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  1. This one? yes=) and there must be two more types of this dude, red and green, do u remember where it adds?
  2. well may be u r right) im surely have all kind of whelps in TBC. and what about the chineese dragon pet, anyone know any about it? i didnt find any info about it at all.
  3. may be add an option on site to quick report gold sellers? and for sure apply this reports only from authorized players.
  4. http://vanilla-wow.wikia.com/wiki/Azure_Whelpling not correct the azure was in drop in wintersprin and in 2.3 was added to azshara as well. The parrot for rep surely was vanilla.
  5. not full info dont see the Blue Whelping from winterspring\azshara and a maxaw for the bloodsail bucaneers rep
  6. Happy Birthsay! Luck and happiness.