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  1. Is there a way to only have the nameplates ? That's the only thing I'm looking for. If not, maybe some of you know decent nameplates showing debuffs & casting bar on the nameplates ? Cheers
  2. Very informative post, I would just like to add two things. 1. It is unrealistic to expect having an agility totem as a feral. You'll mainly be put with the top melees, maybe a hunter, but most likely a WF totem will be dropped. Yes, it can happen, but I wouldn't rely on it. 2. Druids may have higher dodge than warriors, but overall they have a lot less avoidance. In my experience they take higher damage(crits and crushings) but more frequently and more predictable than warriors. They are also unable to MT certain fights, but in my experience it's pretty nice to have one in raid for the AoE tanking and the added utility (innervate, combat rez and decent DPS if tanking isn't needed). Thanks for your post
  3. Hey, As a general and maybe not so useful statement, downranking depends on your experience and your gear. I personally don't use Clique or the like, but it doesn't really matter when you look at downranking. As I like to be prepared for most of the situations and make the most of my mana (i.e. lowering the overhealing), I have a lot of spells downranked and binded. That however does not come immediately, so if you're rather new at this, I would use (considering you're level 60) : - Rank 1, Rank 7 and an intermediate rank of Flash Heal, depending on your gear (around rank 3 to 5) ; - Rank 1, Rank 3 of Heal. Later on, include other ranks. Heal is a very efficient spell as the coefficient is 85,7 % and not mana hungry. - Rank 1, Rank 4 (later 5 with AQ20 book) of Greater Heal. Same coefficient as Heal, but more mana hungry since it heals more. It'll depend on what kind of damage the tank takes. - Lesser Heal 3 is a very good spell to use too once you start getting geared. The coefficient is not that good, but it's basically a free spell. - Rank 9 (later 10 with AQ20 book), Rank 3 of Renew. Max Rank for obvious reasons, Rank 3 has a 100 % coefficient for a very low amount of mana. I hope I answered some of your questions, if you have any other, let me know ! Cheers
  4. guide

    That's a very good guide, good job I do however strongly disagree with your point about Lupos and ISB, I would personally be infuriated to have my ISB stacks consumed by a hunter pet (I do tolerate mindblast snipers tho), especially at lower level gear when the uptime can't be close to 100 %. Obviously I'm a bit biased, but I do not think your arguments about warlocks' threat management are valid. If you play with half a brain, it's literally impossible to overaggro a decent tank as Alliance ; as horde it's not that true, but it's still very manageable. That doesn't add much to the discussion ; I just wanted to react on that point. What's your take on deep Survival for horde VS alliance ? Melees being a bit stronger on horde added to the fact that Hunters do not benefit from BoK, wouldn't TSA always be superior on horde raid-wise ? Cheers
  5. I play horde and we usually have a smite priest in the raid. They do very very good in AoE heavy raids. As it was said they're not the best DPS but it's not so bad either. PI is a nice boost, be it self or in the raid. They also make decent healers when the situation requires it as some talents are shared. I guess it can be frustrating mana wise and also DPS wise, if you're tryharding and can only do a top 10-12ish. But that's your call. You can kill most bosses without having a perfect & optimal raid-setup, so if you're serious about it and show it, you'll find a home for sure. I would spec something along the lines of http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#bVRhsVVqobgt0bb Wand Spec over Unbreakable Will as it can be some decent DPS on long fights if you need to regen (debatable ofc).
  6. Hey Renew, thanks for the replies, will give it another go when I can. I also noticed that sometimes, I see timer for other's people DoTs. 99% when it's the same class.
  7. Hey Renew! Fantastic work - thank you for the addon ! - I might have missed it, but what's the command to open the config menu ? I didn't see any button on the minimap either but it may have been hidden behind some other addon's icon. - Is there a way to have other's people debuff's timer shown ? If yes, maybe with an option to activate it or not - some people might want to only track their debufs. - Is there a way to show the timers on the ToT/ToToT frame ? Might be convenient to some healers. Same again, maybe with an option to activate it. - Is there a way to make it work for HoTs ? I also noticed that when you click the debuff to recast it, it doesn't cast the same rank. Intended / not fixable maybe - just letting you know. Cheers
  8. guide

