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  1. It slightly alterates it. But from a general point of view it doesn't turn your statement upside down, yes :). But that was, as stated by me, not even my intention.
  2. Might be. At least there is a connection between the destruction of those trees through Morgoth and the boughs of Azshara now being located near the Tomb of Sargeras (playable in the new Legion expansion) As for Arthas and Northrend: Of course there are connections, but in that case i'm not sure how much was done deliberately and how much intuitively :D. Greetings
  3. Maybe, as a short addition to the expected population cap: I remember the team saying, that as soon as the population online reaches around 5000 people and shows the impulse to grow even further (it's mainly the impulse that matters - in economics/math you would talk about the gradient of a curve), they will bring up a new server to counteract the growing population. So it is kind of problematic to argue with 6000 ppl, because the server team does use the space from 5000 to 6000 to react in time on this growth. Therefore a 6000-player-online-scenario as well as the beginning of queues might not even be reached once. And so, maybe the highest stable online numbers to expect are between 4500 and 5000. I know, it's not that big of a thing, but i sometimes get the feeling, that we for the sake of simplicity overlook this aspect when discussing :). Greetings
  4. Thanks for staying in touch :3.
  5. Might be. Any other explanation would somehow end in the Nost-Team being stupid and totally unreflected about their own reputation and their position in the community (which i somewhat doubt). And yes, it's is a big fairy tale of our modern times, that information is a property. As soon as you give it to somebody else it at least influences that person, alterates their world-view / their skills aso. -> Plainly spoken, how is a simple player able to tell if Elysium is using their own core or the Nost-Core? And even if they jump back to "Anathema", there is no reason, as posted above, to not copy Nost-Data step by step... It's like you sitting in school and cribbing some stuff before lessons begin, especially when it's something like math - how easy to tell its not yours? Funny thing though: Blizzard themselves are one of the most successful cribbers out there. They copied the Warhammer Lore in their first Warcraft-Game, because they were not able to get the license, they built their world on many aspects of greek and nordic myth (nobody's gonna sue them here), and they even nearly 1:1 copied their main villain from Tolkiens wotrldbuilding in Lord of the Rings (Sargeras = Morgoth, The Titans = Valar/Maiar). I'm not gonna critizise Blizzard for this approach, because, frankly speaking, i don't think there is such thing as property of information (not even in a legal sense). And their attacks on ppl using their "data" (aka information) is mostly based on market interests and no ideology concerning property whatsoever. That huge projects like Nostalrius and Elysium understand themselves in these matters as some kind of ideological spearhead, is giving me the creeps. Also their constant shouting about "THE COMMUNITY" is awkward, it's pathetic in a rhetoric way (hashing for emotional reactions). You know what made this project somewhat promising for me? That the Team did not seem too much concerned with these matters. That Asura made clear, that they are doing it for themselves and not some big blown up balloon -ideal (alone). And that they might be valuing truth and honesty not as some big words to decorate themselves, but as a way of truly reaching out to people, that want to go the way of their project with them. I really hope that the Crestfall Project and it's currency "Community" stays out of this whole mess as good as it can, even if there will be people from the outside, trying to now to drag it into the open! Greetings
  6. I agree to some degree with Shadesofjoe. It is different, because someone invested the time to level the character. So from an overall society point of view it is nothing, that devaluates the efforts of leveling ones own character on the server, because there is no simple alternative to it, that would result in an empty pre-60-world (worst case scenario, but its always good to present the endpoint to where an impulse is headed to). But still it decouples the Player from his character, therefore depersonalizing it. In a living and breathing MMO-society it is, as to my understanding, important to identify a player with his character, this is a key element, that gives live to the world - it establishes some kind of identity in the world (being famous/infamous aso. - a working hierarchy In-Game is based on this relationship). It would be indeed interesting to know how often this "special feature" is used. I must say, i quite dislike it because it damages the basis for a sound server-society, but it's not your typical pay2win-mechanic, at least from the perspective of the server-team i don't see the earning of big money as their motivation for such a step (because one of the big inexplicit criticisms that people address when they classify a server as "pay2win" is this incentive for money from the server-team - and therefore, if you attribute that incentive to a server-team it's only one more step of thought to expect inferior server-quality due to quality being not their main-objective with their project at all). So i rather would not use "pay2win" for that model, still it is somewhat of a downside to this server in my opinion. (Hope this gets not too off-topic :D). Greetings
