drastically lower or stop completely until certain time elapsed. It is a retail nonsense from Cataclysm. I believe that Nostalrius was working on a similar implementation and I think they mentioned it in their forums but I can't find it. Anyway, my original goal was to provide a natural balance that allows each player to harvest their allocated number of nodes instead of relying on "public" nodes that are heavily farmed either by botters, by gold sellers that could be using nodes as commodity instead of gold via monopolization, or by players that simply have lots of time in their hand.
  8. Seconded :-)
  9. There has been a big discussion in our community on how to tackle several issues related to all nodes being over farmed but never tackled the bigger question - "Who gets the node?". Ultimately, my frustrations is that all of the nodes are available to just anyone which means any kind of randomization or permutations is completely useless in an attempt to balance the gameplay. If you are going to compete against people who farm excessively such as bots or people who want to set up some kind of citadels to build monopoly, you will always lose. I've listed several proposals that I've seen in the past and I will explain their purposes. Proposal One - Randomization Prevents data aggregation; prevents pre-scripted routes for bots Prevents a route from being heavily traveled; excellent solution for large PvP servers by preventing camping nodes Proposal Two - Permutations Blizzard had some sort of weather permutations impacting herb spawns such as seasons, lunar cycles, and day/night cycles. This has very minor impact to game play and is not intended to balance the game. There was a discussion to add permutation for node spawns but not randomize them. This means creating clusters for node spawn points; only one herb per cluster and there can be more than one type of herb that spawns in such node. This is not Blizz-Like at all, period, and does not balance anything other than relocating herbs itself to different spawn points or making spawn points more "complex". Proposal Three - Dynamic Spawn Rate Spawn rate matches the server population which was used to balance the amount of herbs in given economy to prevent market saturation of herbs/ores. Proposal Four - Phased Nodes Phased node is visible to only one unique player; this allows individuals to have a chance to farm herbs without having their nodes stolen which prevents tension between players, and prevents monopoly on nodes. Implementation is a bit complex due to the following facts You have to recognize who has herbalism/mining in order to create a tracking list; higher CPU/RAM requirements If a player enters a given node cluster then there is a random chance that a node spawns. Only one node will spawn per cluster; you have to track this information for each player by adding cooldowns or some sort of de-spawn timer List of nodes that spawns in a cluster is easily implemented via loot table in the database, and can use a roll table which is very simple to calculate. Now, let's say that I took my time to level up my herbal skills for alchemy only to find that all routes are heavily camped either by bots or by players that have plenty time on their hand (eg. chinese farmers) or even PVPers looking to farm HKs. This discourages me from wanting to farm a certain node for my needs or to make a profit. If I were to drop herbalist and decided to keep only alchemy then I am limited to the available market share which is controlled heavily by the farmers, especially that it can create a monopoly which raises the prices even further which is anti-competitive. Alchemy potions in the end becomes too expensive which negatively impacts the raiding experience, and giving the upper hand to the farmers and monopolists. Ultimately, proposal four is the best solution to this and I have not seen much discussion on this subject so I'm bringing it up now. This requires absolutely no modifications to the current client since the server are able to determine who sees the nodes and how often a node spawns which requires minimal work. This proposal could also be debated to be a Blizz-like solution because phasing was implemented by Blizzard even if it was in Cataclysm expansion for questing.
  10. That's true, I can vouch that I'm struggling on finding reputable sources for feral. I actually dropped my focus on ferals in my excel for now and decided to focus on Balance and Restro keep up the good work on Ferals @Elicas
  11. TL;DR.... Personally, I like a steep learning curve when it comes to raiding since that what drew me to WoW. My understanding is that Blizzard tuned WoW in Vanilla based on formulas, tiered content difficulty, itemization, and server overall progression. What's difficult in my opinion is to provide a true Vanilla experience because of constant changes made to talent tree, to class spells, to formulas thorough several patches, to items, and these changes are numerous. We also have limited concrete data on these changes. Challenges We have no control over class trees and class spells since most changes include both client and server side: we are limited to patch 1.12 for class trees and talents. Main existing data on Blizzard formulas are based on patch 1.12 since older data is not well documented; limited data set by theorycrafters Providing balanced formulas for current itemization What we do have Progression data from Blizzard servers in 2004-2006 Content tunes in patch notes; adjustments to difficulty, bug fixes, etc Itemization from www.archive.org I strongly recommend focusing on Patch 1.12 Itemization, Talent Tree, Formulas, and Class Spells. What we can do is to provide controlled content releases then tune fights based on server progression. Any other adjustments are more of a hassle than it needs to be due to imbalances.
  12. It's a nice list with good information, but again it's just a mere list of gear that does not explain the concept of stat weighting. My focus is not building a list of gear and then determine for myself but to help people understand the concept of picking a specific gear over other. This requires understanding the actual mechanics that Blizzard devised in Vanilla, and this means a lot of digging theorycrafters back in 2004-2006 was very rare so access to good information is difficult. That's my project right now to dig up the right information that provides concrete perspective on game mechanics and druid mechanics.
  13. Thanks for your honest reply appreciate it. You are correct that values are debatable and unproven so this is exactly what I'm working on at the moment with my excel spreadsheet. Hopefully, I'll be able to complete my spreadsheet in other month. I've been working on finding reliable sources to do this and hopefully I'll be able to help you with this. Keep in touch, @Taladril
  14. That's a neat list of gear, but I have two thoughts. 1. There's no concrete proof behind these calculations for the rating: calculating DPS is very complex, so some explanation here would be nice 2. You did not indicate which patch these gear of list is from: not all servers run the same patch Otherwise, everyone has public access to the same data set so it's a bit difficult to claim that your own work is original. Have you considered this part before releasing your work to the public? Transparency is very important in this process of acclamation and I have no desire to deny this part from you. If you like to hear more back from me, contact me anytime.
  15. You have beautifully written what I had in my mind for Crestfall Nostalrius represented a matured version of Vanilla community that was centered around the pure World of Warcraft experience, and this is why I am finally backing a project like this. I'd wish I contributed to Nostalrius earlier but I was too focused on my personal life, and now I have time to contribute. United, we are one!