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  1. Hey, just walking through the map until its explored is ok too. Maybe gotta die a few times because of thats ok hehe.
  2. with the new multiboxing rule this is gonna be unfortunate.... 2 accounts and you have both online and you are not in captial city? Banned both accs... Lets just play more so it doesnt have to be merged.
  3. Here is a personal opinion, i never liked Outstanding. What did he try to do ??? make a community ??????????????????????????? There is no dying community here, its just available while server is not launched, when its launched it will be full. Normal, if the forum doesnt exist, it doesnt matter, they just open the forum 2 weeks before the release or 1 month before, whatever. Its like beating a dead horse trying to create a community here while the server is not up... people are here because they wanna play, why else? Im not coming here, for anyone, i wanna play and see progress on dev updates and see if there is a new CF update or something interesting like the cool Wc3 UI. Im really not here because someone thinks he has to make sure the fforum activity should be high or else CF will die or whatever nonsense .... hope this doesnt sound negative or wrong... But if he helped in the bugtracker/research regarding bugs, thats something else, i would thank anyone who contributes to make the game more bugfree.
  4. if this happens to crestfall i will say goodbye to WoW until i hear private servers are legal, but would be lucky to hear such thing when one doesnt have anything to do with it ^^
  5. got to lvl 6, went t o sleep, woke up on 6:30 am see this.....
  6. Is there an Addon that shows the trigger points of unexplored areas of a map ? I wanted to use it when the server launches and gather XP by farming maps.
  7. woah why would people get banned for this ? BTw maybe the arena event is not enabled with the release
  8. Thanks, i actually forgot about discord...
  9. And again F**K wowservers! Seriously, nice post Darkrasp... Some wall of text can have 0 value... how do you respond to it and what if you shouldnt ? These kind of people use the crowd against a team / project. Why are the bad servers not getting such thing ? Cause those haters / mad people are involved in such projects and they have 0 value, thats why they dont get hit by nonsense like this, they just show off how they "steal" stuff from others, pff same old shit. Crestfall is the best, sorry for the others. I personally if i was a leader of this project i would perma ban from the entire project not beeing able to play here. But yes they would do a monthly hate speech on wowservers but thats also what would make them look like a joke, since it wouldnt work anymore and everyone would know they fully deserved the consequences. Sorry for some off-topic, pisses me off.
  10. Crestfall is not dead and Crestfall is not dying!
  11. Good job Macu, well said my minion.... First time i see something great from you!
  12. Probably all just Ego problems pfff. Kindergarden
  13. I hope Crestfall doesnt respond to this pile of trash from some random people that wants to spread cancer.
  14. I have applied as a tester and my chance wasnt there yet and im not pissed off... wowservers just created a shitstorm and you dont bring this here.
  15. Some random people posting about a project, whats with the sudden dissapointment?