    I didn't say it was a weird thing and needed to be proven, I just asked for a source, there was no need to belittle me. I was nice when I pointed out the base parry chance you mentionned was most likely wrong.
  9. I'm still half-lurking on those forums and haven't completely made my mind on joining or not but a friend from VG talked to me about this project. He for sure is hyped as fuck and I'm starting to be, it just pains me a bit to give up everything I have on the other server Time will tell, time will tell
  10. warlock guide

    Yeah that's true I compared damage per globalcooldown per mana instead of damage/mana. My bad. Thanks!
  11. warlock guide

    Hey Topdps, Reading your post I realized how dumb was my last conclusion about 40 spellpower and Shadowburn never being a DPS increase. I double checked my maths and find I out I made a crucial mistake (guess my point about missing obvious stuff when you're too focused on it was true :p) : to calculate the damage per global cooldown of Shadowburn, I was dividing the base damage of Shadowburn per 1,5 where I shouldn't have divided it by anything, as Shadowburn is instant and its base damage equals the damage per global cooldown. Doing the corrected maths, I found X = 1985,67 spell damage. I edited my post. My conclusion would be that Shadowburn is ALWAYS a damage increase, even more when you're sniping ISB. That would be even more spellpower until we get access to Shadow Bolt Rank 10 (even though the upgrade from R9 to R10 is not that big). So your above maths are correct, it's indeed a "ridiculous amount of Spell Power in the 2000s" and "always a damage increase". I'm glad we conclude the same and thank you for making me take a deeper look at Shadowburn I'm not totally getting your point about the mana. Shadowburn R6 is 350 mana, Shadow Bolt R9 is 355 mana and R10 is 364 mana so I think we can safely say that Shadowburn is always a better damage/mana than Shadowbolt right ? I also admit I sort of never care for my mana, I assume we have infinite amount of it. Obviously Life Tap uses a global cooldown so it's a dps loss (obviously locks should use runes/mana potions), but spamming Shadowburns inbetween Shadow Bolts nets more damage/mana than only doing Shadow Bolts, so it doesn't really matter if you're oom quicker. Edit : I'm stupid.
  12. guide

    @Zaroua Good post about parry haste. However I do believe that base parry chance for bosses is around 5,6% (same as dodge/block/crit). Might need some digging up, but 13-15% seems way way too high. Do you have sources about PW not parryhasting please ?
  13. warlock guide

    Hey hey! Ahah, well of course if the talent has a 16% proc instead of 4%, I can see why it's mandatory and I wouldn't be surprised if that actuallymade up for the additional 5% shadow damage that DS brings over SM. Anyway I guess that's a bit out of topic, I'm pretty confident they wouldn't leave a bug like this on CF I'm not so sure about the fact of doing calculations based on adding Life Tap castime. Life Tap scales of spell power so those time values would be inconsistent. I understand you did quick and rough estimations but can we safely assume something out of it ? I would either compare dmg/gbcd or dmg/mana and maybe mix them up. Also can you actually go as high as 1160 spell power ? BiS DS/Ruin is around 700sp (not including atiesh), and you can gain 150 (flask) + 36 (oil) + 40 (shadow elixir) + 35 (greater arcane elixir) = 260. I'll admit I didn't look that much into BiS SM/Ruin, I understand that you go for higher spell damage components such as Heigan's hat and such. Let's say X is your spellpower. - Damage multipliers (1,10 for CoS ; 1,15 for DS ; 1,15 for Shadow Weaving and 1,2 for ISB) affect Shadow Bolt and Shadowburn the same way so we can disregard them. - Crit chance and Hit chance affect Shadow Bolt and Shadowburn the same way so we can disregard them and only compare their non-crit damage. - Raw non-crit damage from your Shadow Bolt (Rank 10) is SBo10 = (482+539)/2 + X*3/3,5 - Damage per global cooldown from your Shadow Bolt is SBo10 * 1,5 / 2,5. - Raw non-crit damage for your Shadow Burn (Rank 6) is SBu6 = (450+503)/2 + X*1,5/3,5 - Damage per global cooldown for your Shadow Burn is SBu6. - Finding X to have both damage per global cooldown equal shows that the multipliers are irrelevant and that X = 1985,67 spell power. Since you never reach close to 2000 spell power, I would now argue that Shadowburn is ALWAYS a damage increase, regardless of gear. And even more if you're sniping ISB ! Ahah, me too! Happy New Year aswell
  14. The double-spec warlock abuse is indeed common on some private servers, but what makes it very common is whether you have the possibility to get a presummon in dungeon/raid or not. Mages could/can also abuse combustions to get perma 100% crit. To those not familiar with presummons, you are in a dungeon/raid, a warlock inside that raid summons you, you hearthstone to do whatever (eg : respec back & forth to get the double spec), you accept the summon & you're back in the raid. Whether presummoning is a private server bug or was possible/allowed in retail, I don't really know. I've heard a bit of both, it's definitely a big QoL change for many reasons but I can see the abuse part. Maybe the CF staff has a stand on it ?
  15. warlock guide