  7. Just to get this right: So you say, that the Kronos-Staff actually sell fully-geared lvl 60s on their own? Because i never saw them advertising it. And actually, it is a big difference between "private companies" that try to profit on a server by selling (illegally) characters or the server team itself. @Sherekhan : Form a strictly economical standpoint i understand your argument - why letting some private "demimonde" organizations run that business, when the (maybe) only viable option to go against them is by just doing it yourself without people fearing to be detected doing something illegally. But besides that it would also take this element of "doing something illegally" away from the server-society, it would cripple server-ethics and openly make the invested time of normal players something stupid (this builds on the idea, that one of the core-aspects that make an MMO attractive to players is competition, hierarchy, that dwells on solely in-game actions). So i would like to have some clarification if this would be possible :). Greetings
  8. I personally learned to value the capabilities of a hybrid class, when we were visiting 5man-instances with less than five people. The reason behind this: 5man-Instances are, generally speaking, too easy for a somewhat experienced 5man-group. You simply don't need to be all too flexible to different situations popping up, because either the damage of the mobs is too low, or the fights do not take long enough to seriously consider anything else than pure damage (most of the time: both). When i think back of the retail-vanilla-days, i remember myself planning our trips to dungeons ahead by including usable CC-Classes and a Hybrid, that can lift some pressure from tank or healer, given the circumstances (which existed). I'm not sure, if these preparations are not needed anymore, because people are too experienced, or also, because private-server-mechanics make the game too easy for most of the part. Probably a mix of both... Actually, thinking of it: Currently the Hybrid shines whenever there is too much damage per second on the group/tank. Only then you need a second tank to split up the damage or a second healer to counteract the damage taken in the group. The problem here: Most encounters are more easily handled, when there is more damage dealt, because it indirectly also works as damage-mitigation. This is a development, that continued with BC and so on and rendered the Hybrid even more worthless. The other way around (the path, Blizzard did not take) would have been to extend the duration of encounters, either through limiting of player-damage or through usage of higher monster-hp, making the standard-encounters less of a "reflex and initiative game" and giving them more of a strategical and tactical dimension (a typical tactical decision would be, that the Hybrid exchanges positions with an oom-healer for some time).
  9. Then this post can work as a gentle reminder .
  10. Greetings, a common problem on many private-servers are the not despawning chests and containers in the open world in general. All too often i stumbled upon a chest, thought myself lucky, and upon looting i got an apple or a pie or whatever... The reason for this is, that someone already looted the good stuff out of it, but did not clean it up, which did not lead to a despawn (and therefore the activation of a respawn-timer) of the chest. (http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Chest As found on wowwiki an opened chest despawns after 5minutes if it was not looted. Thought out to the end this implies that an only partially looted chest should also despawn after 5 minutes. Of course containers in instanced areas need to be excluded from that. I hope i'm at the right place to post this - i used the search function, but nothing of relevance was highlighted to me. Maybe this problem is already known, maybe there are other ideas about this?
  11. Happy Holidays :).
  12. Hey, thanks for the quick response and overview :). I'm really positively surprised by the great and considerate effort behind this (it's simple database-work, but it takes way to much time)! I will directly have a look at it! Greetings and thanks for the warm welcoming
  13. Hello, will there be some alteration to the loot-tables of standard monsters? I don't mean the type of putting some knew and shiny items into some loot tables for the sake of it. To give an example: Every private-server i was playing on so far had a drop rate for 6slot-bags (and others too) that was pretty high, which lead to auction house prizes nearly the same as vendor prizes and rendering the bag-production via profession quite useless. I'm not complaining for my own benefit here, don't get me wrong. Much more i see a good reason for giving back the sense of purpose to some player driven elements in the game. Also i think it is always good to boost the value of gold because of its natural tendency on every server to devalue over time ( (which is, in a broader sense, an indicator for less player interaction and therefore, in the long term for a dying server community... which is of course somewhat inevitable in the long run). Maybe for the same reason the Developer Darkrasp was putting out the term "gold sink" of the server. Ok, i just highlighted this particular case for the sake of demonstration. I'm also not quite sure if it would be wise to call the current loot-tables for nearly all the private-scene "blizzlike" strictly speaking. Excuses for imperfect english, no native tongue :P. Greetings