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  1. I don't have much to contribute in the topic. But I really wanted to hop in and let @Darkrasp @Asura @Crogge and the whole team that I, like many others, am really thankful for what you guys are doing. This last week was really trying. And I'm sad to see the Discord go, but if you believe this is going to make things safer and easier for you I'm 100% supportive. Keep it up guys
  2. Welcome! If your main interest is raiding I think you could join an instant 60 server to try some classes and make up your mind.
  3. While I never informed myself on how to run it on macOS, I want to tell you I always run WoW through Wine and never had any problem. So if you need to do the same thing I do in Linux on your mac you can rest assured it works really well.
  4. Great update, good to know you guys are always steadily making progress. If I'm not mistaken, both @Asura and @Crogge popped up on the discord and said they had cool things to share/show. Should we expect updates from them? Maybe videos? I just can't wait to get on to the hype phase. If I'm not mistaken they'll use the same core to everything. Every expansion. So when the "Vanilla Core" is done the TBC core will also be done, the team will only have to update the spells and talents, scripting, etc. I'd imagine beta testing would only start when everything Vanilla is done. But that is with the team and of course I can't know. Everyone knows the best breed is Tamaskan, c'mon now.
  5. Yeah, I don't know what's going on over at elysium. Don't want to. But I'm sure I won't play there, sad that I won't be able to have a toon remain in vanilla when we progress, but at least in CF there will be no major bullshit I believe.
  6. I actually do! The guy is a complete lunatic and workaholic. And worst of all, I believe he could if he really wanted. I even remember somewhere that he wanted to take Crestfall far and beyond WoW emulation and have other games as well on a "network". I can't quote it, must be on the discord somewhere few weeks ago. But I believe it speaks volumes about how addicted to working the man is and also how much he likes the community, since he wants to extend and preserve it. It even reminds me of someone saying "guiding the community into a mirror of ourselves" etc... Discord is completely different. You can tell by the way Asura and Darkrasp act there versus how they act here. Discord is a place for casual conversation while on the forum we (the community) and them (the devs) give well thought-out responses to important matters. I've seen lots of great posters of our forums talking shit and memes on the discord. Night and Day really. Apples and oranges.
  7. We don't know that. The way Elysium does, if I'm not mistaken, is by realm, so not even them amongst themselves are donating into the same pool. If they don't think people from one realm financing another then it seems logical that donations will be 100% separated between Crestfall, Elysium, and Legacy Crusade. A long time ago CF's team sort of estimated back of a fag packet math for upkeep and it was higher than Elysium is asking for in donations. So they'll probably have more expensive services. Not even taking into consideration population disparities this would already be unfair if the donations go into the same pool. But on your other post, the whole point is great. I don't know if it was here in the forums or in the discord, someone from CF said they'd be running the same servers, with the only difference being quantity, and that was also not guaranteed. If players want and staff are able to open a realm that accepts transfers I'm pretty sure the community wouldn't mind as long there was a server/realm that permanently does not. I know I wouldn't mind. As long as I can play on a fresh server without a screwed up economy and gear and every single other problem that allowing transfers would create... I don't mind.
  8. Pretty sure the red was meant as LC -> CF PVP but he drew the arrowhead on the wrong side.
  9. I have a few things Drakrasp said in the Discord Channel: In the war against botters, scripters, cheaters and gold sellers, revealing the methods is pretty bad since it makes it easier to circumvent detection. So we shouldn't expect anything much more informative than this snippets.
  10. If it was all today I'd stay for the whole ride, probably with alts in the static servers to see if I could "clear" the content. But in reality I know I'll get burned out. I always do. So I answered WOTLK in the poll. I know that even if I get burned out in the first month of vanilla (highly unlikely) I'd still come back for TBC, same with getting burned out during TBC and coming back for WOTLK. How many years in the future are we talking about? is it something like 2 Vanilla years? The team said they'll progress once they are satisfied with the number of people who cleared content, not necessarily following blizzlike times.
