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  1. Leveling a rogue (for dummies) Rule #1: Do not stealth pass mobs for loot/talk/wank quest objectives Rule #2: Spending 10min before a leveling session /w every mage for food will save you time more time than you think, don't believe Michelle Obama fried bananas are your friends. Rule #3: Leveling guides are dumb since you can SS with daggers and still mop the floor with everything while leveling in 1.12. Rule #4: Spending time, money or mental faculties on loot or spec before level 56 is a waste of time, for anything else refer to rule #3 or #5 Rule #5: If you don't have at least one level 25-35 item when you ding 60 you wasted time on nonsense, no one's that lucky
  2. If you don't know I'm guessing you pay for it.
  3. Technically there aren't that many issues, anything can be sorted on the backend, however allowing people to transfer level 60 chars to a freshrealm will be counter productive, might as well make an instant level 60 realm and be done with it, less work and same result.
  4. Surprisingly this wasn't the first reply so here you go....
  5. So pretty big news for the community led curation projects. EA just allowed Skylords Reborn a revival project which aims at bringing Battleforge back online after EA has shut it down in in 2013. EA has not only granted the Skylords team permission to go on with the project but also the right to monetize the project (with some restrictions primarily no paid updates/dlc). While this has little to do with World of Warcraft this is a very good precedent especially considering EA has been very active at going after community projects for defunct games or games that EA has shut down multiplayer services for. Since EA has given them the greenlight to go on and even make money a kickstarter is a real possibility now, this will bring up the discussion of video game curation especially around those which require an online service to be playable even more to the forefront of what can be considered the public media. If this project can generate sufficient good publicity for EA it might push them to lessen their hold over other projects (quite a few of them including Star Wars and most of the sports games are unfortunately out of EA's control due to copyright issues) if the goodwill generated by these moves will turn into actual profits for EA this might also push other companies such as Activision to reconsider their stance on game curation. https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/2828-skylords-reborn-granted-permission-by-ea/
  6. This won't make a difference, there are ways to circumvent this requirement since any cash equivalent benefits can be counted towards the salary cap. This will however badly hurt industries other than tech since there are plenty of H1B holders that work in other field, a very common one is academia since E1B visas are considerably harder to obtain for no good reason. The UK has a pretty steep cap on Tier 2 visas and it doesn't prevent your local kebab place on importing employees by effectively claiming that the 1 bed flat they have to share with 4 other pakistanis is worth 20,000 GBP a year and that the the food and clothing they provide to their employees is worth another 15K. Want to fix H1B's make the application costs an exuberant amount so that outsourcing companies can't file more applications per year than there are visas available effectively playing the lottery. If each H1B visa would cost the applying company 25,000$ in admin fees companies like Infosys and TCS won't make 300,000 applications per year. On the other hand 25K isn't that high of an amount that applying for a specific employee would be prohibitive. If anything the proposed legislation would make it impossible for anyone outside of SV to use the H1B system while there are a lot of other industries in the US that need it. There are tons of medium skilled jobs in the US that are unfilled because americans with a university degree don't want to work in a factory even tho that's the norm for the most of the world. To fix a tractor today you need to be able to debug firmware, but you don't see fresh CS graduates wanting to go and work for john deere. Overall the immigration policy that the US employes for labor is asinine, I know of plenty of people who after completed their masters or doctorate who passed some of the most difficult recruitment processes in the world who could not get in because they couldn't get an H1B that year. The sad part is that there are more open positions in the many industries in the US than there are workers available in the workforce.
  7. The ship bug plagued the MacOS client during Vanilla and TBC this isn't a server specific issue.
  8. Since the quest text is stored on the server as well as other things (NPC names, chatter etc.) the server has to support additional languages, I don't think they will support any other languages than English.
  9. Well if you are stupid enough to sign up to a shady chinatown website with your real details, and then take the gold directly on your main account instead of laundering it through 3-4 accounts via the AH you have only yourself to blame. Follow basic opsec and you don't get caught
  10. This has been grinded to death nearly 12 years ago, itemization sucked, talents sucked, for the most part Hybrids were not really relevant fully until WoTLK and the only reason why they were good in WoTLK is because their DPS, Tanking and Healing was brought to the level of their pure class counterparts. TBC was considerably better for Paladins and Druids as far as Tanking go, and Shamans could really DPS well in TBC as well, but WoTLk pretty much normalized them across the board. But even then there were still times where not all specs were viable for optimized raiding and some specs required very specific itemization which wasn't accessible to all even considering the accessibility improvements in WoTLK. In Vanilla you can DPS on your druid all you want but your kitty won't really come anywhere close to the melee DPS of even warriors yet alone Rogues (and Fury Warriors were pretty much non-existent in the original Vanilla raiding scene either), even post Boomkin patch you Balance DPS wasn't anywhere near warlocks or mages not to mention hunters. I played on Medivh US in Vanilla (before moving to bronzebeard EU) Ascent on Horde side and when Ascent went feet up after BWL released with SF on Alliance, we did plenty of experimentation from hunters using mage gear w/ +spell damage for the stings and magic damage abilities to boomkin tanks just for the kicks of it. We had at some point used feral druids to buff our rogues with LoTP back when you couldn't kill Rag without nearly 2 raid groups full of Rogues but their DPS was pretty much a rounding error. And it's not like we had druids who were allowed to be "feral", ported the 1-2 healer druids to a capital to respect via guild funds usually while we were killing Majordomo... For 5 man sure you can bring them, but the math doesn't add up, in fact their buffs only barely scale with 4 other crit dependant DPS in the group.
