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  1. maybe its time to lock the thread
  2. i think that just includes forum rules, ingame is CF rules. ingame CF GM's. seperate servers. CF /// Ely diferent realms. maybe ely GMs can enter CF realms ? Wonder if CF and Ely realms are gonna be on the same realmlist. even tho both have differnt core, right ?
  3. I didnt know this was that good. I just wish nothing happens to Asura.
  4. Why does the PvE realm die ?
  5. Gotta say Asura is a human like everyone else, can only wish him the best about safety and secure RL stuff, whats happening on the computer shouldnt affect RL. Its just a game... Ye companies are not original, not making great games anymore... lets see what the future will be like. To me, i have high standards and i noticed the slow death of retail wow. Realizing the seperation of people. PvE gear seperated from PvP gear, but lowbobs wont understand this. (reslience = additional threat in raids) all the elite long quest chain mobs went from elite to non-elite, nones talking about this, cause peoples standard of quality is low. slow death in progress, the fun died and they just pull the dead horse from his throat further a long the road of dead zombies on the ground where only the most braindead people still pay for blizzard and other trash games. I guess aslong as a company releases a product, labeling it with "Game" its supposed to be fun, no matter what content is inside, even if its just insulting your own race in one way. its a game right.
  6. Velox you talk about those people who actually played vanilla and help with testing / reseraching / developming ? That those will be gone and only thing that will be left are people who never played vanilla and try fixing the game for their needs?
  7. This forum is not gonna exist and we all have to go to Elysiums forum LOL. Mad Mods just gonna shadow ban, im expecting the worst beeing on their own discord, reddit, forum, im not sure about ingame tho, but their GM's will be on CF realm ? ??? With Elysiums ingame rules ??? Like private chat channel rules. oh fuck man... Asura once said he knows about 7 NPC formations, who from Elysium cares about this, they dont care enough... Im just to afraid of them and cant risk to waste my time on 0 hope. They would just talk around it or be like "come on dont be picky" something like that, like just a Vanilla version 2.0. just getting mobs to an "ok"-ish state..... Not checking out sources at all... Thats my impression from their github.
  8. Dont forget rules, GM behaviour etc.
  9. doesnt matter who gets what, what matters is is the person passionate about what he does, does he leave some bugs for years not getting fixed ?
  10. No Asura skills on core developemnt anymore. Plus I have no idea what this means. CF / Ely left and right, above and bellow. I dunno. Does this now mean every CF staff member has to read their rules first and if there are things they disagree then they are about to quit ? Like... damn my reddit account is banned on elysium reddit and the community is ignorant regarding some bugs or custom content, like who is gonna listen when talking about bugs, where the leader is just a good programmer but no passion for the game and its details ? But ok 50/50 about to quit.
  11. Welcome, dont get your hopes up for a soon release. Also there is supposed to be an announcement beeing posted on sunday or monday, many want to check that out already. I am following Crestfall for some longer time now and i cant wait for it, to experience their "Quality". i believe we are going to see a huge milestone in vanilla quality and i hope it wont die with the expansion towards TBC. An open beta is supposed to be released before the release. And so far it probably can be said that the project simply functions dynamically, where simply nobody can estimate the release, as it includes the free time of many people involved in their Team. One becomes less active, one becomes more active and whatever else that can happen in someones free time.
  12. So people would get banned for what? People must be getting jelous or hating it. But why would they do it? I really hope CF wont intend on provocating tho, and just be honest and just announce what they are doing. I dunno why things has to be so big, only if people make it big though, something that sounds unacceptable. Well i hope its that good that the low minorty speaks that loud and come with self created lies and what not xD. I just cant take it that its gonna be that big, maybe a big dissapointment, a big letdown of something that was supposed to happen for long time and suddenly, its fked. And to the part with "Felymst" people, maybe Crogge says something serious about his server (closed beta sign ups?)and Gummies server to sound like Crogge's server is better. Good that someone finally created this Thread! :=)
  13. There is no color...
  14. OH LOL..... u will figure out what this above means. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rYoRaxgOE0
  15. hype

    Just now i discovered a Game on Steam that has World of Warcraft Developers and a thread that says it has similarity to pre nerf AV. Its early acces and im not buying it but yea, if anyone wanna try it out, game is called Rend (MMO) https://steamcommunity.com/app/547860/discussions/0/135511757696828522/
  16. i will go play PvP realm, dont wanna risk.
  17. Any experienced PvE realm players who can tell how the battleground population usually is at level 60? Do you guys think this PvE realm will have all (lvl 60) battlegrounds 24/7 running ? ab av wsg I have never played on a PvE realm and wanted to get some insight.
  18. Lol nost.
  19. ugh... I dont know... its a question mark at the end .... Why?? oh and nice catch Also long time no school and i learned english on the internet and when i write anything at all i only write on internet.
  20. Wew, why would people want the place from worldbosses to be FFA-PVP ? If its pve realm thats it, u have chosen oO, who comes first gets first. But there are actually worldbosses where the teritory is ally or horde ? Well then, dont play on pve realm oO Why would there be any more tuning just because a few guilds find the content easy ? ... The items u get wont get stronger.... then people just gonna show off later how they beat it while it was hard and this will last forever, they will stick their archievements on their forehead and tell everyone his guild is better than everyone else cause they did it on hardmode. Really cant you just have 1 difficulty for everyone ? I heard Cthun was unbeatable and then they patched it so people could beat him? Cant you just choose one of these "Cthun's" and leave it there forever? Every guild would beat him if they want to, it would be a matter of practice and time is enough since vanilla wont go away. Why would you even consider a few people who say "omg content to easy" as something important to take care of ? I wanna play the version people experienced the hardest way and which is possible on CF and it should stay that way, nobody comes here for free loot. A nice Poll from crestfall would be nice where people could vote which of the boss version they would like to have implemented forever and without any changes in the future. Like it feels like as if the items from people that beat the bosses in time when it was hard has more value than mine when i beat it later... it feels bad.
  21. Hi, i have found out that World of warcraft also does brawls but i didnt go in depths cause im not interested in retail. But then i found this: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/2223861-The-original-epic-Alterac-Valley-for-brawl AV Brawl with pre-nerf state? woah.... First i would like to say. Farm evidence for NPC locations etc and what not. if thats going to happen you know. second. Play it ? Well i dunno how everything else works around this brawl but i wouldnt wanna wait 2 months for pre nerf av. Just ask some youtubeer to go around and show npcs kek Edit: Found an older post about old AV with blue post: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20751665604
  22. Wake up people, illuminati brainwashing people