    Hello Topdps and thank you aswell for the feedback ! You make a good point and you're right. My experience comes mainly from horde and we usualy want to give the tank group a shaman, sometimes you lack shamans so you have to sacrifice spots to fit in all the melees with shamans. Also we are mainly farming and not progressing, so most of the time the extra HP doesn't matter. We only put an Imp on hard hitting bosses or when it can really make a difference (ie Chrommagus, Loatheb, PW for the soakers (but not the MT), Maexxna, etc.). Whether you want to always have an Imp or only situationnally is up to the RL. Also don't forget that you lose 15% fire damage with SM/Ruin, and arguably AQ40 is packed with AoE phases. I'm only probably being a bit selfish and I wouldn't want to be the Imp Bitch as I enjoy DS/Ruin more I wasn't aware of that distinction. The tooltip is rather unclear, so you're totally right. If it's per tick, it's awesome ; otherwise it's rather meh. This is probably where we differ in our comparison. I do not compare their damage per second (DPS, which would be CoA_damage/24 and Corruption_damage/18), I only compare damage per global cooldown (DMG/GBCD, which would be CoA_damage/1,5 and Corruption_damage/1,5). If you assume the dot is going to stay up the full time, then I believe the latter is a bit more relevant, as the usage of one GBCD nets more damage. Most of the time anyway, if you're not assigned to CoR, CoS or CoE, you probably don't have the luxury of the debuff slots I actually redid some calculations and following the reasoning of DMG/GBCD, Shadowburn actually loses. Apologies for the wrong statement I made before. The advantages of Shadowburn are the one you stated, aswell as being a good finisher when you know your next Shadow Bolt won't hit the target (cast time + fly time). Also, it's easier to snipe an ISB with Shadowburn than with Shadow Bolt I compared again with full BiS (or what I believe it to be, we may differ). Calculations made for Shadow Bolt damage including int/crit/hit vs lvl 63. Rockfury came slightly ahead and I didn't find that 1 int ~ 0,5 spell power. Also a bit more of spell power means more powerful dots, even if the dots are not our main source of damage. And indeed I got slightly better damage with Gothik's bracers, although abysmal again. Overall I can't disagree, the difference is abysmal, there is not a real point of debating this for hours. I concede that my calculations don't take the percentage of ISB uptime into account. On this topic, you are then most likely right aswell about Mishundare vs T2.5. Assuming my same calculations T2.5 came slighly ahead for personal DPS but obviously better ISB uptime means better raid DPS. I actually don't know how it should work, you made me curious and I'll definitely have a look into it. Where I play, the damage is indeed calculated with the SP you have when you apply it. So popping trinket and dotting is better than popping them after. You trinket + apply CoD instead of popping the trinket when it's gonna explode ; you cast a shadow bolt and pop the trinket while the bolt is mid-air so it benefits from it, etc. I didn't consider it could work differently when I wrote that, so indeed we'll have to see how it works on CF. Well once again I didn't consider this could/should be the case. Debuffs are not wiped when they teleport on VG, actually causing some troubles if some ignites are running (but I suspect the aggro isn't working as intended either). I'll have a look on it too, I'm curious about that proper behavior! EDIT : This video seems to show that the debuffs are not wiped on teleports. Thanks for taking the time to reply, I definitely enjoy quality & well-argued discussions