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  1. or an "old hag" (being capable of foretelling the future) ... the latin usages of this nasty little word are sheer endless.
  2. I would really like to see an interview with Darkrasp on the whole database work he did. Especially about the areas of "loot" and mob-difficulty - so the more easy to change (but time-intensive) things, that actually shape the world economy quite heavily. I would also love to hear about the ideas behind certain of these decisions :). (philosophical standpoints on economy, difficulty aso.)
  3. I wonder who will be Gaius Ateius, the one that cursed Crassus when he was marching out for war in Parthia... Who will be Brutus? Who will be Ptolemaios?^^ All in all a bold comparison xD. The question is: What is a "reasonable time frame"? I would say it is nearly certain, that Legacy Crusade will not release before Crestfall-BC. Simple reason will be the unfinished "product" until that point in time. So one could argue for a release parallel to CF-BC, for a release after Crestfall-BC and before Crestfall-WOTLK, or a release with Crestfall-WOTLK. The only reason besides Crogges personal preference (which is not an argument whatsoever - at least not if you haven't spoken to him about that -> i'd rather see him as part of the project, than viewing him as a "Pompeius" with his own ambitions) that Legacy Crusade releases before CF-Wotlk and with CF-BC would be the giving in to the wishes of many Elysium people looking for the PTE-experience with their Ely-toons. Such a scenario would destroy the uniqueness of the CF-PTE-experience, because if they would give in to this transfer the same would happen to Legacy-Crusade -> "random WOTLK-server" - transfers. In short, Crestfall would cease to be "the one PTE-experience" in this network. Sorry, i'm very skeptical on this idea. While i share the fear of many members here, that Crestfall might get overrun with people from Elysium starving for the chance to pte, i think the offered solutions to this dire scenario, namely Legacy Crusade as "dumpster" for the bigger part of the Elysium-community, seem to contradict the very principles of the LGN and would render the idea of Crestfall as the only PTE-experience meaningless. Actually, it's quite digging in the dark for most of the things to come. Not only, because we don't have insight into the ideas of the staff, but also, because the pte-sceneraio is mostly new: Therefore i'm curious if this will be the case, because frankly i don't know. What i can see is, that most people never had the chance to stay with their characters throughout different expansions. And i would rather say, that without this option they often tended towards starting anew on the same expansion as before instead of being thoroughly sick of it and moving on. I was so frank to take your words seriously :D. If this was not the case: "mea culpa" viribus unitis ad finem Greetings
  4. Nobody knows when Legacy Crusade releases. The only guess i have is, that it releases, when CF is moving from BC to Wrath of the Lich King and there will be a demand for the people, that do not want to go to the next expansion. If we look at all the possible problems atm, it is mainly due to the to be expected coexistence of two Vanilla-Realms for some period of time. Therefore it might be reasonable to avoid the same scenario for Burning Crusade. If Legacy Crusade opens so late (probably 18 months after CF-BC), it is highly questionable, if all the people that want a PTE-Experience with their Elysium-toons wait for that amount of time. I assume, that most of them will already have switched to CF and started anew. So the option might be not of importance at all, when Legacy-Crusade releases. Besides that i don't like the attitude that shines through. As far as i know "Legacy Crusade" is a project of Crogge (anyone can confirm that?), so i see it as part of the Crestfall-Project. The seemingly random exclusion on who is inside and outside of the boat called "we" is a dangerous game that in the long term won't solve anything. If we really want to see a Crestfall-PTE without any external transfers to the inside, then it might be more sensible to communicate it with reason rather than provocation. Greetings
  5. Yeah, i'm waiting for the shitstorm to arrive^^.
  6. I think that one goal of the cooperation is also to have as few direct competitions as possible. Your idea would help to keep the communities separate on the long run, but also would boost indirectly the competition between seemingly identical (technical side) projects - i think the Staff wants to avoid that - which in return, implicitly demands for the merging of the different communities.
