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  1. then you have to say: byebye twinking
  2. https://youtu.be/GVCiC6fIMoE Deep wounds didnt make the sitting player stand up.
  3. i think this is case "Blizzlike+" where you dont nerf the raids. Not in the previous expansion (vanilla raids in vanilla), not in the next exapnsion (vanilla raids in TBC). There might be even a lvl 60 twink guild in TBC or in WOTLK. If lvl 70s or 80 farm Vanilla raids, that shouldnt be a problem for them... nerfing vanilla raids in vanilla when TBC is out, takes away the challenge for other players, why should the challenge last only temporarly.
  4. Its gonna be 2018.... ^^
  5. Lol guys stop focusing so much on this one negative comment that is so completely out of touch. You have to let it rot.
  6. Lol i am not hyped at all... Just cant do anything about it. I can only wish good teamwork for them and not people quitting, so that things get rolling until the goal.
  7. Woah the spider pic, really necesary?
  9. Im holding my finger in my ass too, got stuck....
  10. Yea people should wisely choose what they wanna do... pvp or pve specc.... i mean both are actually a big time consumer so.... giving free respecc is like changing the game. Suddenly everyone is pvp specced in battlegrounds... wow what difference between players.
  11. hahaha yea its already WEDNESSDAY well THURSDAY ALREADY
  12. Hey i just upvoted and downvoted your comment like 30 times, did u get 30 notifications ?
  13. 2 days until the week is over!
  14. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyGt6In-qCdWkJ0OzbKiIsA/playlists?shelf_id=0&sort=dd&view=1 Here is a lot of videos you can watch, Vanilla, TBC and Wotlk. I have posted this page but i wanted to rise awareness of it again, cause its quality. I am already going through the vanilla content and i am liking it. It's not all Rank 14 or High gear pvp, there is a lot of different ones
  15. I literally decide my char name at the char creation screen, ill just think, if i dont get any, get a coffee and try again, youtube a bit lul AND BAM name crafted!
  16. +1 for Asura because Asura is alive
  17. I have quit reddit forever lol
  18. So, no open beta yay.... Probably all classes finished. Can you not say that it is not open beta ? That would help not getting over hoyped I was already imagining myself starting in durotar as a female orc.... dayum all images dissapeared.
  19. The time has come....
  20. oh no..... its coming...... AHHHHHHHHHHH.jpg
  21. my pc had 256 MB RAM in vanilla. i got like 1k i think just before TBC launched. with 256mb i could only go to capical cities at night when people went offline to go to sleep! I could not do AV and raids ^^ I could not do Scholomance 5 man... It always seemed as if my PC has to load all their data. Since they were near the entrance i had to load them all at once, i remember that i kept DC'ing. But i could do low level dungeons easily and level up. I would lag and screen would appear to be frozen when a raid passes by and DC me...
  22. who said casual friendly ?
  23. lul i see more undead mages tbh (ely/ely) everyones a special vurtne.
  24. How long will the open beta last? What if people level up to 60 which takes nearly 2 months to make a raid too ? Do you want people to test Naxx in open beta too ? Like, all content ?
  25. About engeneering bomb: https://youtu.be/NQL9EUdC0UI?t=33s On mangos you have to stay first before you can click on the bomb, in the vvideo you can see he can do it while walking. Note im not talking about throwing the bomb. Incase this is fixed on mangos, then fine, not using engneering for a long time.