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  1. Wowservers drew me here. I cant really reemember when. What settles me here is the knowledge and dedication of CF team members (shown through discord, forum). I would love to have a character on CF that is atleast 3 years old. And thx to that knowledge, i am definitly done with Mangos. Pretty sad mangos developers never admit the negative side of the codes, what is possible or not. On a side i would rather give my best getting my own game done instead of putting effort in a mangos server. I would like to write about CF's game content but thats currently not possible. So unpredictable, that it makes me very excited, that i really want to explore stuff ingame. Surely there are people who have given up on some content which they will probably see fixed on CF.
  2. On Elyisum people alread discourage GDKP in world / trade chat. If im correct GDKP came into existence on Feenix and never done in a large scale like on Feenix on other servers so after these years, population growed heavily and information is shared faster and dirt is cleaned faster, so yea keep discourage people from this, i never attended this because i couldnt effort 2k or so for just one BWL item <.< What still exists that came from feenix ? Only Cancer grown from feenix.
  3. I wanna try that too
  4. Yes Non-Finishers are excluded from energy refunding. Definitly. There are ways through talent to get energy from finishers.
  5. resist and block are in the link too. https://vanilla-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?issue=3180
  6. https://vanilla-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?issue=3180
  7. Yea and make a set of rules where the parents have to take repsonsibilities and if they are not they have to give their baby, and go to jail for 20 years. And because the responsibilities are not so obvious to so many parents, it has to be written in paper so that the 20 year jail can be justified. Alcohol needs to be removed from countries where people are victims of an accident where the person who caused this was drunk. It can be allowed 5 decades later, perhaps then the generations can get used to other things than shitting all over the place. Same for drugs, since i think there are accidents becuase of people under drug.
  8. search "fanning" on this forum. They implement this i think
  9. seems you live in a area / zone where there is no good thing happening Be the first one ?
  10. No signatures on CF thats awesome
  11. Hey Cho are you still taking requests for the WCM / YT DL's / Uploads? What about the AV Vids, are they coming ?
  12. simple and shit ^^
  13. you have literally 3 screens ?
  14. ui didnt know its that far
  15. https://youtu.be/HniEqJf26z4?t=9m7s