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  1. Looking at the time you reacted on the closing I thought you meant the post that was full of racial escalations aso.? This one was obviously closed for good reasons.
  2. The author of this topic has created his account on Sunday - sayings like "this is the final nail in the coffin for us" feel really out of place. Normally somebody who wasn't active in the forums but lurked around for quite some time ("passive" member of community if you will) at least makes this clear in his first posts, especially when using words like "us" so freely. His other two posts show the same attitude when he is warning us "friends" from Darkrasps "banning-spree" and he's badmouthing the team in the name of the community... I feels like an Undermining of the community and its relationship to the team... and it gets viral without counterbalances anymore :(. /edit: @Blademastaz: Ok, now you a dressed it ... still it feels somewhat off
  3. Might be, but actually i think the major thing that decides about the influx of Elysium-players on Crestfall at launch won't be the possibility for PTE, but rather the chance to play on a completely new core. So unless Elysium-TBC and Crestfall-Vanilla won't launch at around the same time (2 months or so), so that there could be serious competition about at what shiny place one wants to invest his time, i don't see a huge impact here. But another thing that i find interesting about this announcement is the capabilities of the Elysium-Team to realize a TBC-server. As it was stated in many Crestfall-Developer-posts by Darkrasp, there was much development already going on for TBC parallel to that of Vanilla, while i never heard about work on TBC from the side of Elysium. -> The timing of the Ely-BC-announcement shortly after the merge with Crestfall raises many question marks about the involvement of Crestfall-technology in this. Does Elysium plan to use the Benediction-Core with its already working TBC-mechanics from Crestfall for the new Addon? (There would be enough time for the merge of technology and team until then) I think this could be a good question for the next Q&A (if there will be another Q&A that is :/). Another note on the development in this forums: I increasingly feel bad about the atmosphere here - also there are many "new accounts" with dubious actions. Also i feel like the counterbalance to this from the community itself is slowly fading ... Maybe i'm over exaggerating, i'm not sure...
  4. Well, why to close the Crestfall-Update-topic in the first place? There were many productive discussions on it - and it's really hard to put out a final statement in that lengthy attitude like Darkrasp did and in the same moment stripping the community of the chance to relate and answer to it... this is simply not good and leads to even more frustration, because it is essentially the same as to say "go fuck yourselves" (Because this is the only way for a community to openly discuss and to form itself - in the same way it is poison to delete stuff which thankfully never happened here). Even if Elicas is maybe somewhat biased because of his former involvement in a project he can no longer relate to (just guessing, could be wrong), it's another thing and wrong to deny his post any meaning behind personal frustration - because this is what you essentially do and imply when you simply attack him on a personal level in a manner as if that could refute his post. Greetings
  5. Keep cool, man. First you critizise someone for writing "inflammatory" texts while the very same post of you seems to be the very same thing you're ciritzising (oh i hate that word in english, never sure i write it correctly). You embarrass yourself :(. And please explain to me how the deletion of posts is in any way comparable with a reputation system? (That is of course, if one doesn't assume that every reputation given is artificially constructed by bots or whatnot - if one has this attitude he already lost trust in anything that builds up a community) As for the concern, that the majority of Crestfall-players would be former Elysium-players anyway, thats a legit point - I see it the following: Of course there would have been many ppl that would swap over in time, but this step would have probably taken "some" time that allowed for "some" adaption - i don't want to overemphasize it though. Also the question of a VPN-block being intact is a major thing that under the current circumstances is pretty unclear (Elysium will have to tell all their chinese players, that they are not allowed to play on Crestfall - it is one thing to tell a certain group of people to stay out from the beginning while it is a completely other thing to tell already involved people that they are not welcomed on the communities recent and newest development - this could be a major concern and i don't know if Elysium will uphold the VPN-block for the Crestfall realm under that circumstances.) -> But still, as it was said by some people before me, and as you also indicated, the server-start of a popular project is always a major stress-test for the previously build up community and its values. The 're are positive and negative examples for this (funny enough i see Kronos as a positive example here in contrast to Nostalrius - but then again Nostalrius had many more ppl that played upon it in the beginning). Under Elysium this ideal of a community is less likely to outlast than it was (even) before and the dissolution of our forum and integration in the elysium one seems like some kind of gravestone to this community even though it could be otherwise (This forum seems to be the very core structure of the community, and i don't talk about the mechanics given to us but the organic growing that is reflected in all the posts, bonds, the reputation system(!) aso - as Outstanding said in the according, latest Update-Topic: It takes a lot of time to build something special and only moments to tear it down ... or something in that manner^^). Greetings
  6. One reason why this post of "Forest_" appears so toxic to us, is because their is no reputation-system intact on the Elysium-Forums. I pointed this out in another topic some time ago - To give reputation to posts is one of the few ways for a community to organize itself and push demands to the staff in a reasonable way. -> Nobody knows how many people identify with "forest_" on this matter and so he will seem to some of the people here as the standard Elysium-Plebs - resulting in a wrong picture of their community, while he's maybe a tiny minority. -> Also if there's a reputation-system moderators will think twice before banning popular opinions because they can see for themselves that they might upset many ppl (of course only if a comment ha some time to have impact - if its deleted after 10-30 minutes, welcome North Korea... Elysiums April Fools becoming real). Greetings
  7. @cybaster It seems to me, that you have a history of your own on Elysium, so i'm not sure if there is any bad blood between you and some members of the staff. Also your post, even in its toned down version is still quite demanding and provocative ... But still it is no good sign, that they delete your post instead of defusing it with arguments, this makes me concerned too. Greetings
  8. I see this as a positive development :), congrats!
  9. Thanks for the update :), as always a joy to read.
  10. Ok, that helped me a bit :). But still you didn't pick up on the question onCrogges planning with Elysium. Will it be temporary to finish the stuff he began or is it a probably long-term-commitment? I totally understand that there is no definite answer to this point when Crogges does not answer it himself (and even then only time can tell), but maybe you also have come to pick up some statements concerning this matter from the staff or from newer developments. Greetings
  11. I thought Crogge was still onboard the Elysium-project to finish the work he had started (forum overhaul aso.) when the Legacy-Network was still current. This information is based on an announcement by Asura or Darkrasp, which seems to be not present anymore in the announcement-section, so i cannot back this up (nearly all announcements concerning the LGN are not there anymore, probably to not confuse new arrivals). So the information you present us with is new to me and cannot be found in the forums as far as i remember (i'm sorry if i overlooked something). Respectively my understanding of this is solely based on what you said above. I heard that, project-wise, Crogge is not directly related to Crestfall. But i always identified him with the staff here. So does this now mean he will stay with Elysium as an active member of their Project? Or is it still the case, that he just wants to finish something he started there as some kind of work- and general ethic? Greetings Polyphem
  12. Rock from Hamburg, Germany, relatively unknown, quite atmospheric :3.
  13. Holy Sibyl, that escalated quickly!
  14. Thanks :), i searched for this function in the "edit" section, sometimes one overlooks the most obvious things^^.
  15. On vanilla it was, that the rare ores shared their spawn location with the common ones (silver with copper and tin, gold with iron aso., though not only in exact these relations). That i know from the last "server project" i was involved at. Luckily we had a staff member who worked as Gamemaster for Blizzard during vanilla times. He gave some input concerning that matter and i remember this feature. I cannot validate this information with something else than my words. It's also only second-hand information. But i trust that fellow and his knowledge about the mechanics back in the days. Greetings