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  1. This is amazing, hah. I've only been paying attention to the private server scene since the Nost shutdown, and it's been quite the roller coaster, so to speak. I'll probably keep on playing on this "Light's Hope" thing, if just to finish leveling the first character I've leveled in vanilla content since Cataclysm launched. I've been keeping notes of my leveling experience, wandering around almost as if I were new to the game, just because it's been so different. I thought it'd be an interesting thing to present once I finished just because of how scattered it seems. It might be the norm, it might not, I don't know, lol. I just know that I'm currently leveling in 4 different zones at once as the quests go yellow. Still hoping Crestfall somehow lives this, but......yeah. Time will tell, I suppose.
  2. Yeah I'm pretty much on board here. I didn't find Crestfall because it was going to be the best server out there + PTE, I found it because it was the only place that had a PvE server(Note I started looking after Nost died). My limited Pserver experienced on PvP servers were an exercise in frustration. If Crestfall doesn't get a PvE home over at Elysium, I'm just going to sit that one out and forget about it.
  3. Since we're all showing favorite colors by pictures/videos.....
  4. hype

    I'm currently playing FFXIV(They need to fix my job, cause it's broke as hell, and not in a good way) and going through the Bioshock series again on the side. I really enjoy Bioshock.
  5. Just noticed this, almost a week later. Disagree! Beyond Good & Evil is a great game! That and I loved Prince of Persia; Sands of Time
  6. Oh, if my decision to not play was based solely on just being "unable to fly", I would understand your confusion. I didn't make that clear enough, I suppose, it was more just one of the things I didn't like stacked on the pile. It was MOSTLY burn out after being subbed from a little before BC all the way to Legion, and my raid group pretty much collapsing due to 20 man mythic in WoD. We stuck together until Legion, but being forced to go 20 made us recruit a bunch of people that were not mythic quality people, or just not raiding mythic. I'll spare you further details about how my raiding guild died, heh. That and they made my raiding class/spec(Blood Death Knight) incredibly weak, and a large slew of other things. Like I actually said earlier, I did actually like Legion's content. I liked the Artifact system, world quests made sure there was a lot to do, raids were fun, it was just a ton of things put together between WoD and Legion that finally broke the will to keep playing.
  7. Of course I realize flying is active right now, if you bothered to do Pathfinder. When I said what you quoted, I was more referring to the fact that it took 7 months after Legions release to be able to finish pathfinder to be able to fly, whereas before WoD, if you had the gold and you hit the level cap on launch day you could get flying. There's a little bit of a difference there. I left Legion before they released Pathfinder part 2, for the record, and JUST flying being back isn't enough of a reason for me to go back, especially since there's that island you're supposed to go, that lacks flying. Not that "Random island lacking flying" isn't unusual, I don't begrudge them for that, it just seems silly to unlock flying then basically go "loljk, go do this stuff where you can't fly anyway" That, and "Flying is active right now" doesn't mean the devs like flying themselves. They absolutely wanted to remove it from the game entirely, as was proven in WoD. They just saw the large sub drop when they announced "Nope we're not actually going to release flying, sorry" on a 3rd party site right before a weekend so they wouldn't have to respond to the shit hitting the fan when players saw this.
  8. I'd hardly consider myself a "vanilla person", tbh. If I was, I'd have played a vanilla server ages ago. Crestfall is truly my first serious foray into a vanilla private server, unless you count leveling on Elysium just to figure out what the questing path is. I haven't even finished that beyond like, level 16 still, heh. Personally, I'm not gonna care that vanilla doesn't have flying. Vanilla was designed before flying even existed, and I can't rightfully complain about content that was made before flying was even in the game anywhere at all, not having flying. It'll be fine. It's kind of funny though, I didn't really consider WoD to be a bad expansion simply because of "lack of flying". I found it an okay one because the raids were fun. it just lacked things to do outside of the raids. So no flying + no reason to go outside of the garrison and into the world, just meant I didn't care about the lack of flying. Legion, that clearly changed. I wouldn't have minded the lack of flying so much if it didn't take me half a day to get everything done because they intentionally designed the terrain to be as obnoxious as they possibly could make it. Truly though, I should've added this in the original post, but I didn't think about it. The raid team that I had since MoP, drama happened and I was given reason to leave it, and once I had a taste of the real raiding that WoW had to offer, WoW seemed pointless if I wasn't really raiding anymore. After 3 expansions worth of raiding, I needed a break, so with no raid team keeping me in the game, I finally quit.
  9. I quit a little bit after Nighthold came out because reasons. Did I like Legion? Not enough, this is the expansion that made me quit, though it's more the dev decisions behind it then it was the actual content that Legion brought. I liked the content it brought. The Artifacts, the class specific quests, etc. I still intend to pay more gold to see the end of the Death Knight campaign. I have to see how that plays out. I liked all of those things. And Survival Hunters. Survival was a really fun spec. What I didn't like was the sheer resistance to flying the devs continuously display and the changes to Blood Death Knight. Flying would've made doing all the world quests take like half as long, if not faster then that. As an altaholic, that would've been a godsend, but nope. The changes to Blood made it so weak. My Warrior co-tank took like.........half the damage I took, and I know he's always taken less damage then I did because of the shield and things, but Death Strike was terrible.
  10. I just saw Dead Men Tell No Tales, sooooooooooooooo
  11. Dawwww, this was one of the things I hoped to get out of the most real vanilla experience possible, the "raid" dungeons. Alas.
  12. Personally, I hate playing on a PvP server. Saying "Ganking doesn't happen that often" strikes me as really silly. I tried Kronos for a little bit to see how it went, I barely set foot into Redridge before I got ganked by an undead rogue. That being said, the main reason I prefer PvE servers is that I like getting the objectives I set out to do done. Getting ganked repeatedly to be someone else's amusement severely hinders getting my own objectives done. I get really peeved when I don't get what should've been a very simple task finished because I'm on a PvP server. While I doubt Crestfall will ever be like Live is, should it magically get to Legion, the forums tend to have a daily rant or two about how there's some gank squad hanging out at a flight point to destroy you the moment you land despite having the honorless debuff. Even the idea of that happening isn't pleasing to me. That's not to say I never rolled on one. I do have a few fond memories of being on a PvP server. Like, say......BC was relatively new, I was behind the curve. I afk'd on top of a mountain hoping to be save so I could eat, but I was at my computer while I was eating. This one Warlock came and saw that I was afk, decided to kill me for that reason. It took awhile for him to decide to actually attack me, so I can only imagine his surprise was great when I got up and started killing him. I won that fight easily. There are a few other occasions, but ganks where you stand no chance of winning happen far more often then do fair fights, in my experience. As such I avoid them and am happier for it.
  13. Not an anime character, no. What that is, is some fan art someone drew of their Final Fantasy XI character. It just so happens that it looks *almost* exactly like mine, so I've kept it around. I wish I could draw that good. I give yours a 7/10 cause I like Warriors. They keep the monsters attention so I don't end up taking a dirt nap. EDIT: huh, it hadn't told me Adalon had posted when I posted this and the last one I saw was Rele's. Adalon I also give a 7 mostly for the same reason I gave Rele one. Healers keep me from dying.
  14. I'll give it a 5/10. It's the letter A on top of something that looks like a shield? Maybe? This is my avatar more full-sized then the tiny square that's there under my name. It felt appropriate for wanting to main a Warlock.
  15. I saw something hinting about this awhile ago and it seemed interesting enough to me to at least give it a chance. I like leveling enough(strangely, I know) to do it, but little things like this to change it up from time to time is nice.