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  1. Oh, I understand. Well I hope we'll meet there haha!
  2. as well, this guild along with Outstanding's was the reason why I considered doing a complete 180 and going from PvP alliance to PvE horde. Sad to see you go
  3. @TocheI know what you mean, and one could even argue that it would help the server at start, since all of the population wouldn't be concentrated in the starting zones, but more evenly spread out throughout the world without damaging the economy too much, however fresh start means fresh start. And with both sides of the legacy network confirming the no transfer rule, I doubt any argument could sway their opinion.
  4. Right? I played on Elysium for a while, and if what the devs are saying about CF is true, it seems that this partnership will only be about CF sharing research and code with Elysium.
  5. The hype is real
  6. http://www.wowhead.com/object=179697/arena-treasure-chest Says it's added in patch, so it depends on how Crestfall will handle progression.