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  1. Ok bye haha hf coding then
  2. Are you still sending out closed beta invites to people ? I would still prefer to play on crestfall till classic wow comes out, isntead of Lights hope. And iwould still like to help with beta testing
  3. there needs to be more attention about: ORIGINAL WOW TEAM from the past. i assume Brack didnt have the power anymore to highlight that more so that people get whats up. He probably couldnt handle it anymore either
  4. Ya, thats great, because who knows perhaps Retail Vanilla wont last that long or them adding stuff into the game, i wanna see old AV with all the NPCs, if their vanilla realm runs on 1.12.1 with the latest AV patch, its gonna be more of a rush AV which i dont want but will see... and have fun data mining from them
  5. new forum ?
  6. doesnt get sadder anymore
  7. Using the Crestfall subreddit or wowservers ?
  8. Theres also where an NPC mana burns on the next player with mana on the threat list, or something like that, if its line of sight. https://youtu.be/y0f3aCoPx84?t=56s
  9. which i would like to share here: https://web.archive.org/web/20060615195151/http://blizzplanet.com:80/content/154/
  10. Lyn you found your own video ?
  11. Any experienced PvE realm players who can tell how the battleground population usually is at level 60? Do you guys think this PvE realm will have all (lvl 60) battlegrounds 24/7 running ? ab av wsg I have never played on a PvE realm and wanted to get some insight.
  12. Not sure where to put this in, there are several premade discussion threads. So, i just want to share this. The big amount of premades is a problem and not when only a few premads are playing. That means, a solo player that plays 10 times warsong, should not face 6-8 times premades, it actually makes the player quit pvping. I assume the big amount of premades include many low ranks from 0-10. So my idea is dont allow rank 0-10 to team up with rank 11-14, because the low ranks dont need so much honor to rank up. The high ranks require high standings, low ranks dont. I also think that premades actually fight each other by farming more than the other premade, while this makes the battlegrounds infested with premades cause they just dont stop playing and keep upping each other. So, how about allowing only high ranks to group-queue ? High ranks should be like 11-14 or 12-14 and not allow low ranks to queue with high ranks? Determining what is low rank and what is high rank is another discussion, just making examples. A low rank can rank up easily. A low rank doesnt need to reach maximum rank up per week, except you are a very passionate player who plays for fun and as a side effect you are getting lots of honor... So i dont know what would happen next, would people play so that their ranks are very similar to each others ? It may mean that premades dont play that much just so they can get into the high rank bracket together and premade together from Rank 11 towards Rank 14. I think if some people push honor really hard, they would end up alone in the highest rank and doesnt have a premade, i think there, the high rank should use his brain and team up with low ranks and simply get into the high rank bracket together or just grind some honor alone until more get into the high rank bracket. Both get fair increase of ranking, lows dont need 3 rank ups per week, so they get 1-2. High ranks dont need to be afraid of low ranks taking their standings, getting their fair standings. (Not current rank but highest reached rank)
  13. I think Syclla needs her beta tester label. And: Harder leveling on CF : O +1. 3% double : O
  14. I cant remember that. Maybe you have read this: http://forums.crestfall-gaming.com/index.php?/topic/440-yay-pve-server/&page=4#comment-11690
  15. You both talk in hieroglyph
  16. People keep saying, no one here owes anyone anything........................................ What mental problem is this ??? What if you are going to take a break and never come back and a staff member responded to you meanwhile and you are not responding back, how rude would that be ? inbefore "but i would never do that" WHO CARES ABOUT YOU ? dont take this personally, i mean this to anyone really. Why do people here cry.... I dont understand. Have they promised you anything ? Keep in mind its hobby project!!!!!!!!!! Anything can happen the next day, if u dont keep this in mind, YOULL FORGET THEN COMPLAIN LIKE NOW, I mean even the Staff cant know what will happen tommorow, you think they lied to you ? Omg...
  17. Whatever guys, if you are planning on playing on CF only, dont bother with Elysiums section of their forum, just stay at the CF section... just make sure u are aware of the rules, also their rules on discord.
  18. Why does the PvE realm die ?
  19. Welcome, dont get your hopes up for a soon release. Also there is supposed to be an announcement beeing posted on sunday or monday, many want to check that out already. I am following Crestfall for some longer time now and i cant wait for it, to experience their "Quality". i believe we are going to see a huge milestone in vanilla quality and i hope it wont die with the expansion towards TBC. An open beta is supposed to be released before the release. And so far it probably can be said that the project simply functions dynamically, where simply nobody can estimate the release, as it includes the free time of many people involved in their Team. One becomes less active, one becomes more active and whatever else that can happen in someones free time.
  20. So people would get banned for what? People must be getting jelous or hating it. But why would they do it? I really hope CF wont intend on provocating tho, and just be honest and just announce what they are doing. I dunno why things has to be so big, only if people make it big though, something that sounds unacceptable. Well i hope its that good that the low minorty speaks that loud and come with self created lies and what not xD. I just cant take it that its gonna be that big, maybe a big dissapointment, a big letdown of something that was supposed to happen for long time and suddenly, its fked. And to the part with "Felymst" people, maybe Crogge says something serious about his server (closed beta sign ups?)and Gummies server to sound like Crogge's server is better. Good that someone finally created this Thread! :=)
  21. There is no color...