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  1. While I never informed myself on how to run it on macOS, I want to tell you I always run WoW through Wine and never had any problem. So if you need to do the same thing I do in Linux on your mac you can rest assured it works really well.
  2. If I may: It would also be really helpful to have one of those "charts" showing who's who. Like a "About Us" page listing everyone and stating their responsibilities and maybe access. It would look professional and function as a source so people know who to talk to when some problem arises (server down -call crogge; core broken - call asura; found a botter - call a GM or w/e).
  3. Great update, good to know you guys are always steadily making progress. If I'm not mistaken, both @Asura and @Crogge popped up on the discord and said they had cool things to share/show. Should we expect updates from them? Maybe videos? I just can't wait to get on to the hype phase. If I'm not mistaken they'll use the same core to everything. Every expansion. So when the "Vanilla Core" is done the TBC core will also be done, the team will only have to update the spells and talents, scripting, etc. I'd imagine beta testing would only start when everything Vanilla is done. But that is with the team and of course I can't know. Everyone knows the best breed is Tamaskan, c'mon now.
  4. Yeah, I don't know what's going on over at elysium. Don't want to. But I'm sure I won't play there, sad that I won't be able to have a toon remain in vanilla when we progress, but at least in CF there will be no major bullshit I believe.
  5. I actually do! The guy is a complete lunatic and workaholic. And worst of all, I believe he could if he really wanted. I even remember somewhere that he wanted to take Crestfall far and beyond WoW emulation and have other games as well on a "network". I can't quote it, must be on the discord somewhere few weeks ago. But I believe it speaks volumes about how addicted to working the man is and also how much he likes the community, since he wants to extend and preserve it. It even reminds me of someone saying "guiding the community into a mirror of ourselves" etc... Discord is completely different. You can tell by the way Asura and Darkrasp act there versus how they act here. Discord is a place for casual conversation while on the forum we (the community) and them (the devs) give well thought-out responses to important matters. I've seen lots of great posters of our forums talking shit and memes on the discord. Night and Day really. Apples and oranges.
  6. We don't know that. The way Elysium does, if I'm not mistaken, is by realm, so not even them amongst themselves are donating into the same pool. If they don't think people from one realm financing another then it seems logical that donations will be 100% separated between Crestfall, Elysium, and Legacy Crusade. A long time ago CF's team sort of estimated back of a fag packet math for upkeep and it was higher than Elysium is asking for in donations. So they'll probably have more expensive services. Not even taking into consideration population disparities this would already be unfair if the donations go into the same pool. But on your other post, the whole point is great. I don't know if it was here in the forums or in the discord, someone from CF said they'd be running the same servers, with the only difference being quantity, and that was also not guaranteed. If players want and staff are able to open a realm that accepts transfers I'm pretty sure the community wouldn't mind as long there was a server/realm that permanently does not. I know I wouldn't mind. As long as I can play on a fresh server without a screwed up economy and gear and every single other problem that allowing transfers would create... I don't mind.
  7. Pretty sure the red was meant as LC -> CF PVP but he drew the arrowhead on the wrong side.
  8. I have a few things Drakrasp said in the Discord Channel: In the war against botters, scripters, cheaters and gold sellers, revealing the methods is pretty bad since it makes it easier to circumvent detection. So we shouldn't expect anything much more informative than this snippets.
  9. Sorry I didn't make myself clear: I was saying if the Network was never formed they wouldn't have the quality and probably wouldn't even PTE (it was in Nost's plans but not in Elysium's) and therefore the players who wanted it would come to us anyways. So everything I said was according to the hypothetical situation of the Network not being formed. That is why I used "wouldn't" instead of "won't". Cheers.
  10. I'm pretty sure they did nothing to try and change the community. Yes, if elysium players want PTE they are being coerced to join us, but first of all there was no guarantee that elysium would actually be PTE (didn't it take them years to get some raid going? I don't remember the information precisely, but it is something like that - I think it would be to high an expectation to think they'd have a working BC in the near future) and second, even if they did launch BC and continued with PTE plans they wouldn't be getting our core. So the players who wanted PTE and are now "forced" to play on CF might have ended up here anyway. What changes is that the staff will only have to maintain two PTE server instead of maintaining a couple of servers for every expansion and both PTEs. Edit: At least this is what I got from the whole ordeal. I might be completely off and making too many assumptions.
