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  1. I got to make a character on my older brother's account probably anywhere from probably February- June 2006, 'cause I started my trial in July 2006. I was such a noob lol, I was really young though. As for my experience, I think I liked the Gnome/dwarf starting zone a whole lot, and never really felt home on the humans side, that has changed now. Also, I never felt at home playing a horde character, does anyone feel the same? Either it feeling completely wrong playing horde, or vise versa. Started as a mage, but also made a couple of warlocks, leveled them to level 4, or 5 each time, and deleted them lol. I died so much, it's not even funny. I checked up on my character on some database a couple of years ago, and I made it to 47 before Tbc's launch. I played so much though... I think I have covered it sort of in overview, but to answer your question more specifically, I think I looked at my brothers play and thought it looked super super fun, so eventually one of my kind older brothers allowed me to create a character on his account, as stated before. I do think, that I was completely blown away by the login experience, in the starting zone. WoW just seemed so awesome back then, so fucking cool, and there were no features that had been added later on that I may personally favour, that now as I play may take away slightly from the experience. See, now I'm a bit conflicted, I do favour the leveling and when you get the mount in vanilla, the gear, and so on, but I still feel like there's so many cool features, that I wouldn't want to have, but at the same time wouldn't want to be without. I think I also got inspired by one of my brothers friend, someone close to our family, he had a gnome rogue with engineering goggles, and I thought it looked so cool. He was really good as well, in wrath he got acknowledged by blizzard as one of the greatest wow players in EU (top 30). Not sure how he got that acknowledgment, but I don't doubt it. He quit school and basically spent most of his time playing wow. Anyway I'm getting sidetracked sorry.
  2. Ok, thank you. I also wasn't sure if this had been posted before, I searched mac client but didn't find anything, I forgot to add that though. Thanks for the response.
  3. Hi, so there is a known issue with the clients running on Mac, what I'm referring to is that Zeppelins (from what I've heard) and boats for sure have issues. So you get on a boat and when you're supposed to arrive at the other continent you fall through the world, and end up wherever ( at Ratchet's graveyard if you took the boat to Darkshore from Wetlands specifically). Supposedly from what I've heard this is an issue with the client, and this issue was way back in Vanilla, since I didn't use Mac back then, I wouldn't know. One way to combat this is to logout on the boat/zeppelin, but since I believe that you want your game as good as possible, I'm wondering if working with the client is something you do here, probably not? maybe? Tbh I'm completely clueless on what you can and can't do as developers, I just thought I'd let you know, in case you could and wanted to fix it. It's not really an issue for me, so no worries. Edit: Sorry if this is the wrong place to post it, wasn't sure where it fit