  11. They take the spot of a pure class which makes every pull take longer and be harder, you can bring them and you can play through their deficiencies but they bring absolutly nothing to the table.
  12. Fun runs are one thing, doesn't make it efficient, had a druid 10K armor tanking rag in Vanilla proper with SF on Medivh but it was for the lols, the same guy later tanked Rag in a Boomkin for a couple of minutes with Rag's mace But that was way into BWL.... The buffs, dps, and any other secondary ability that any of the "hybrid" classes bring in Vanilla was not sufficient to justify taking them over DPS or a tank. Sure a Druid can somewhat manage to tank some of the level 50+ 5 mans but it takes a lot of effort relative to a warrior, the fact that itemization was beyond horrible for druids, paladins and shamans didn't help either.... Stacking defense as a druid was near impossible, you end up stacking armor and still at very high risk of being 1-2 shotted by many things in entry raids and even 5 man dungeons. Paladins could at least use the same gear as warriors since they could wear plate but then they also had issues with post Tier 1 content because there wasn't a paladin tanking set and there wasn't that much non-set tanking gear. Overall you can have fun, you can have fun by having a rogue evasion tank the last few % of a boss when the tank dies, you can have fun by doing LBRS with a hunter and pet kite tanking all of the bosses and even do the ogre event successfully... But it doesn't mean that this is optimal, ironically since not a single server managed to accurately implement the mechanics so far which meant that classes do too much dps all across the board and there is still something very wrong with how glancing and crushing strikes work it's probably considerably easier to play hybrids on the private servers than it was in vanilla. It's really going to be interesting to see how viable hybrids are going to be in CF with the adjusted difficulty level..
  13. The problem is this this is only somewhat viable in a SHTF situation which arguably would not have happened if you had a proper pure class setup. Druid feral DPS in vanilla is pretty darn low compared to say a Rogue, this is considerable since with proper itemization the difference can be as much as 50%... This means that if you have more DPS output you'll kill things faster meaning that you don't need to help with heales or to pick up the slack because your MT dies at 10% boss HP because the main healer is OOM... Hybrid classes are good for SHTF but the shit hits the fan often because you took them on....
  14. what is this

    what is this 12 hover this! 12
  15. Works in theory if the fights would be big and complicated but in practice hybrid classes do not work. There are no big pulls in 5 mans, there are no big pulls in raids either, you CC everything and pretty much DPS a single target. Probably the only "big" pulls you'll see would be in the <40 man raids like UBRS, ZG, AQ20 but even then the big pulls will have some AOE and 1-2 mobs that need attacking. So while in theory you might say well this pull needs and extra heal, this one needs and offtank etc. there are simply no situation when this is needed, and if you try to play like that you are less effective since it's better to take a pure-class than a hybrid. The problem with Vanilla hybrids is that while Blizzard wanted them to be jack of all trades and masters of none at the end they could never come up with gameplay mechanics in which a hybrid class would be needed since it's not really possible. The only real way of making hybrid classes work is to match their defense/offense/support abilities with the respective pure classes and restrict their diversity with gear and spec requirements, which is exactly what happened from TBC onwards. Can good players still play hybrids in Vanilla? sure, we had a Druid tank Rag (and fairly early just before BWL was released) for kicks and giggles with like 10K armor, later we had a druid tank Rag as a boomkin for a bit with the mace for kicks and giggles. I did LBRS 5 and BRD runs with a hunter as a kite and pet tank for kicks and giggles, tanked some 5 mans as a paladin and even DPSed as a Retadin, but in every case this was sub par.... If you play as a DPS paladin in 5 man you might have some rare case of throwing a heal on the tank or one of the DPS and saving them, but this is an already ohshit moment and things went wrong, there won't be a case where you'll have to go tank or healer for a specific pull and it would actually be better than you DPSing (or simply sitting since unless you had Tier1/Tier2 raid sets and weapons or Rank 10+ PVP gear your DPS would be a joke)... There is no real way to make gameplay so flexible that classes would have to fulfil more than one role while being less than a pure-role and still be effective.