  11. If it was all today I'd stay for the whole ride, probably with alts in the static servers to see if I could "clear" the content. But in reality I know I'll get burned out. I always do. So I answered WOTLK in the poll. I know that even if I get burned out in the first month of vanilla (highly unlikely) I'd still come back for TBC, same with getting burned out during TBC and coming back for WOTLK. How many years in the future are we talking about? is it something like 2 Vanilla years? The team said they'll progress once they are satisfied with the number of people who cleared content, not necessarily following blizzlike times.
  12. This is a bit disappointing. I really prefer CF's approach to hosting a pserver (no VPNs, no multiboxing, lower population limit) and although I don't intend to stay behind this is still sad news. But it is only a bit of sad amidst lots of good news. Hope you all can accomplish great things together.
  13. So when Crestfall gets to TBC there will be no Benedict server with VPNs and CF's philosophies? This was one of the major selling points for a lot of people. Personally I'll progress, but there are people who just want to play on a CF ran vanilla server, which won't exist in a couple of years since that would "potentially compromise [the provision of distinct options for PTE and SE]" and "have far-reaching effects on the economies of [Elysium] servers". Maybe if you're all just starting the partnership and discussing a lot of things this might change. But yeah, it would be much nicer if you guys had your standalone servers. Second this. You guys and their announcement post talk a lot about expertise. But at the same time you're lead dev will lead their development and your sysadmin will administrate their systems. Which area of expertise are they bringing to the table? Crestfallen are curious. Maybe legal expertise ? Since they managed to no shutdown even while being big enough to annoy Blizzard ? Let me answer that. That is your decision. But seriously, it appears we will still have our forums for us, the websites won't be merged, Elysium people won't be transferred, etc. All is changing is that now their team and ours will meet up and share research, fixes, experiences of running servers and etc. They won't have a say in our server and we won't have on theirs. No one can make a decision for you, and I doubt the team will ask you to stay. All you can do is reason with the newest information. If you still feel TO blindsided and betrayed. I think it might be irreparable. And that is to everyone who are thinking about staying or leaving. The server will still be the best server around. The team is still the same team and the forums are still our forums. They caught us by surprise and did something unthinkable for the vocal and more invested players (even non-posters, as we could see in the reaction thread), now they tried to clear up our questions. Personally I still dislike the Elysium devs. So will see. Still wondering what CF's team gets out of all of this.
  14. Hope you lose some sleep leveling and raiding on CF Welcome aboard !
  15. Alright, this is starting to look better. I believe most if not all Crestfallen can agree with this. We still get our fresh and correctly blizzlike server. Would still prefer a different server for end of expansion transfer instead of Elysium's but it is fine. Yes. I think the forums had (and for now still has) a better dynamic than most because people here actually read the posts, think about them, and only then reply. In big communities it is harder to do so, the stream of posts is sometimes too fast to keep up with, the amount of topics to great, with more people there will also always be more "toxic" ones and then the ad-hominem begins, the blind defenses and blind hate, etc. I know I had trouble keeping up these last couple of days. We all have limited time and it is hard to read seven pages of reactions and discussion in this thread. But it is nice to see that now it is getting calmer again and people can post digested and well thought opinions, like yours, instead of the initial reaction. Initial reactions are also great on these threads, we can assess the situation much better. Gosh I like it here. It feels like that is the truth and the "let's help the community play the best WoW possible" is just rhetoric. I mean, we all know Asura is a damn workaholic, always searching for something to improve and retouch, and that he seems to be happiest when juggling lots of different tasks. So part of me believes he's only done this so he can have more work to do, and improving three servers at the same time is his next challenge. I have doubts on how he'll work as a team leader, since he always looked like a person who doesn't trust others to do his work. But as an outsider there is no way to know if that even is true. I just hope he gets more people whose code he trusts and can delegate work to, then even coding much less than before all the projects can still improve faster than they currently are. holy commas. But addressing the point; it will be hard for them to keep their heads on the task ahead while their community sets fire to everything. I also hope they can. The lack of a longer and more detailed explanation was really bad. Maybe in the end they really are doing everything right, checking all the boxes people got worried about here on the forums, like cutting Pottu, implementing VPN's and anti-cheats, etc. As of now no one knows what they're doing, if they really are doing everything possible to keep it as close to how it was before but now with a larger team and some active servers, having posted the detailed explanation with the announcement would save them a lot of backlash and the hysteria we saw on this thread.