  7. Better hope this "thing" doesn't find its way into the Elysium-Forums xD. It's like oil on fire. But actually it accurately illustrates the perspective a simple Ely-member gets on the Network-Deal without the larger picture (reason) behind. I hope this thinking doesn't get viral... Oh well, Alexensual already started an appeal for Ely-characters on the PTE, and there he also highlighted many Crestfall-Members as disgusting people :/.
  8. I probably share the pointed out negatives concerning yourself (regarding myself). But, generally speaking, we cannot participate in something without throwing our own "worldview" into the equation. So i'm quite fine with that :). Great to see you back on the chop chop train!
  9. So what about the current Elysium-characters regardless of the ones, that were transitioned from Nostalrius? I know that they don't have the "right" to switch to BC (because Elysium, in the first place, never intended to PTE?) but i assume that with this new option many ppl could put forward that demand. Concerning question number 4: i'll withdraw it. Greetings
  10. Beforehand, thanks for the answer. And thanks for the criticism. I read your comment as a mirror for me. Maybe i was too possessive of peoples thoughts with what i said, being therefore entrenched too deep in practices of interpreting myself. But i tried to capture what i thought to be a major concern that, so far, did not seem to be addressed accurately. So without further snipping and rhetorics i reduce this post to the place designated for it: Asking questions. 1) What do you mean with the term "veto power"? Does this imply, that there will be a shared round-table (with the guys from Elysium aso.) on server-philosophies? 2) If Elysium will become the new "Vanilla-Only-Experience" when CF opens, won't there be a problem as long as CF does not move on to Burning Crusade? Because for that 18 months or so the Elysium-servers won't have the same possibilities as the CF-ones (as mentioned above, no choice is handed to them), many Elysium-people will feel underprivileged. 3) If you agree with Question 2 - do you see the possibility therefore in a normal reaction of the majority of all players jumping on the PTE-version? (As mentioned they can switch back with their characters if they decide to stay vanilla) Or that the already mentioned demand for Elysium-players being able to switch will also increase drastically? 4) Any linking of the servers, even the projects in general needs a somewhat common ground on topics that go beyond technical stuff. Do you share this opinion? Or do you see the the interaction being reduced to technical stuff only? If the former, do you have any ideas, concepts concerning this matter? (see above, q.1) Actually i would have really liked to see you interpreting what i said. Because i have the feeling, that the current model is a problematic balancing act between different groups and it would have been nice to hear somewhat more of your own opinion on the matter. But it seems i must accept, that everything you say can be redirected against you and therefore this whole procedure must be framed and directed. I myself did use some harsh formulations that where probably too much, but i now regret them because i get the feeling that you being on guard concerning my approach :/. Greetings
  11. I think that somewhere it was said, that Asura will talk about this decision in another interview with the Youtuber "Orcbit". Maybe this will give you some more insight . Greetings
  12. I am to some degree very skeptical, even after the FAQ and shared information on Discord. And actually this is not based on the assumption, that i think the Crestfall-Staff would be telling us lies. The reason behind is, that i see dynamics being installed, that out of themselves bring up major problems concerning the server-philosophy and community understanding of the members here. I assume that many feel the same, but, because it is difficult to describe, it is not always stated us such. But I think that Dawnstorms comment on this topic (full post located on page 4 of this FAQ) succeeds in picking up this feeling, when he says: First, i must say, that i cut out the part about describing how Elysium is like Satan incarnated, because i can't say a thing about that. I know all too well how people tend to find monocausal points of view when something is not working out as it should. Best example are all the conspiracy-theories that popped up lately, fueled by barkers like "Vashinkt". But nonetheless these show, that there is a fear for the very identity of this quite young Crestfall-Community (i will come to that later). This is exactly the feeling i had, when i first read the announcement and then this faq, and is articulated by Dawnstorm: It is impossible to hold back the influence from Elysium, even as shown above, you might say so. And here i'm not talking about the technical side of things, which is perfectly fine with all of us. And to some extent you can even find this between the lines of the FAQ posted by Darkrasp. And yeah, i'm being a stickler for details now, but it is important nonetheless to explain what people might feel when reading the faq: Here you have rhetorics like before in Asuras announcement, because you introduce an empty term like "mutual and community-wide benefit", that can be always