  11. Hope you lose some sleep leveling and raiding on CF Welcome aboard !
  12. Many players complain of raid scripts, raid tuning and all of that. If you start on Elysium you can get your gear with the "easy" raids and then play on the correctly tuned and scripted raids having the gear already. We all know some people only prefer Vanilla because of the challenge and feeling of accomplishment, these people have literally no reason to play Elysium and hope for future improvements, they can't compete for world firsts, they will always be behind on the grind and for future releases they'll be competing against people who played an easier version of the game, and the different gear will make a lot of difference. Were there guilds waiting/getting ready for CF's release ? I don't remember, but if they were I believe they'll still enroll when we go live. PTE and correct tuning are real drawing points since there will be no character transfer. I'm on the same boat. I have a bad feeling on all of this, but still try and see the positive side; more testers, maybe more devs (we still have no idea if the development of CF is going to be slower with Asura splitting his time improving CF and Elysium or faster with more people helping develop), some guaranteed population and notoriety (even if it were to be a mute point with the quality bringing people in and some homebrew hype machine spinning), maybe even some greater expertise in a few topics (Nost and Elysium had experience dealing with stress on servers and scaling their databases and whatnot - I know asura made the cool clustering system, but maybe there is something out there that someone on Elysium's team knows about and CF's team doesn't. I believe so just because CF agreed to the partnership) and stuff we have no idea about. I'll keep a positive mindset. I'll try not to be hopeful but also not overly critical just because of prejudice. Just wait for more information and try to position myself on the calm and collected side of the community. Yep, I couldn't agree more. There is no "special" community, I can't think of something about Crestfall that would appeal to "humble, decent, funny, generous and knowledgeable skins" but wouldn't appeal to the haters, cynics, elitists and shitpost spammers. They always come. If we want to play on a big server we'll always have to deal with people like that. Also while I think no community is special we have to remember that no one person is special also. We all get mad, sad, angry and etc. It all depends on how we deal with it. So not to be elitist, every community has great people in them, even if diluted. My plan right now is just to treat everything community related as if the announcement wasn't made. If someone comes to the forums and introduces themselves as an ex-elysium player I'll treat them like everybody else, he is just another nice guy who wants to play PTE legacy wow like every single one of us. If the VPNs work and CF's team find creative and effective ways to deal with gold sellers, spammers and the other shit in the servers the hate on the forums will probably be kept at a minimum. Satisfied people tend to be nicer. People who get what they were promised are calmer. In-game, if the chat isn't being spammed and the people who talk to you seem genuine you're more prone to help, listen and create adventures together. So just having no bots, no gold sellers, no farming cross-faction mafias and not being in a server overpopulated with griefers already makes the community less prone to grief, spam complaints and etc. I'm 98% sure I'll play CF, even if I get mad with the FAQ and Q&A. Even if just to try it.
  13. Outstanding, when I was only lurking and following CF from afar it was posts by people like you, roadblock and elicas that tipped the scales and made me register. If even after the Q&A, FAQ and Orcbit's interview you still feel betrayed and leave, then the community will suffer a great loss, but I'll wish you the best. But, to stay on topic; What really bothers me is some of the stuff unknown. I'll be sad if I can't have a Toon in a persistently Vanilla server that bans VPNs and have lower population limits. I really wanted to play through the extensions but also transfer my 60s when the server gets updated. CF's team really dropped the ball on not having some FAQ or ANYTHING ready for the announcement. I thought they knew their community better than that. People are unhappy. My fear is they didn't disclose more because they knew us well and have information that will make Crestfallen even angrier/more disappointed... Addressing another point you made, I think if the quality speaking for itself really did work, the community being gone would become reality sooner or later, so the insufferable Elysium community coming to us doesn't bother me that much. It will be bad. But it was going to get bad anyways sooner or later. But if people feel like you and start giving up on CF then I start to worry more. Ideas like yours to have the guild website and forums were the kind of thinking I was hopeful about. The CF forums would go to shit as expected but people would have community run and driven cove where we could enjoy the same hygga we have here. I never posted much, my account is new, but just by lurking I felt part of something. So I get what people are feeling, the something they once were is no more. Personally I will wait and see what turns out of the merge, I'll listen to the interview, read the FAQs and Q&As and after that I'll take my hope to curt and judge it.
  14. It will be the announcement announcement : "We are announcing that some time in the next week the website in which the announcement will be made is going to go live! When the website hits live we'll announce the announcement date !" Seriously tho, website with fuzzy bug tracker/progress bar would be supa
  15. And you are a beta tester. Nice.