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  1. Welcome.
  2. And don't forget release the server soon.
  3. I think the most important aspect for me is social. I can speak about my first kill in raid or when I doing pvp alone but my best memories in this game is when I play whith my social group and we have a tons of laughs. I can do anything pvp or pve but isn't the same when I do this alone or when I do this whit my partners. We are a humans guys we an sociable animal.
  4. The mother earth call me for eradicate the gnomes plague and her fuel machine, she provide me a natural green skin and a big battle axe. I'm the shaman justice, because le horde don't have paladins. I love PvP of course.
  5. We know the tauren are descent from cows this is a popular knowledge. But the question here is dranei is a descent from goat? I think... In a dark night a drunk human, who can't find a chick, when he walk to home he find a sexy goat and fuck with her to relax his soldier. and after nine moths a dranei comes to the world. Discuss.
  6. I hate Nost AV when they add mines and Mines comander, I don't remenber this upgrade in retail version and I think they only do for stop farming reputation.
  7. Here we go.
  8. Hi dudes, I'm an old wow player I still play after 11 years, when the Hogger is the most infamous enemy. I'm happy when I hear about Crestfall proyect, Because I think this guys can do a "real" vanilla experience. Cometin