interpreted. Everybody has it's own notion on what benefits the group/community. I would say, that the more popular members in these forums (@Outstanding for example) invested much time in shaping the "Crestfall-community" to a common understanding on what these benefits are (see philosophy). Just in the simple act of broadening this in itself empty term to all the Legacy Gaming Network, the CF-community with its "values" feels dragged into the open and left for slaughter. Of course you could say, that these benefits only lie in the technical field, but i, for instance, never saw a project-cooperation, that could effectively exclude other forms of influence (and this opinion might be shared by many here, like Dawnstorm). And also other remarks in the faq leave this big question mark wide in the open: What do you mean with the term "Veto power"? My personal understanding here is, that you have the right to reject server-philosophy-decissions that come from the "Legacy-Gaming-Network-Level". Let me be frank here: You don't need veto-power if nobody besides the original Crestfall-Staff is in charge of making philosophy-decisions concerning the community. Your statement here therefore implies, that there will be a "round-table" not only for the technical side of things, but also for the principles/values/philosophy aso. of the servers. This statement shows much respect for the CF-community and the original concept of the Crestfall-project. Also Elicas, as quoted above, underlined this policy from the CF-Staff to be crucial and therefore to be guaranteed. But the initial echo on this, as seen with the comments of "Alexensual" give a hint on what will be the reaction of a largely excluded Elysium-Community. And from an egoistic point of view they are totally right. They will be treated like second-class members, especially, when the players from CF are given the option of switching to the non-PTE-Elysium-servers on the other hand. This will be the main problem, resulting from a merge, which is factually much more than a technical cooperation: Either there will be a huge pressure from the Elysium-Community on the CF-Team, or the majority will be starting anew on the CF-PTE, because only then they have the option for both worlds - PTE or staying on one expansion... Neither option seems to ma as something to look forward to... Although this post might seem so, i'm not all black and white on this development. I see the potentials that come with this new Network, and i can understand the decision from the CF-Team to go this path. But about what i'm really disappointed, is the communication of this change so far. In my eyes it shows a neglect of the social implications for the communities so far, and therefore also sheds some light on the primary focus of the staff being more in the technical side of things than the philosophy-side. The broader social dynamics that come with a seemingly technical partnership seem to be underestimated, maybe because they don't matter that much for the vision of Crestfall. But let me get this straight: As stated before by some members, it is always the time before the storm (grand server-opening) that shows much potential in the values of a "server community", but so far no single server with a decent population held up such an ideal for a long time. But nonetheless i want to second what Humperdink said before me (excluding the worst pictures of Elysium^^): These concerns, that keep with the many members here so far can be only tackled by openly addressing all the now following social implications, especially the to be expected pressures from the Elysium-community, as to some degree already manifested in the self-appointed spearhead Alexensual (even though the attitude might be wrong, i still think he, to this point, sums up pretty well the expectations from Elysium people, so don't dismiss this all to easily). I would rather see a Server-Team, that is aware of the social influences this merge brings and addresses them, instead of simply neglecting them by saying the partnership will be solely from a technical point of view (which i highly doubt). Greetings ( I just can't resist to draw some links between this and the refugee-policy of Germany so far: There is simply no concept whatsoever concerning real integration, because of the official portrayal of the situation that there can be social peace by accepting all cultural characters beside each other under the bigger principle of" multiculturality" - actually the lack of addressing the problem makes it worse and leads to more and more extremist uprisings, to parties, that give simple answers to a complex problem... man, i really like how WoW is a microcosmos of society )
  13. I too hope, that you "preserve yourself to the community" :), but i too understand, that it is crucial to formulate ones own discontent about the present situation with the only option of power, that is given to a simple member. I remember when i was working on a server project and many team-members thought of themselves as "doing the players a favor". I never adopted to such a perspective, on the contrary. I honestly thanked the players for giving their trust into my vision, i felt it the other way round as maybe many ppl do. And i hope the CF-Team is of the same kind and therefore takes your way of communicating with them seriously,. Because it's not as simple as it looks from the outside, and there is no shame in hearing out the people that truly invested themselves in the project, even if one might seem indecisive to the outward. The inward perspective is what matters in the long run. Greetings
