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  1. Thank you. Just talked to Asura and he agreed to help without hesitation. You guys are an amazing team. I will help testing the zhTW localization when it is ready.
  2. Thanks for your kind answer. I'll talk to Asura.
  3. Hello crestfall, I have watched this project for months. I admire the work you guys have done especially the idea about rewriting the core if I'm not mistaken. One thing that impress me is the localization you guys done, I have seen your youtube video of introducing localization. It would definitely attract people, me and a couple of my friends have decided to join when OB. The thing is, the chinese localization is not only zhCN(Simplified Chinese) but also zhTW(Traditional Chinese), lots of chinese use zhTW as well. So I wonder if you guys do zhTW. I realize the chinese client on the internet are most zhCN, and I have a full 1.12 zhTW client if that would help. It's just a suggestion, if u guys decide not to do it, we could understand. And sorry about my poor english. Sincerely, testagle