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  1. I wanna leave a note/question about +faction reputation that has never worked on any server at launch or first few months. Cauldron quests in WPL for example. Will it give the reputations or no? Hopefully you will test and fix that before launch. Other than that nice work/update as always
  2. after years and years of playing holy paladin, i've never seen anyone complain me taking cloth/leather/mail healing loot so far so dont worry about it!
  3. cba to write tons of stuff in here so if u wanna ask anything about paladin, hit me up in Discord with any questions and ill give the most accurate answer. Been playing paladin since retail day1 and achieved rank14 in there. my discord: kengar#7081
  4. I carefully read everything in this guide and i can say it's wrong on so many levels.. But seeing you've been playing in Feenix so long i understand you don't understand anything about vanilla. At least not about paladins. So many things wrong in here and how you have replied to other people just confirms this. Lastly about that 2.4k part.. Nice wintrading there mate!