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  1. Want to mention a chat bug: When you use a macro that has an ability in it like /cast Kick(Rank 2) and you use ALT + Arrow key up then this macro command is appearing which shouldnt. Its a bug. It shouldnt appear in the chat, it shouldnt be considered as typing in the chat, its just a command beeing run through the macro feature. Pretty shit experience when you wanna say something again and you cant because of so many macro commands.
  2. Can we know the proffesion of the testers? Are all classes already done ? Which classes are left ? this information would satisfiy those who are not choosen or those who can still wait.
  3. I dont know what there is to check here so many times everyday, server not up. Im only checking if there is an announcement or so from the project team
  4. I have a concern about a non-blizzlike feature which is: Making high level enchants only available to high level characters, meaning no Crusader for lvl 19 29 twinks u know. This would remove the blizzlike experience of twinks but on the other hand, leaving it like this, it creates a nonblizzlike game experience aswell, because in time, both factions stack up on twinks and all the non-twinks getting shooed away while the twinks only fight each other. But on kronos i experienced Twinks wont fight each other, they are getting scared from each other, so both factions end up farming non-twinks all the time. Also Blizzlike was 2-3 Max twinks in one BG, but on Kronos there were 4-6 twinks in one BG ! When the low level battlegrounds are made for those 10-19, 20-29, the twinks are increasing their gear level which is not fair anymore, you could say 10-19 means 10-29 if not 10-39... You really need to do there something! Twinks dont intend to fight each other, they just want to get off their frustration from sucking at high leevl pvp where its fair, they only intend to farm nontwinks who are easy to kill, its for pricks u get it ? Lol.... Low levels could learn fighting in pvp, but thats not gonna happen in battlegrounsd beeing twink gods who never die, thats not a challenge. Unintended feature from blizzards point of view, they fixed it later so people couldnt enchant 19 twinks anymore with high level enchants. I wish to experience normal fights with normal average gear people have, then people cry that nobody queues low level bgs. Because twinks causing problems. Also having their first experience with capture the flag, getting better while growing up in levels and eventually becoming better. This makes people become better in BGs. Who would wanna run for the flag if u keep getting 2 shotted by a twink half way through ? It is depressing. Atleast with normal geared people there would be a challenge to survive it and help each other. I am not looking for anyone commenting on my Text without arguments/reasons that Twinks should exist as they were always. Do tell me what you say about 6 Horde/Alliance twinks on one side! Twinks are pussies who are afraid of each other. Also they really think they are good pvpers because of their enchants. If seriously nothing is going to be changed, ill take the challenge on Crestfall and make myself aa Twink asap and farm the Twinks and never attack non-twink, these pussies i just cant wait. I will make the brackets Great again, then! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  5. guide

    Warchief's Blessing buffs crossroad too
  6. If you wanted to buy Nintendo Switch or get excited seeing many videos on Youtube, then dont miss this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cb-srOfRqNc Pure Zelda Nostalgia.
  7. Woah reinstall your computer? .... i have no words for this, how desperate are people to make a project leave ? Thanks for keep staying and not leaving us with mangos servers. What would i think if i get some serious trouble just because im helping in a project to give something good to other people ? Honestly i would take a break i guess if that happened to me.
  8. Im playing on another server currently, vanilla, and we are doing 5man elite group quest, what about allowing questing in a raid group ? Just thought about it, there are like 10+ people in the same area trying to get the same mobs. that would be cool, just curious tho... Edit: I guess its the challenge / difficulty part so that a quest is beaten by a certain amount of people not more than that or it becomes to easy.
  9. Guilds should write in their guild website how their loot council works, meaning how the loot decision is made so that you cant corrupt. To me its completely stupid and nonsense making loot council decisions based on anything else.. It would be shit if there is a player who doesnt get items for 2-3 raids. Thats dissapointing and thats not how it should work, why would i spend my time, doing what the guild wants from me and not get items for 2-3 raids ? Thats bullshit. It shouldnt be given to someone who makes the most dps or most heal. thats stupid and corrupt. Doing this way others never get to deal more dps/heal. Equiping main tank first makes sense. Loot council depends on the person who runs it, so... is he rational or irrational ? If i was doing it everybody would be happy and the insects who dont like this rational behaviour would leave the guild with some shit talking and then /gquit. i feel like running a guild like that on CF
  10. Why are there Harvest Watchers in Westfall ? Im blown away by the fact there are Harvest Watchers in Westfall holy damn...
  11. Why does this question sound so inappropriate to me ? Like "WTF ?"
  12. AzAMOus is keep spreading this drama in this forum, just saying. He seems like he wants to keep it alive. Maybe Crestfall wants to make a rule specificly for this drama to stop it lol. im supporting the downfall of this drama. so this thread and his previous thread speaks against me.
  13. I support this thread and i would like to see this from every class, and further, from every thing in vanilla. Listing the changes made from first to last.