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  1. This is probably the best solution. However, is it going to prevent PvP scene to die after a while ? Probably not. 1st Scenario - Horde has the best premade Horde is going to have 20-40minute queues while Alliance has instant queues. For the argument's sake lets say Horde has the dominating premade. Horde premade waits for 20-40minutes to win a game, meanwhile less powerful Alliance teams gets instant games %70 of the times playing vs pugs, %30 playing vs the dominating premade. Both sides are happy. 2nd Scenario - Alliance has the best premade Alliance premade gets instant queues and wins %100 of the games without any issues. Meanwhile, horde cannot form any premades simply because it takes 20-40 minutes to get a game which is probably a lose. So this scenario ends up with Horde players grinding BRM/Burning Steppes/Ungoro/Alliance Harbors etc. Account sharers takes over the Horde ranking scene since its all about time on horde this way. What we are going to end up with is most likely the 2nd scenario, because PvPers do not want to wait 20-40minutes queues. Which is handing over Horde pvp to the chinese account sellers.
  2. DPS gear + world buffs + consumables on tanks + you have to hold back as Horde warrior on certain fights. Also, boss damage is way too low at that level of HP + armor. DPS warriors have around 10k HP so you can tank most of the bosses as dps. Nerfing world buffs + consumables would be punishing high end guilds. Buffing bosses would be punishing low end guilds. None can survive without the other so I would consider twice before altering any of those.
  3. Thank you for the answer Darkrasp. Well now thats interesting. I mean there are reasons why tickrate / snapshot system is used pretty much in every game. How are you going to handle the authorative part, without actually simulating the game? Or, how do you even handle the npcs ? I would like to receive a technical answer from Asura please
  4. @Asura Uhm, what do you mean when you say you are not using the "tick system" ? Could you please expand on that ? Are you not using the Valve model ?
  5. JK, can't wait for all the drama