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  1. Given how simple how a question it is (basically "Is the Hit cap only applied to the final result or also separately at each step for binary spells?"), I'd bet Darkrasp, Imbaslap or beta/alpha testers already have proof that what I wrote above is right or wrong. Unless none of them has done any research on binary spells yet, which would surprise me! Anyway if need be I'll try to find sources regarding my statement, of course.
  2. Actually correct me if I'm wrong, but for binary spells if your target has some resistances, +Hit beyonds the Hit Cap is effectively reducing your target's resistances. Like, if you have, say, 105% chance to hit, with a non binary spell it's treated as 99% (hit cap) and then comes the resistance check, but for binary spells it remains 105%, then the resistance check comes, and the final results is capped to 99%, meaning if you your target doesn't have any resistances the 6% extra hit chance are wasted, but if your target has, say, resistances equal to 6% full resist, then 105% * 94% = 0,987, you're basically getting spell penetration with your extra hit. All of this revolves around the fact that binary spells only have one roll but the amount of hit taken into account in said roll, while caped at 99%, is the product of the hit check & the resistance check which aren't. I might be wrong, I'd have to check some old EJ posts & such but that's what I had in mind.
  3. Thank you for your detailed PM @Darkrasp ; and thank you too @Soyoen. I don't have time to get into them right now. I took a glance at them and will read them more thoroughly in the next few days if I can or this week-end. Darkrasp, regarding Energy refund, yes I'm pretty sure Parries should be concerned. I might be wrong but I think if I'm right I'll be able to find sources quite easily. Will keep you updated. Regarding the refund, it don't think it's a sharp 80%. A "refunded" SS should cost 7 Energy, a refunded BS 11. which is around 17% cost. Can't tell for sure atm if the Energy Cost reduction from the Imp. SS Talent has an impact (my guess would be no, but that is to be determined with sources ; it's actually damn hard to find movie where a Rogue uses un-talented SS though). Don't know about Hemo or Gouge, would have to look at videos too, I guess the 17-20% formula stands but getting the exact amount would be more Blizz-like. Useful (but incomplete) information on the matter can be found here, if you don't already know that site : http://roguecrap.blogspot.fr/2006/03/energy-regeneration-oddities.html Regards
  4. Make sure it also applies to Dodges, Parries & Immunes ;). And make sure it doesn't apply to finishing moves for Rogues, like it's the case on Kronos! Could you elaborate a bit on that? Haven't got the graphs and formulas with me right now, but basically, what formula are you gonna use? The one Nostalrius used, "Athan's" formula with a hard cap at 315 ? The one with a hard at 310 ? Another one ?
  5. Too bad, thank you anyway!
  6. Hey, Just a bug I found out and another suggestion. The minimap button position is reset to default every time I log off. No ALt-F4 or anything, other AddOns save properly etc. I use CMap. Also, sometime when you see your poison has almost no charges or timeleft you want to refresh it, even if it hasn't faded yet, but you can't. Would be nice to make the "Auto apply poisons" function either editable so that you could define minimum amounts of time left / charges left that would allow it to re-apply poisons, or just make it always able to erase old poisons without checking, or maybe a separate "Force poisons applications" or whatever button that would do that. Thank you for your work, regardless of those bugs or wanted features I currently use your AddOn and like it.
  7. Hey, have you considered making it compatible with Nurfed Unit Frames?
  8. I see. It doesn't prove it with 100% accuracy but indeed, it's beyond "reasonable doubt". One could even calculate the probability of Holy Resistance existing or not, on the basis of the video, by taking the probability of having at least 1 partial resist on the X Holy spells the Pally uses during the clip, and indeed it wouldn't be 0 but damn close I guess. Thanks for the link
  9. Just out of curiosity, where can one find the video from retail proving "beyond reasonable doubt" that Holy Resist was, apart from level-based innate resistances, always 0 on retail? Would like to have a look at what put an end to what was one of the funniest post of the Nostalrius forum :D.
  10. Hey, Just tested your AddOn, it's really nice. Haven't had time to test it thoroughly, but didn't encounter the LUA errors mentioned above. One request / suggestion of mine would be to be able to take the two icons of your AddOn and put them on actions bars as if they were actual spells / items. Don't know if t's doable easily or not, but that's something that I'd like. If it isn't doable, a workaround could be to remove the border around them, so that one could scale the icons right and they could virtually be two regular actions buttons. Another thing would be to add a key bind / macro to cycle through your profiles, rather than / in addition to the current options of having a particular key bind to chose a given profile. Thanks again for your work :).
  11. Seems like a great AddOn, I'll try it out, thanks :).
  12. Was the physical damage reduction formula from armor working wrong on Nostalrius, I don't remember noticing that - but maybe you're talking about Feenix or Kronos or whatever?
  13. Well, the thread were you saw that I was looking for help for an AddOn :
  14. Hey, indeed I did, thanks to the contributor who helped me. The AddOn itself is uploaded on the thread I made. It works basically flawlessly, every once in a while there is a small glitch that is solved by reloading UI or something, I don't remember exactly what the bug is (don't play atm), I think one of the weapon disappears or whatever. But it doesn't really matter as it's easily solved and it really happens rarely :). Enjoy !
  15. Damn, ok :(. I guess this also applies if one uses a custom "layout" for Nurfed UF (by ticking "custom layout" in the settings, which uses the layout.lua file in the AddOn folder)? Thank you for taking the time to check that anyway :).