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  1. I was thinking that Karazhan should have been a raid in vanilla myself, but my suggestion isn't implementing anything drastic like that. Only things that are part of vanilla client and are complete, just not implemented.
  2. People still use wowwiki instead of wowpedia? Although both are terribly outdated and with plenty of missing content, the former just lil more than the latter. I would at least check both since I have found conflicting information, even in patch notes.
  3. Isn't that only on the post-cataclysm version of the chain?
  4. Point is, one thing are intent and effort, another is the result. No matter the intent and effort, the servers will never have values and scripting '100%' blizzlike, so yes, in that sense it's just a label. The devs can of course attempt to get as close as possible, so I'm not invalidating them. Just saying it is hypocritical to say that making few items in the files available would make it a fun server while the intent is to fix things that were present on the official vanilla back in the day, yet Blizzard fixed only later on. In fact Blizzard seems to be doing a similar thing to my suggestion in Legion, reintroducing previously available patterns that were removed over the years and adding patterns that were already in the files, just forgotten. Hell they do same thing with mounts... You think that MOP timewalking mount is new? No, it's been in the game files since MOP.
  5. The thing is, every single private server is 'fun' objectively, in that sense of the word, 'blizzlike' is nothing but a label, since the code and values will never ever truly be blizzlike no matter what. Hell even if Blizzard decided to relaunch vanilla, it would never be 100% the same.
  6. It's not really being a fun server, it's simply using content that Blizzard intended to use but possibly forgot, oversights happen. It's being less fun server than fixing bugs, glitches and exploits that Blizzard didn't have fixed at the time imo.
  7. It was obviously a made up example and a joke just in case some didn't get it. Ragtagg is a YouTuber who played horde, hates the alliance, especially gnomes and is obsessed with testicles.
  8. I said harmless items, not ones that are clearly not meant for players like GM items or ones that were obviously purposely left out for being overpowered.
  9. Hello Crestfall. I know what's the team's stance on this, apparently some TBC stuff is already in the latest vanilla client but it won't be made available because it's not blizzlike and that stuff wasn't officially available until TBC. That's not what I'm talking about though. My question and suggestion is about things like unused gear and profession patterns in vanilla files with no loot source. Let's say as an example there is a one handed axe called Ragtagg's Gnome Castrator... Required level 53 Epic +20 Spirit -10 Strength It's in the files but wasn't made available to players. Have you considered adding such items? Of course this would exclude all GM items, only reasonable items would be included, like my aforementioned example or Onyxia Scale Breastplate etc.
  10. I just checked Primal WoW and they indeed seem to be doing just that, although judging from the comments I read, the quality of scripts and execution are questionable at most.
  11. Of course, once one would clear Naxx etc. He/she would naturally be able to do it on higher level again if desired. For reduced XP needed to level up, mobs changed to non-elite etc. TBC and wotlk difficulty nerfs would be reverted. Well, one of the perks of my suggestion that I mentioned is having newer client for improvements done to the game since vanilla. With your suggestion, having separate expansion realms just equals players having to install different versions of the game and increased server costs.
  12. I don't think it would be such a great issue to do let's say Naxx 40 with wotlk spells and talents, little easier perhaps, but it would create this cool roleplay single-player-like progression of 'gotta kill this boss before I can advance further in this game' feeling. Not to mention you would know that whoever is level 60+ is good enough to have cleared Naxx and whoever is 70+ is good enough to have cleared Sunwell. There would be no amateurs around, comparable to someone who wipes LFR on live/retail... you would know that everyone around is an experienced player.
  13. Well, why not? There's so many 'fun' realms with high XP rate or instant max level and gear vendors, so why not a truly hardcore realm for the most dedicated of players?
  14. Of course such a realm wouldn't be for everyone, only for the most hardcore of players and those who enjoy roleplay and would like WoW to be more of an RPG experience. Such a feature, to a partial extent, was actually a blizzlike, by means of attunements. This would be just a more advanced form of the attunement feature, not only having to complete certain questchains to enter raids, but a player would also have to clear level 60 endgame before being able to move on past level 60 and continue with The Burning Crusade content and so on. Personally, I would enjoy this greatly.
  15. I'm aware that crestfall will progress through expansions, but my question and idea is about something that I'm not sure if it has been done ever before. It's about a realm, let's say running the 3.3.5a client, but once a character reaches level 60, the experience gain stops and all non-vanilla/non-classic content is locked, until the character slays the end boss of current era, in this case Kel'thuzad. Then the experience gain continues until level 70 and all post-tbc content is locked until the character slays Kil'jaeden. Then the experience gain continues until level 80 and since the example was latest wotlk client, Lich King would be the end of it. Has something like this been done before and if not, is it even possible? The thoughts behind my suggestion is that like this, players would be made to experience the entire game by first having to clear a step before moving on to the next one instead of skipping most of the content from prior expansions and then possibly solo it at max level like is fashionable on live/retail. Another reason is, that a level 60 character let's say would basically be playing classic/vanilla, but with all the audio-visual, interface etc. updates and other quality of life improvements provided by a newer client.