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  1. If the community cant look at someone that no one knows and wonders "How does he have BWL/AQ40 Gear, and no one knows him" then I think our community is worse than a toxic one... But I don't think Name Changes were in Vanilla, I think we should save name changes till the Blizzlike time for it
  2. I agree Seth, that's why I would want a real armory, instead of resorting to Realmplayers... Exmaples of being false: PvP Ranks are often wrong, "Highest Rank Achieved" is usually wrong, Mounts obtained are usually wrong
  3. I am coming from Feenix which wasnt as populated, so it had less data coming in =)
  4. Based on my knowledge Armory was added in patch 2.4.0... and Armory is also to see how far people have progressed in raids, along with their items, maybe how much HKs they've gotten? Ect. also; I love to twink, thats the main reason I want an improved database, I hate looking up 0-19 and seeing tons of levle 20-60 items in there (Any item available by quest, it says its obtainable at level 0, just a little anoyying haha) and no we don't really need the map, its a cool idea, obviously ours would be different, maybe it can update ever 30 minutes, and it says How many players are in each zone (Horde and Alliance)... I don't see any real reasons for it, maybe I wanna go World PvP, and so I'll check what zone players are in atm, or I wanna go farm Ore, so I see where least amount of players are, etc... its just unique things that could get some people interested in the realm
  5. I was more wanting to day dream, I added the part, for someone to come and do it for free, instead of a staff member doing it, because I wouldn't want to have any attention away from the actual game, as these things are not required, and the actual game is much more important thing to focus on =) What was the point of saying this, if brought them up in my post, and talked about why they are flawed, and why it would be awesome if crestfall made one for their own server.. I am honestly so confused why you linked them?
  6. Yes I know that, and its not exactly whenever someone logs off, its when they come in contact with them, but they do not recieve the data till that player closes his client.. and Yes he is still around, the new Feenix realm got one, and it opened like 1.5 months ago =) .. but the data isnt always correct, my feenix player has items i dont even have (Like Realmplayers says I have different items than I have) and it doesnt have the correct mounts, I know this isnt really that important, but its still nice to have correct info
  7. 1. Crestfall Community Ladder - Like RealmPlayers But Better, Raid Ladder, PvP Ladder, Etc. (Why not use RealmPlayers? RealmPlayers is usually false on information on things, and is usually a few days behind or even just a day, which is anoyying when trying to see what Top PvPers are at) 2. Crestfall Database - Yes, there is other database's we could use, but I have always wished for one that was at the same quality as WoW-Head (Ex: I hate on Vanilla Item Searches, Items rewarded from a quest are noted under Req Level 0, I'd love to look for twinking items from level 1-19, and see the items I can obtain, and no have to look at 0-19, and search for something a 19 can actually obtain) 3. Crestfall Map - Ye, exactly what Atlantiss has, I love it! (http://atlantiss.eu/armory/map#east) If you guys suggest more below I will add them, and I would love to hear the Devs speak about some of these
  8. I think we should One Up it and someone one the Crestfall Team (Or Someone who can join the team for free) and make one, one more Professional, and that updates every 10 minutes or something, instead of once a day(or more some realms) .. I'm about to post a forum thread of Website Feature's that i'd love on the realm
  9. I personally would like it to go on forever :3
  10. Path of Exile (Once a Week), SMITE (Twice a Week), Heroes of the Storm (Once a Week), Diablo 3 (Once a Week), Vanilla World of Warcraft (Everyday), Hearthstone (Once a Week), Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (4-5 Days a Week)
  11. The Devs have already said they do plan to have Realm Progression go all the way to WOTLK (If they have said they want to go further, then awesome! I just didnt see them say it , Link it?) But how far do you personally want the realm to go? (How far will you go is more of the question im asking) Answer the poll then tell us your answer and why you chose that answer
  12. I've just got a little to much Horde Pride, I don't think I can stand next to Dwarfs and Gnomes and have Pride for Myself
  13. Lilly doesn't follow rules... See you in Moonglade all you alliance scum