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  1. I see this as a positive development :), congrats!
  2. Thanks for the update :), as always a joy to read.
  3. Ok, that helped me a bit :). But still you didn't pick up on the question onCrogges planning with Elysium. Will it be temporary to finish the stuff he began or is it a probably long-term-commitment? I totally understand that there is no definite answer to this point when Crogges does not answer it himself (and even then only time can tell), but maybe you also have come to pick up some statements concerning this matter from the staff or from newer developments. Greetings
  4. I thought Crogge was still onboard the Elysium-project to finish the work he had started (forum overhaul aso.) when the Legacy-Network was still current. This information is based on an announcement by Asura or Darkrasp, which seems to be not present anymore in the announcement-section, so i cannot back this up (nearly all announcements concerning the LGN are not there anymore, probably to not confuse new arrivals). So the information you present us with is new to me and cannot be found in the forums as far as i remember (i'm sorry if i overlooked something). Respectively my understanding of this is solely based on what you said above. I heard that, project-wise, Crogge is not directly related to Crestfall. But i always identified him with the staff here. So does this now mean he will stay with Elysium as an active member of their Project? Or is it still the case, that he just wants to finish something he started there as some kind of work- and general ethic? Greetings Polyphem
  5. Rock from Hamburg, Germany, relatively unknown, quite atmospheric :3.
  6. Holy Sibyl, that escalated quickly!
  7. Thanks :), i searched for this function in the "edit" section, sometimes one overlooks the most obvious things^^.
  8. On vanilla it was, that the rare ores shared their spawn location with the common ones (silver with copper and tin, gold with iron aso., though not only in exact these relations). That i know from the last "server project" i was involved at. Luckily we had a staff member who worked as Gamemaster for Blizzard during vanilla times. He gave some input concerning that matter and i remember this feature. I cannot validate this information with something else than my words. It's also only second-hand information. But i trust that fellow and his knowledge about the mechanics back in the days. Greetings
  9. I start this topic because of some latest thoughts on how important the system of "forum reputation" on posts can be for a healthy communication and organization of the "community" around here. Especially with the newest influx of toxicity and disorientation around the Crestfall-Project i was really positively surprised how well it was handled in the forums. There might be many reasons for this, and none of them will give an exhaustive explanation, maybe you even disagree on this positive picture i draw here. So i would be glad to hear your opinion and reasoning on that matter. I personally link the positive picture i get to the optimistic perspective that is presented to new members. On the one hand this is carried by the impression of the high level of expertise and professionalism of the staff, on the other hand by an already existing "community of shared values" of most of the members here. For the first point one can only be grateful to the Crestfall-Team, it's a rare honor and chance. The second point is due to an interplay between the CF-STaff and the members of the CF-Community. And this is also managed and structured with the help of the reputation system: When looking back at the Nostalrius-forums or when taking a peek into the Elysium-forums one will find no kind of reputation-system. What you also get is a lot more "extreme-talk": People that only declare their allegiance to the project no matter what, or people that go on a rampage against the server. Also there is way more bashing against "uninformed" ppl, that want to get a hold of the situation and so forth. I think, that this is also because there is no elaborated way of building a hierarchy in the community. And before you get me wrong here: I'm talking not mainly about a hierarchy of members, but a hierarchy of thoughts (even though both are somewhat intertwined). You leave the community in some way confused and unorganized, because of the sheer magnitude of voices that come to the surface. The more structured the community can debate on their own behalf the less black and white reactions you will get when introducing new elements to the project. I think, that the recent drama was also supported by a lack of a established middle-ground to reflect on things. Many ppl just went nuts against Elysium (hailing to every new groundless accusation that popped up) or blindly followed the "truths" of the Elysium-Team (Shenna somewhat resembled this mentality when she more or less said, that it is about "trust" and not about "reason" concerning the project under her lead - see the leaked staff-meeting). Also in regard to recent reflections on the dangers of an influx of "toxic dynamics" here n the forums due to unprecedented attention the project has seen, i would like to point out, how good things went so far here in the forums. I somewhat doubt, that a stricter moderation here will be of benefit to the overall concept. Again sorry for my bad english. I hope there will be some replies and also differing/complementary opinions :). Greetings
  10. Double Post
  11. I can second that :). Also i realize, that you already put much thought into this transition-process and that i agree on every tiny bit posted in this announcement. At least team-mentality-wise i am back to being totally hyped for this project :3. I'm really grateful for this! Yeah, also concerning the growth of the community. I remember what you stated in another topic about guiding new people into the community as a gradual process. I think this is another chance for a "healthy growth" to be realized and supported by the current people and consensus here :). Greetings
  12. That's not Metalcore, it's Djent ("stickler for details" here). Welcome on board. Can i recommend you Uneven Structure? Greetings
  13. So fighting fire with fire? I don't think this is a good idea. Also in the post you linked there are threats with measures, that the team didn't do ... with your statement here you oversimplify and maybe straight-out implicitly acknowledge the charges of this post against the Elysium-team as being the truth... this is dangerous. This argumentation is the very reason why a project and a community fails. And actually it isn't a game if you threaten someone in real-life... it's disgusting and should not be tolerated. Besides, it's not the place here to post stuff like that, i thought the main theme here is the Crestfall-Team and their situation right now... i have the feeling to unjustly dilute this central part of the topic :/.
  14. You're being serious with "fighting the good fight" here? I hope not - this post in reddit is disgusting... It breathes the very reason why staff-members of this project getting a negative view on parts of the community. It is full of threats, groundless accusations (at least it gives no explanation whatsoever for the accusations) and shit in general. Besides that the person behind shows some indication of a God-Complex... being inebriated by the postulated "truth". It's not even mainly about the content that is postulated (besides the normative stuff about what Shenna should do ...), on which i cannot say if there might be some truth behind or not, but mainly the attitude. I hope the community here will keep exactly such toxic stuff at bay... Greetings
  15. Up to this point i had the feeling, that most of the "bad stuff" in the forums was handled by the players themselves - this is in my opinion the best way, if it works, because it shows a certain moral code inside the community itself everyone has to accept. It has a far greater impact than strict moderation-rules and actions, because the second mentioned can be displayed as "the big bosses censoring the real talk". I would give this a chance before taking more fierce measures regarding the forums. Maybe this spirit is still intact here and can keep the toxic talk at bay. I also wish the team all the best for the things to come :). Greetings