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  1. I am addicted to Chaturbate. And i am playing a lot of sex games / hentai games. Just Challenging myself because of /r/NoFap Pretty dripping difficulty. Please comment!
  2. Nice, less delays! yay. Less delays = win.
  3. BTW about channeling spells, the bug on mangos is the cast animation fades very shortly after casting a channeling spell.
  4. Could there be limitations of those by language ? Meaning if u played on a german server, you woudnt have stuff available that doesnt exist in the german language. Spanish language i think has some of thos apostrophs or what they are called. So on an international server i guess all of it has to be available. Maybe there is a bug too and need to be taken care of, like what language uses what apostroph. I mean you cant suddenly give the possibility to allow russian letters in character name or chinese name right ?
  5. yea its a combination. ´ ^ ` are not combinations
  6. I think what needs to be removed are things like (Ñ, Ç) not the ´ ` ^ things
  7. On retail my name was Dârkmágè. So pls blizzlike
  8. Another thing i would like to ask/confirm that low health mobs are moving slower because they are heavily wounded right? It would atleast make sense why they move slowly, im getting pissed off currently running with aspect of cheetah from a raptor whos health is 5% and my pet cant reach him to taunt and i cant shoot him because he is to close -.- He is not getting slower. So im sure all of the mobs should become slower, im sure there are exceptions.
  9. I would like to mention that while Elysium is still alive it is worth to check it out for study purpose. Study = Bugs and additional game content that occure because of bugs. like camping in cities where no Guards spawn. Or the lupos camping in duskwood both horde and alliance, not sure if there is anything. But just saying. Things where people get mad about in the chat, or why some content just rarely or never happens which happened back in 04/06. An opportunity like Elysium is gold for this purpose.
  10. I have a quesiton about shamans, they do the same damage in wolfform. Is it my fading memory or what? I think shamans in wolfform are supposed to do far lower damage. I mean where do you see the weapon. None, exactly..
  11. It seems significant amount of gameplay is changing THANKFULLY and thus it seems that the major part of players on your servers will have to re-learn how to play. its gonna be new... but what an irony right? "new" inbefore people tell each other "lol you dont know how this works? fkn noob man"
  12. Clarification should be a relief not a dissapointment.
  13. Asura is not here haha
  14. What else are the devs doing except fixing content ? It frustrates how long it takes. Still, appreciate how people actually still consider, that vanilla has to be fixed already. I personally hope i wont be dissapointed. Probably first time on private servers where i actually take the playing seriously. I started in feenix and i only played like "meh" and people thought im serious. And i probabyl will have a job when CF releases, pretty neat man...
  15. Can we have all quests enabled and not wait for patches ? Mainly only quests for leveling purposes not stuff that includes rep or other things. It gets frustrating when you dont have quests or only to hard quests in your questlog and nowhere in the same zone is another quest to do so u end up thinking about grinding and then the boredem/dissapointment hits. I hope im not just speaking for myself. I dont even know if there are quests that are disabled because of the patch releases. But its like i go to Westfall with 11-12 and done with it at level 14. I only do yellow quests... Honestly i might go check allakhazam or whatever, how many quests are supposed to be in westfall.
  16. Automatic Raid invite came in 1.12 or so. People joined in solo, without a group. from 1.5-1.12. Maybe a group of people could do something but im sure there was always enough defenders who could wipe them. There should be a lot of new NPC's. i think everybody will be amazed from the difference between all other servers AV and CF's.
  17. Ok the nightelf starting area, the cave (Shadowthread Cave).... I think by now everybody knows the spiders in the cave arent properly positioned-.-.... I wish we had people to look on that. Is it a problem that you most times pull more than 1 mob ? The positioning in some caves is ridic
  18. This change would be so great, it would affect the gameplay experience heavily in my opinion.... Just think about it, people dont camp a spot anymore where 5 of the same spawn, but rather kill those who he doesnt need for quest because it has a chance to spawn what he needs.
  19. then its 2.3 They have their deadlines, after that new content to work on, eveyrthing not done in within the timeframe of the deadline, it will be cut content
  20. money time is money no content for them kids in vanilla gotta announce next expansion for next big money
  21. Should Eskhandar's Right Claw be able to procc as a hunter while shooting with gun ? Or is it supposed to proc only if u hit with the mellee weapon only ? Because it doesnt work on retro wow I mean the ZG Fist weapons proc off ranged attacks right ?
  22. we havent had a normal vanilla experience at all
  23. On repeat! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SohEJWY6M0s Go ahead andlisten to it, you will fall in love with it!