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  1. my pc had 256 MB RAM in vanilla. i got like 1k i think just before TBC launched. with 256mb i could only go to capical cities at night when people went offline to go to sleep! I could not do AV and raids ^^ I could not do Scholomance 5 man... It always seemed as if my PC has to load all their data. Since they were near the entrance i had to load them all at once, i remember that i kept DC'ing. But i could do low level dungeons easily and level up. I would lag and screen would appear to be frozen when a raid passes by and DC me...
  2. who said casual friendly ?
  3. lul i see more undead mages tbh (ely/ely) everyones a special vurtne.
  4. How long will the open beta last? What if people level up to 60 which takes nearly 2 months to make a raid too ? Do you want people to test Naxx in open beta too ? Like, all content ?
  5. About engeneering bomb: https://youtu.be/NQL9EUdC0UI?t=33s On mangos you have to stay first before you can click on the bomb, in the vvideo you can see he can do it while walking. Note im not talking about throwing the bomb. Incase this is fixed on mangos, then fine, not using engneering for a long time.
  6. On Mangos you cant leave Battleground with /afk when you are in combat. I dont actually know if this is supposed to be like that. Just mentioning.
  7. Could you block the addon people use for Realmplayers.com ? People create another game content that influences the blizzlike experience very heavily and it is hard to find a guild for myself that doesnt do time runs where you have to have all kinds of potions and best gear available in the game, just to get in and out of a dungeon as fast as possible. The enjoyment of raiding is gone with this, people just keep looking at realmplayers.com, which makes people compare their ego, then get mad and all the negative stuff. Whats wrong with that? You dont need best gear to beat a dungeon, because thats what its about not about who is fastest... I hope you guys got this. This is not a player meta or whatever it is called... Would this not be called something like "3rd party game influence" ? I mean Gold sellers have a site too which influences the game and i would say its a "3rd party game influence" too
  8. A new channel that i found is uploading videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyGt6In-qCdWkJ0OzbKiIsA/playlists?sort=dd&shelf_id=0&view=1 vanilla + tbc
  9. lol nope it was normal game content in released version.
  10. i heard 10 man scholo strath and 15 man scholo ??
  11. When we are at open beta, can we have some gm commands to ease testing ? Like testing dungeon, more HP, instant kills or certain amount of damage.
  12. I guess we always have to delete the content of WDB Folder when we play on Crestfall to see new stats aswell ? Also would you recommend deleting the content of WDB Folder before Open beta ?
  13. https://www.reddit.com/r/CrestfallServer/ what about this ?
  14. By the way, the room with all the troggs there should be more than what there is on mangos. I know that.... but no evidence.
  15. I am addicted to Chaturbate. And i am playing a lot of sex games / hentai games. Just Challenging myself because of /r/NoFap Pretty dripping difficulty. Please comment!
  16. Nice, less delays! yay. Less delays = win.
  17. BTW about channeling spells, the bug on mangos is the cast animation fades very shortly after casting a channeling spell.
  18. Could there be limitations of those by language ? Meaning if u played on a german server, you woudnt have stuff available that doesnt exist in the german language. Spanish language i think has some of thos apostrophs or what they are called. So on an international server i guess all of it has to be available. Maybe there is a bug too and need to be taken care of, like what language uses what apostroph. I mean you cant suddenly give the possibility to allow russian letters in character name or chinese name right ?
  19. yea its a combination. ´ ^ ` are not combinations
  20. I think what needs to be removed are things like (Ñ, Ç) not the ´ ` ^ things
  21. On retail my name was Dârkmágè. So pls blizzlike
  22. Another thing i would like to ask/confirm that low health mobs are moving slower because they are heavily wounded right? It would atleast make sense why they move slowly, im getting pissed off currently running with aspect of cheetah from a raptor whos health is 5% and my pet cant reach him to taunt and i cant shoot him because he is to close -.- He is not getting slower. So im sure all of the mobs should become slower, im sure there are exceptions.
  23. I would like to mention that while Elysium is still alive it is worth to check it out for study purpose. Study = Bugs and additional game content that occure because of bugs. like camping in cities where no Guards spawn. Or the lupos camping in duskwood both horde and alliance, not sure if there is anything. But just saying. Things where people get mad about in the chat, or why some content just rarely or never happens which happened back in 04/06. An opportunity like Elysium is gold for this purpose.