  14. I felt the same reading the comment about the "best article in thread" from Alexensual. And i think, if one tries to describe the CF-community as of now (and therefore might give some reason to the reaction on this announcement), this post of MasterQuaster reflects that: People, for the most part, are no fanboys here. The fact, that even the positive voices for this announcement tried to take the path of reason shows, that there are not the typical "social dynamics of the masses" at play, at least not to a viral extent. Many of the people here know exactly about this phenomenon on other, bigger projects. And the figurehead of this dynamic is "the Private Server Community", the holy grail nobody dares to touch negatively, because it's a "thought-terminating cliche" (in german politics respectively anything that just might be capable of setting you in relation to viewpoints in the "Third Reich" kills you as a political person, in USA, for a long time, it was the same with communism - i bet every society has it's not outspoken censure-automatics). As for the announcement itself, i can't really tell how far it is drenched in rhetorics of that kind. It certainly shows it to some extent: It's the ideal of "creating a better world for all of us" that shines through. But on the other hand there is also the reflection about this as being "dramatic dust". I think it's dangerous to introduce such rhetorics into the community, because they tend to render open discussion meaningless, ending up in a division between loyal zealots and shitstormers like the aforementioned "Duki". Maybe it would have been better, if Asura simply stated, that he wants to do it, because he wants to do it for himself and his better understanding of programming and project-managing. At least then i would have felt, that i can see the motivation behind it. Instead, many people might be confused by this to some extent "altruistic self-expression", which lead to soooo many posts above, asking about the "real intentions", even followed up by some conspiracy theories. I think the reason behind it is, that in general you have many more players on Elysium, than Community-Members on Crestfall. Reddit, to some extent, reflects this: I assume, that the community from Elysium welcomes this announcement. First of all, because it is hugely intoxicated by the above mentioned rhetorics - it was the same with Nostalrius. So the "idealistic appeal" of this announcement simply rings their bells, and their emotional meter hits out in a positive way. Secondly, a first glimpse of it certainly indicates, that the Elysium-Project can only profit from it. That is not mainly due to a (not existing) general acknowledgement, that CF has the better scripting aso. (even though many posts here also argue in that direction), but more, because the Elysium servers are already up and running. Many people in the private-server-community are influenced by the thought that "population comes before excellence", and in many ways history has proven them right. They simply don't see anything negative in this partnership, not because they value the greater perspective of it (even though many will be eager to state so), but because they feel secure in their own harbor and don't expect a tighter relationship with CF to endanger the community over there. It's the other way round for the people here at Crestfall... it is this feeling, that i and others tried to express when saying, that it feels like "loosing control". Thirdly, because indeed they get the perspective of "tasting the sweeter fruits without changing the tree". But, as said before, i don't see this as a main-influence. The first confirmations of the "loosing control"-emotion, that comes with this announcement already take shape (See about different understandings about the partnership between the server-teams). Now we will have to wait for the FAQ aso. But, even though many questions might be answered, the damage is already dealt to some extent. The lack of communication beforehand let loose many barking theories, that, because of social dynamics, might even manifest to some extent in reality... In general it would have been a good way to limit attention to the project as long as possible, because then and only then, there is the possibility of keeping in control. Now CF will be all over the place at Elysium. Now community-dynamics might pressure this project to an unhealthy extent. I really hope, that the Team will keep a cool head now and stand their ground. I really doubt, that you had anything in mind, that most of us here would generally disagree on. It's more the handling of it so far, that confuses many. Greetings
  15. I, as some others as it seems, have also mixed feelings about it. If i would try to describe it, i would say, it feels like loosing control about what the project means to me... like staring into a black hole, i really can't tell what to make of all this. Just from my feelings i would say there are some risks concerning the project (or at least my own expectations of the project). We'll see :), maybe good will come out of it.