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  1. I support this thread and i would like to see this from every class, and further, from every thing in vanilla. Listing the changes made from first to last.
  2. Looks like a future Dota map
  3. Bugged aq and naxx. im waiting for benediction core to be used on elysium, until this happens though... crestfall release their server so im gonna play on cf vanilla and transfer at the end on elysium.
  4. I dont care about PTE, I want to take advantage of playing on a expansion longer than it was available on blizzards hands. So i will play all 3 but not on PTE. I hope by PTE Wotlk they have a single-Wotlk project where i will go. Just shitty thing is i dont wanna get banned because Gamemasters, Rules or Community Managers are to corrupt. I like the mentality of CF, i felt good with them here now we have to go to the others... I survived Feenix, Kronos and Nostalrius, I think Elysium is the best option out of these 4 and the potential that Elysiums Stuff can become more healthier/friendlier with their rules and decisions, since they are teamed up with CF and LC.
  5. Oh yes, about that i agree, i guess the admins are ok but the Community Manager or Gamemaster i dont know, recently they just closed a reddit thread when it was about Grizzly, looked like they were protecting them.
  6. How does Elyisum affect Crestfalls quality!? Crestfall is building the core . Things are more quality in this forum and on CF Discord because there arent many people here, guess why, server isnt released yet, thats why, there is no reason to hang out in this forum or CF discord. When CF releases shits going to be down here with the pvp guys shitting on each other and spraying all of it in other sections of the forum. What dude, it will probably be a bit better than every other big servers. This is how it is and always will be, 10 people here, better to control, you know everybody, with 10k, no.... there will be always who feel free to speak what they want and not get caught. Dont get afraid, you can stopt he toxic when it comes to you, or you spread it. Incase you support that, and complaining about toxicity, then you should really quit internet and face reality.
  7. https://www.reddit.com/r/wowservers/comments/5t6gcy/does_elysium_wow_like_being_spoon_fed/ omg @Vashinkt is this you?
  8. In the discord it was said that on CF they wont be intervening in private chat, like world chat, now my dream is crushed because on elysium they would do that and ban for questioning the GMs actions, when it doesnt sound right to the player. These are guessings i just wanna open up the topic that Elysium learns from CF and what to do and what not to do. Can we please get this going, its probably going to take some time...
  9. we will get fked by tyche, we need to start giving lessions for those guys with big ego nuts, gotta crack them since they wont smoothly open it.
  10. Yea thats what i meant, when CF Vanilla gets upgraded to TBC then you can transfer your Elysium characters to CF Vanilla. Whatever ill see its not the end of the world, thanks for your effort.
  11. haha its ok you will get over it.... People can improve and if you are correct about corruption, it seems they have improved... But yea actually if we play Vanilla under Elysiums realms then we have to deal with their gamemasters and forum mods.... I hope they improve by then ...
  12. CF would get full house server anyway which would bring "toxic" people anyway, (it would reduce the amount of those people when they see the new quality). Quality wont be worse, in the above FAQ it is confirmed Elysium gets the same quality. So you can play CF freely. If you are worried that we have to play Vanilla on Elysium, no worries, quality wont change, on that time, all realms will have Benediction core, which Crestfall is developing, with all the stuff that has been mentioned in Darkrasp's Dev Updates. No quality is lost.
  13. Will it be possible to transfer from: Kul Tiras -> Anathema ? Kul Tiras <- Anathema ? While Kul Tiras is on the Elyisum's realmlist. (When Crestfall progressed to TBC and Kul Tiras and Zul Dare are on Elysiums Realmlist) When its like this:
  14. I think you are making this up and i am responding to you because this sounds interesting. Waiting for Ilovecats's response.
  15. But why ???