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  1. The dev's (and the main public attracted towards a server like CF) are the kind of people who wouldn't meddle in such. People who look for blizzlike server generally don't want the hassle and risks of modifying stuff and actually design a game. If these items are in the files but not in the game, putting them on the game would be an expression on balance (or whatever other design decision that made it stay out of the game) and in my personal opinion it opens the flood gates to lots of other discussions, like buffing Druid's tanking or w/e. So I don't know their stance, I'd bet they are against it (only changes they said they'll be making is correcting bugs/exploits), I'd bet the majority of the community would be against and while I don't care, I think it would be better not to touch this kind of stuff. But if someone suggested having portals or some kind of access to the places Blizzard never used (like the emerald dream) just as a tourist attraction... That I'd be supportive of.
  2. I remember having the skinning audio play on repeat sometimes on retail. Could be something on my end, tho. Perfectionism always comes with the risk of never being satisfied. So yeah, there is the risk, but I feel like it won't happen with CF. The number of major bugs the team, and specially Azura, already tackled on the core, like fixing pet movement, then fixing opening chests or doors and world collision, having to re-write pet movement, realizing now taunt is broken, then fixing taunt and breaking pet movement, then fixing pet movement again.... These are all examples taken deliberately out of my ass, but from Darkrasp's updates it does seem like there were a lot of rewrites of already rewritten stuff. These guys could have already made a really good amount of money if so they desired. They could have given up a long time ago. They could have released a long time ago a 'better than most but not quite there' server when nostalrius went down. They could have spun the wheels of hype machines and gotten a few thousand registered players with an unfinished product, etc... I think it won't be like Corecraft. Simply because these guys are maniacs. Perfectionist maniacs for whom I'm grateful. There is a risk, but I'm sticking with my gut for now.
  3. Time to code a little bot to scrub the forums for every username and to create toons for everyone instantly upon release Seriously tho; I created an account on the forums just to ask about reserving names, but then a couple days later someone posted something about using special characters, and I felt reassured I could get my favorite ones or minor variations. Anyways, I wouldn't be mad if people from the forums could reserve one...
  4. Welcome! I like PVP here and there, but with the pop limits here on CF I think it will be really fun playing the PVP server, not that much griefing, a nice leveling and occasional ganking.
  5. Welcome! I also don't know you from other projects, but I agree it is nice to introduce yourself even if you're already active here on the CF forums - even if just for archives purpose, when new players down the road see you they can come back here and see it. Have a good one, I imagine mods are also volunteers, so thank you for your time!
  6. I got to know it when all you heard about in the Pserver scene was Nost being killed. People were throwing server names left and right, Rebirth, Kronos and lots of others. I got really interested in Kronos, but was waiting to see what came out of their second server or server wipe, something like that. But one of the servers I heard of was CF, while waiting for the second Kronos release I spent my time reading ALL of the devs' updates here and got really invested. Researched cores and what they were, how scripting works and everything. After all of this I really got in love with CF's perfectionism. I still never played vanilla, really want to play TBC and the server being PTE really cemented my choice. While I want to replay TBC, I think it would be really cool to do so already having a lvl 60. Also when all the Nost's death grief was running loose I also got really curious to know why so many people love Vanilla so much. The community here also made me create an account and post. I was already lurking in the Discord Channel for a while. The devs seem like nice people, the members seem like nice people, the server looks very promising with the devs' perfectionism and it looks like it won't just die and give up or disappoint (like so many other projects with perfectionist devs). Their presence in the community is very nice. Everything about CF is exactly what I always hoped for in a Pserver, from the progression starting in Vanilla, to the population limit being "more blizzlike"; their perfectionism with the blizzlike ideal; their DDoS and VPN plans, together with their proxy plans (if they do it, if they don't it is fine); even their plans on how to make the server survive the higher costs... In the end, everything CF feels comfortable, the community feels like home. Everything is very "hyyga" here.
  7. Will do! Although I'll still wait to try it out in Nostlysium when their pop isn't as high. If CF comes before that I'll probably just stick with CF - not that I'm in a hurry anyway.
  8. Yeah, I think I'll stick to my plan of trying out Elysium when they drop to 6k or lower pop. Maybe if everyone gets to 40+ or something I can try even with the queues and stuff ... But do you guys think a noob like myself can compare servers based on low leveling ? I think leveling to 20 (e.g.) is not a vanilla virginity ruining experience. Thanks for the warm welcome and opinions guys !
  9. Hey everyone, how you doing ? Been following the project for the last couple of months, decided to sign in on the forums today and did it. This community seems very much nicer than some others I've played a bit of wow when TBC was released, couldn't keep paying the subscription as a kid with no income, and moved on. During college (four years ago ?) my house-mates got me back into it, and we played a bit of TBC (which I knew) in a bad and big private server, until we all got tired of the bugs. Last year we started on Warmane, but I couldn't keep myself interested. When all of that Nost stuff was blowing up I got interested in trying Vanilla, but at the beginning everyone was shitting in every alternative's direction, and I really didn't want to experience my first time in Vanilla in a bad server. Then I found Crestfall, began reading Darkrasp's updates and Azura's posts and realize how hard it is to make a good server. The more I read the less I wanted to play on Kronos or on a possible Nost re-release. Now here I am, my plan was to try Nostlysium out when the pop over there gets more manageable (if it does), try Crestfall out when it is ready, and find my server. What you guys think? Should I try another Vanilla experience to start on CF already aware of what I should do or should I stay fresh and let myself be amazed by the world once and for all when CF releases ?